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Dan Webb

Ahhh, Boxing Day. A day that has absolutely nothing to do with boxing these days whatsoever... although... there was that one Christmas where my nan and my mom had a disagreement that ended up in a saloon style brawl... okay, I totally made that up... it was my nan and dad - nan won by the way.

If family brawls aren't on the cards today, then why not help Joanna Dark knockout the opposition in Perfect Dark, which is half price for one day only. And yes, we're 6 for 6, thanks for asking... The only notable missing item is Brothers, the film, which although present on the US dashboard tile for today, is nowhere to be seen in the actual promo deals inside. Oh well, it's all about Perfect Dark today, right?

Here are today's deals:


Perfect Dark - from 800 to 400 MSP
Modern Warfare 2 UAV prop - from 240 to 120*

* & dashboard price says 120, despite being listed as 160 MSP on the promo page.

The rest of the promotion should shape up as follows:

December 27th:

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
I Am Legend
Fantasy Pets Minotaur

December 28th:

Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker
Mass Effect 2: Overlord
Mass Effect 2: Kasumi
Cool Jobs Policeman Uniform

December 29th:

Monday Night Combat
Plants vs. Zombies Mask

December 30th:

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic the Hedgehog 4
Sonic Adventure
Sonic & Knuckles
Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Car
The Notebook

December 31st:

Yoda Green Lightsaber

  • This is A classic if you dont have it get it!
  • I would pick this up, but i got stuck on the trial version >.> and if you get stuck on the trial you'll fail big time on the real game.
  • Looks like I'll be keeping hold of my extra xmas points till the new year some time then.
  • Looking forward to the 28th, still have ME2 on Rental so looking to pick the DLC up for cheap :-) As for today, Perfect Dark, good offer for those interested, not my cup of tea. And the MW2 Avatar Prop, got that when it was free ;-)
  • Im going to jump on those Sonic deals and Limbo.
  • Brothers?
  • @7 - My thoughts exactly. Anybody care to clarify, and give us a price, for whatever "Brothers" is, please?
  • Meh, non of the deals look that good. Already have most of this stuff, movies I can just rent too.
  • Would get perfect dark but sadly I only have 200 MSP
  • "Brothers" is a movie, and a freakin depressing one.
  • Quick Question: Can I download the ME2 DLC even though I haven't got the game yet? Does it need to somehow link up with the ME2 disc? I will be getting it shortly but maybe not before the 28th...
  • @12 - yes, when you open up your own ME2 your downloaded DLC will be waiting for you. I've made a habit out of grabbing free DLC when it pops up, even if I don't own the game.
  • Yeah, I was kinda hoping that ME2 Game of The Year will include all downloading contents, just like other Game of the Year games (Fallout, Dragon Origins, etc.) I tend to prefer to buy disc-version with everything in it as 100% completion.
  • This is weak...I just got all the ME2 DLC about a couple weeks ago...right f'ing before they announced all the deals...weaksauce...
  • Perfect Dark is fucking awesome. I dont see how anybody is turning that down!
  • @12... yeh u can.. i just did the same stuff with the Alan Wake DLC
  • Brothers is a damn good movie
  • Brothers sucked pretty bad actually. Toby McGuire is not a badass and Jake Gyellenhall isn't much better. It felt unfinished and seemed as if the whole movie built up to nothing. Buyer beware.
  • If anyone hasn't noticed, all the final deals on the lists are movies...
  • I thought Jake did a great job in Brothers, Toby not so much. Well worth watching, all the same. I'll never spend MS points on movies though, because the internet exists haha :p Will probably pick up Perfect Dark, I never actually played it on the N64.
  • Perfect Dark is actually amazing..
  • I don't see how the hint from the 31st has a connection to Sonic...
  • Not sure if I should jump on this or not. ._.;
  • Thumbs down me all you want, but I agree with #1. Should've called that game "Mediocre Dark" because it's quite far from perfect.
  • hmm if limbo goes down to at least 600 ill get it... 800? nah
  • @ 12 yes you can, i've been doing this since xbl came out with DLC. if you have any proablems in playing it. remember you can re-download it from your download history,so no worries. i dont have ME2 yet. but it was bought for me for x-mas. i doubt it will get here in time. so i'm getting it when it goes on sale. cant wait as i hear its better than the game. at least the broker one is. as for perfect dark. i already have it. the only thing i didnt like about it was the lighting. they made it to bright. this takes away from the erie feelings i had playing the N64 version.
  • A better version of Mass Effect2 is the first game. I hate the changes they implemented for 2. Like how they turned it into an fps but took away the unlimited bullets invention they made for the original. They took a tiny piece of metal from a bigger slug and surrounded it with a MASS EFFECT field so they can get near infinite bullets from a single slug of metal. Now that's gone but the name stayed.
  • Never had perfect dark for the 64 but I have 420 points lying around so this is perfect. ...dark.
  • I'm gunning for Hydro Thunder and Sonic Adventure.
  • This, Hydro Thunder, hoping it's 600, Limbo, 600, and Monday Night Combat, 600. Some great deals going on! Just got Tomb Raider, all I need now is Trials HD, Raskulls, and that other game... Can't believe I've missed out on Trails for this long.
  • Perfect Dark was well worth the full price. I'm still waiting for Shadow Broker, and then I'll be done with this promo. Unless Sonic 4 is cut down to 400 points. Then I'll scoop it up, but I have a feeling it'll only be down to 800, and I'm not willing to shell that much out right now.
  • I can't wait for Mass Effect 2 DLCs
  • I got PD when it was released as 800 points was a bargain. For half price, this game is an absolute steal. It's good regardless, but the extra nostalgia factor can make all the difference. Still waiting for the 30th and 31st and maybe tomorrow (or later today rather) to look in Hydro Thunder.
  • I picked up Perfect Dark and three of my friends did too. It's too bad it only has 2 player co-op online but, all of us can do challenges and bot matches.
  • Got Lara Croft for 600, what a bargain, LOVE IT
  • What's up with the classic Perfect Dark fandom? Granted that it's the only *good* Perfect Dark game, I still wasn't terribly impressed.
  • mass effect 2 dlc, maybe some sonic, and limbo!
  • @#13 That is what I do whenever something is free, no matter what it is, I pick it up because maybe in the future I might have it lol
  • Considering the fact that Hydro Thunder Hurricane is as of 12 AM Eastern time only 400 points, down from it's normal price, I would say that you are 7 for 7 :D
  • The thing about Perfect Dark is if you haven't played and enjoyed it when it originally came out, this will likely be uninteresting to you.
  • come onnnnnn Monday Night Combat
  • Too bad, i just got a Ps3 a few weeks ago. Unfortunatleyi wont be buying these add-ons or arcade games. :)
  • @#41 Hydro Thunder is only 400 points?! I thought it would be 800 or 600. I should get it since it'll never be at 400 again....
  • I only have 240 points left after buying Undead Nightmare, Lara Croft and one or 2 other things :( No Hydro Thunder for me at the moment :/
  • TO ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN THE UK do not buy "I Am Legend" because tomorow (Tuesday 28th)it is coming on at 9:00pm on itv1 (channel 3) . so instead of buying it , watch it free on tv.
  • Hydro Thunder is only 400 points!! I thought it would be 600, what the hell?! Yes!! :D
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