EA Sports Server Closings for February 8th, 2011

Alan Pettit

On top of the closing for their LOTR RTS next week, EA has announced a slew of sports titles will have their online servers cut off next month on February 8th. I believe I have nailed down all the games with online achievements, and the specific achievements, as follows:



FIFA 09 Ultimate Team DLC


FIFA Street 3

NBA Live 09

NCAA Basketball 09

NCAA Football 08

NCAA Football 09

NCAA March Madness 08

NFL Head Coach 09

NHL 08

NHL 09

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

UEFA Euro 2008


For a complete list of server closings, including ones that are on the 360 but do not have any online achievements, click here. If I've missed anything off the list above, feel free to send me a message on the forums or leave a comment here and I will update the post as soon as I can.
  • EA also need to flippin fix the FIFA 11 SERVERS!!! cup matches in clubs mode doesnt work, half the time people get lag, havent FIFA LEARNT ANYTHING FROM FIFA 10???
  • Auld games.
  • EA is a major rip off.
  • @1 Dang! i was going to post my first comment for the first time. But hey Happy New Year!
  • They charge you to play their games online, then they close the servers. The servers are terrible too by the way. There are always problems, screw EA!!!!
  • and this is why I will NEVER EVER buy an EA game, more specifically EA sports games.
  • Lol one of my friends was being lazy about completing NHL 09 and this is what he gets for it...
  • Thats bad news.
  • I still need to do NHL 09, this sucks. hardest achievements
  • This time I luckily dont own any of these games, but its still bullshit. Once there £10 online pass for pre-owned games fails to exceed there overheads i'm sure they'll have a yearly subscription planned.
  • Come on, EA bashers - read the article. They aren't shutting down these games to force you to buy new ones, they are closing them because no-one is playing them. Their statistics (inb4 hurr durr they made them up) show that these titles have around 1% of peak online players actually playing these games. It's not an "old game" issue, just people don't play them anymore and it makes no sense to keep the server up, with that extra bandwidth hopefully going towards games that people actually play to help make their servers better.
  • @6 Then you are missing out some good stuff. Does this mean ALL online play or could I still do private games???
  • There servers dont make them any better than anyone else and I dont hear microsoft closing down on games only 2 yrs old.
  • @12 all I suspect. I they take the server off you'll usually get a message saying cannot connect to ea servers.
  • Suks time to boost fifa 09 now
  • thats pretty sudden, they give us a whole months notice? i have achievements on tiger woods 09 to finish up, and i dont think i can really do that in a month's time. this sucks! :(
  • and i need all 8 of those...
  • E.A. wouldn't have anybody complaining if they stopped having online achievements, maybe if they are going to shut down the servers on these games then maybe it's time E.A. just had multiplayer but no achievements, this way nobody can get annoyed with them.
  • While the online community for the games has virtually died, I had hoped that EA's official reasons for creating the Project $10 would prevent the closing of older servers. If the cash people shell out for a used game to connect to their servers was actually being used to pay the cost for the servers as they claim, shouldn't the old servers stay up?
  • EA is a greedy bitch. They charge for online and close old servers to hurt sales for their used games? What wrong with making people HOST like Gears and COD?
  • wow i cant believe ea are closing down the servers with all these people complaining, someone must forward this page to them asap! aha why you lot moaning, when was the last time any of you played these games? you lot would be shit at running a business if you didnt want to make and save as much money as possible
  • @ 20 Bit funny you mentioning Gears and going on a servers rant when people have been moaning about not having dedicated servers on Gears since it first came out. I say again, no-one is playing these games apart from one or two boosters. If you were to fire up any games in the list above, you almost certainly wouldn't be able to get a game anyway. Honestly, how many people are really affected by this, and how many are just going on the usual "EA is worse than the devil" path?
  • @11 I was agreeing with you all the way until your last line, all the 2011 EA Sports titles I've played this year have been RUBBISH. FIFA 11 is borderline impossible to play half the time, and that's one of the top selling titles of the year.
  • Fuck that man. Do you know how many launch games and other xbox games there are that no one plays but their servers still remain up?
  • Wait when it says the Ultimate Team for FIFA 09 servers are being closed, does it mean I can't even play Ultimate Team offline? WTF I paid 800MSP for that!!! Stupid EA
  • Games from early 2000 don't even have their servers down and they close these games that aren't even old.... assholes
  • Fix fifa11 online ffs ea! Maybe closing these will help?
  • i hate buying an ea sports game, all of the achievements are online
  • @21 haha very true man. last time I played any of the EA sports games online was about a year ago now! and that was just to try it.... and I hated it. sports games are perfectly fine offline anyways :D lol.
  • I think less people would complain if they just DIDN'T make online achievements. This is yet another reason why online achievements shouldn't be created.
  • I think they to avoid problems they should tell you well in advance, and take one year off at a time. These mass closures always make for grumbling. I also second the idea that the sports should stick to all offline achievements.
  • I very, very rarely play my sports games but it pisses me off that now some of them won't be an option to play with non-local friends for that once in a blue moon urge. No more sports games for me, I guess.
  • Jeez i need almost all UT achievements! Pm me if you want to boost!
  • maybe they could work on actually FIXING the servers they do have.
  • And so dies my nerdish dream of ever having a perfect Gamerscore, although the FIFA achievements were ridiculous with quitters.
  • scuse my language but fucking hell! fuckin ea takes the piss!
  • Wow! This Is exacty why I'm glad I have no interest in sports games. Most all "good" sports games are created by EA and they close their servers wayyy too soon. Is this a fucking annual thing now? I better hurry and finish Army of Two. Ive never been one to agree with excluding multiplayer achievements, because I actually enjoy them from time to time(aside from multiplayer leveling cheeves). But I agree with earlier posters, if EA is just gonna shut down servers, they shouldn't make online achievements that will become unobtainable. Then sell them on games on demand for that matter! Which they did with NBA Street Homecourt, and possibly others. Selling glitched product is total bull.
  • Another reason why I refuse to support EA...too bad they're publishing almost all the major titles next year.
  • PS: Why do they add online achievements if they know they'll shut down servers eventually?
  • All you people moaning- looking at your gamercards, you haven't played FIFA 08, NBA Live 09 or FIFA Street 3 recently? Closing these down has ZERO effect on you. And these are old titles. EA have not charged you to play them online. Project $10 is only on recent games. If you're going to flame, do it for something worthwhile.
  • EA BLOWS! If it was games from 07 and before and perhaps a few from 08 than fine, but when your franchise is mainly built upon sports games and your closing your servers because your cheap and cant fix your flaws your pushing the limit and my belief in ever spending $60 on one of your games ever again. Luckily for me I don't have any of these games on my games played list, but they shut off NBA Live 07 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 on me and prevented me from getting the 1000 too. Next thing you'll be hearing is in march they'll be turning off the NFS servers and the Battlefield server too!
  • Good thing I never started any of these games. I'd hate to have these as titles to never 100%. Though I do regret not picking up the MUA2 DLC. =/
  • Why include online achievements EA Sports? Honestly. It sucks when you shut the servers down. Just stop with online achievements.
  • this is bull shit iv'e been trying to find someone in the top 100 to throw me a win in NHL 08 but i can't do that now
  • EA suck and Microsoft for allowing them to get away with murder
  • @ 45: So, what? You think this doesn't reflect on the PS3 ports of the same games? xD
  • I call bs on #22. I popped in NCAA Football 08 and was able to fire up not one but two online games.
  • Hell I'm with anyone here. EA is a terrible developer/manager/producer when it comes to online games. There servers are terrible, their games are stupid and they like to screw people out of their money. Oh and if I'm flaming so what? They screwed me out of Battlefield 2042 with their terrible tracking of CD codes and online accounts. EA just needs to be cut off to sports games only. Then they could run all of these games (that no one cares about anyways) and they could leave the better titles they've managed to other developers/bigger companies. It would make the whole industry work better.
  • if they arent going to be able to in some way possibly be able to get an acheivement or trophy it shouldnt be allowed ot be put in a game period.To hell with that well you shoulda got the game and got it earlier. not everyone is made out of money.Not everyone want to buy a whole new golf game every damn year just to be able to play some online.Look at how long Call of Duty 4 has been out.Servers are still running for that.EA is on its way to really putting its foot in its mouth.The problem is they dont care because they think they are untouchable.
  • @#47 I popped the Darkness and Prey in the other week and managed to find two people. Still doesn't mean it's a viable option to keep the servers up. @#41 They are shutting them purely because not enough people are playing. If it was about trying to get you to buy new games, why didn't they shut down MOH:Airborne or Command and Conquer 3, both of which have had sequels?. If I was to tell you that there are less than 50 people playing MOH Airborne at peak periods, then it tells you how far they will let a game community dwindle before pulling the plug.
  • I've always been one to get offline achievements first (i.e. completing story modes,) but I guess I'm going to have to start doing the opposite. Also getting DLC right away so I don't miss out on 100% (Marvel Ultimate Alliance).
  • @40: You mean Online Pass is only on recent games. Project $10 has nothing to do with charging people who bought it used to play online. Project $10 is free DLC for people who bought a game new. Big difference.
  • Yet another reason why online achievements suck balls, Once the servers close their unobtainable (No achievements should be unobtainable)
  • this is so ridiculous...they are the biggest publisher but they have worse servers than any no-name company out there and to top it off they don't fix shit. They cut corners on the most inane things to save 2 cents. Servers, especially for them, are not that expensive to maintain, and how much trouble could it be to accomodate a little space for 10 or less die-hards to enjoy their favorite game?
  • EA sucks. It does affect people that haven't played them yet, because they may rent or buy them in the future, if not for server shutdowns. I can still play Prey, Perfect Dark Zero, and many other old games online.
  • They're closing these down because no one plays them. Even if you'd all remembered ahead of time about the achievements you forgot to get, you'd have no one to play with to get them. Quit acting like spoiled bitches with entitlement issues.
  • How bout this Ea you close down all these games and Epic keeps Gears 1 servers for another year.
  • I bet you ANYTHING IN THE WORLD that the Fifa 09 ultimate team DLC will not be removed from XBLA marketplace, nor it's description updated to say acheivements are no longer available.
  • Socom 1 on the PS2 still has functioning servers. Just sayin'.
  • best get me finger out and get euro 2008 finished!!
  • This is bullshit. On the box of their games they should put, online only available for limited time only cuz they cut off their servers so early and games become never playable online again.
  • lol @ #4 and his 42 thumbs down. OT: Haven't played any of these games, but I wish developers wouldn't put online achievemets if there game has a high chance of losing its servers.
  • was going to buy fifa street and nfl head coach. not anymore!!!!!!!!
  • @63 And you were buy them used, right? If not, good luck finding them new. Used game sales only affect them negatively (they get ZERO percent of the profit, retailers keep it all). Also, I think I've only seen two people realise how old these games are, and how nobody plays them. One was staff. Out of everyone here I can only imagine 2 or 3 actually give a crap. The rest of you are just moaning for the sake of moaning. EA is an easy target for people who have no idea what they're talking about and/or going through puberty.
  • @Minty and @Pauly_27, Thanks for being the sane ones in this thread. The sports genre is not aimed at us. It is aimed at those people who (shock of shocks), like sports and playing sports games, not the people who want to play every game (since there isn't too much difference in the games year over year, though comparing an 07 title to a 10 title is pretty significant). As a result, the achievements reflect that. They are aimed at the people who will play them 2 or three hours a day for the full year. Those people will probably 100% the game, keep playing it and move onto the next year in its release week. So it gets to the point that a 3 year old sports game dwindles until there are only a few (they say 1%) people playing the game online. Why should they be forced to keep the servers open when the only people calling for it are the people who haven;t touched the game in months if not a year or more? You haven't given them reason to keep it open.
  • @24: Let's play some online Rock Revolution! :D
  • I hate EA. They're all Commies!!!
  • Well I get what they are trying to do but how about not making online achievements for sports games. There is no need So stoked i didnt fork out the MSP that i was going to for the Ultimate Team DLC High Fiiiiive
  • they better not touch RB or my DLC for games! man i hate EA now! i dont usa hate until NOW! i'm not buying anouther EA game ever! RB3 was my last! i need all those ahcieves. damn you EA! i hope EA is sent these posts. wake up you idiots! we pay good money to play your games! thanks for supporting us you jerks!
  • Holy wowzersz!! #4 must've set a new record with all those thumbs down! OT: I don't understand why people are complaining! Did any of you plan on buying these outdated games?
  • i guess its time to pull out the old tiger woods 09 again then :(
  • @41 There are games you buy on day one and there are games you buy at a time when they cost not so much. Specially if you experience with a new genre. Let's say sportgames. If I buy "The outfit" today I still have all the features available that come with the game. One of them is online multiplayer. If no one is online I can only blame myself, or look at this site for other gamers, but the online service is still there and that is what counts. In an really old x360a article Geoff White wrote about achievements affecting the industry and the behaviour of us gamers. For example, people buy games they usually wouldn't play just to get the 1000G and I don't see any reason why this is wrong. If it is a used game I am sure the employees at gamestop are very happy to keep their jobs a bit longer. So nothing wrong with a good used game market. Last but not least. Achievements are a marketing tool used by the industry to keep people play their games. Just look at some of the achievements of your favorite games. Not all are earned by simply starting the game
  • One more thing. If EA and of course other publishers would re-open their servers for some events, let's say once or twice a year that would not only increase their reputation but also keep the community happy
  • I've no problem with this really, Most people who play Fifa will have the achievements already, most who don't don't get to comment because they haven't a feckin' clue........ It is slightly sickening that there will be null achievements though, they should make them obtainable through single player or something through a patch........
  • @18 couldn't agree more, but it'll never happen
  • @#58 Whilst I am sticking up for EA here, I do agree that would be a dick move. I have also griped before about them not pulling the map pack for LOTR: Conquest, because not everyone does research before buying a game (even though you should) They should definitely look at updating the description on the Games on demand section if online services have been removed from a game, I 100% agree with you on that.
  • @69 ea only distribute the disks,like they did for the orange box. but still,the amount of hate towards EA for closing 2.5 year old game servers with no players anymore is ridiculous.it was their choice to use dedi.ated and not microsoft,so theyre wasting their own money/
  • I don't see why they can't just use one teeny tiny server for ALL of these old games. Cos if the user levels for the titles are as low as people are making out, surely all of them together on one server isn't going to cause any problems, and the user levels for each individual title added up could maybe be enough to make it worthwhile
  • I have Tiger Woods 09 and dont have any of the online achievements yet. Send me a friends request if you can help me out.
  • This is the problem that has been created by achievements. Ea should be made to patch the game unlocking all multiplayer achieves when u load up the game. I bet you can still go by these games brand new . Joke!. Microsoft should have never of allowed online achieves
  • I only got 20gs on Tiger woods 09 but I'm not bothered. Doubt I'll rent it got get any more Cheevo's. I'm more upset about LOTR BFME2 as my son recently got it. I think the consensus is no online achievements for games that cannot be hosted by players. Couldnt EA patch games for player hosting so achievements can always be obtained? Don't know if that's too much hassle it impossible?
  • This does kind of suck, but I have to agree with Minty on this one. The people bitching the most are the ones who haven't touched a single one of these titles in forever. It's the original xbox closings all over again.
  • It would be nice if they didn't shut down NBA Live 09, since they didn't even make an NBA Live 11
  • @41 MINTY I usually wait till sports games are 2-3 years old before I play them. I'm not gonna pay $60 for a game that I could buy for $10 about a year later. This is EA's way of screwing people who dont buy their games Brand new. I love Madden, but I have never bought a brand new one...ever. It's the same game tqueaked with updated rosters. Get my point?
  • As a side note (since it doesn't have it's own article): Does anyone other than myself think that the newly released Sims 3 DLC is WAYYYY too much money for it's content? 800 MSP for more hairstyles and furniture (respectively). >>;
  • All EA needs to do is bring in a banning system (like Halo Reach) for quitters =P
  • @51: Then again, you can pick up the Gold Edition of the game with all of the DLC if you're that desperate.
  • Hmm.. EA charges you an extra $10 to play these games if you buy them pre-owned.. Well I hope for there sake that they tell the Pre-Owned market buyers/users that, the $10 service charge is still going to be useless to them for the games that have already shut the servers down, before they purchase that game? And closing down servers for games that are only a year old? They say that there is less than 1% of people still playing those games. Then they go ahead and make a new game for that title. Sounds like that's just bad business , maybe they should take a look at what games people don't play and stop making new titles for them.. or just make a new one every 2 years or so.?
  • @88: True, but that doesn't apply to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.
  • This is why people dislike MP achievements. If the game closes its servers down, you're screwed.
  • thats why i hate ea and online chevoos, damn i have many of those games...
  • ea servers are infact the fairest servers on xbox live, the server lags or doesnt lag depending on your opponents location to you but the lag is the same for both throughout....... its a choice of a gears style host bashing or server shut downs one day when the game is dead..... can you imagine a 1v1 sports game where the host has advantage? wouldnt that be shit?....seriously ea are leading the way when it comes to servers, glad to see gears 3 following.... host advantage needs wiping out
  • on a point, ea is not an issue. the biggest worry to xbox live is the popular call of duty franchise which brings a new edition every year... its a good game but hordes probably 60-65% of xbox members. they create a game that some random man buys who hasnt played a game in his life and is able to kill anybody by sitting in a corner, word of mouth spreads and now we have half a million members doing just that.....boycott that yearly shite and buy games that dont offer a 5 year old engine with amatuer levels of gameplay. activision should be capped
  • thanx for the achievement list gald i did uefa2008 ...army of two servers are so bad
  • @ 94: hey its a troll bot. i didnt even know those still existed. i wonder how many sites got that message? on topic, this cant really be a shock to anyone. and for everyone bitching about not being able to get the achievements now, why didnt you get them when the game had people playing? obviously it wasnt a big deal to you guys or you'd have the achievements you were seeking. be thankful that EA actually announces the games and when they are shutting down the servers. some companies dont say anything and just shut down the online without any type of announcement or notice.
  • @87 Yeah, Face Breaker & LotR Conquest are still on GoD and those servers have been shut down already. Unfair business practice, especially without giving a warning before purchase.
  • @37 Couldnt agree more man, I was fortunate enough to 100% homecourt before they closed the servers, but my bro picked it up at the end of the year before they cut the servers, he missed out on getting the multiplayer chievies. Fair enough they close servers.........but to then release the game on Games on Demand.....??? WTF is that about?? if its in such a demand....open up the mp servers!?
  • @#89 None of the games listed here have had the 10$ online pass, and none of those games are only a year old. 09 sports titles came out late 08, as it is every year. It's the consumer that chooses to move to the latest title, as people want the latest teams and rosters in their games. Don't blame EA for people moving onto a newer game. Not only that, when the servers are closed, the game will not let you connect to the server anyway, so you wouldn't be prompted to buy a online pass. Please know what you are talking about before posting, and stop being butthurt about games that wouldn't get shut down if the majority of people moaning about them on here actually played them with any regularity. Once again, I agree with others who are talking about the Games on Demand section about a game being updated to state online play is not available, but I would imagine most people (on here anyway) would do that little bit of research first.
  • Not going to read through all these comments, but they should at least give us a bit extra time if they're going to take this many down at once. Sheesh!
  • You missed Onlime Sample for UEFA 2008 not that you will see this post with all the jack ass posts about EA SUCKS!!!! MONEY HUNGRY ASSHOELS!!!! blah blah blah I do agree that online achievements need to go away.
  • Online achievements are pointless anyway since half the people who get them probably boosted anyway, so yeah they shouldn't have online achievements =p
  • Boo for EA whats next r they gonna cut off army of two
  • Second time I got screwed over because of E.A. First Lord Of The Rings: Conquest now Fifa Street 3.
  • The Parolin Manoeuvre is definitely still available, seeing as it's for completing a game WITHOUT being connected to the servers. I started playing this game after the servers were shut down, and I got it with no problem.
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