Torchlight Will Be Different On XBLA

Richard Walker

Torchlight developer Runic has detailed what changes its made to the Mac and PC dungeon crawler, with everything from the user interface to the controls being completely redesigned from the ground up for the Xbox Live Arcade version, which is due to release as part of Microsoft's Xbox Live House Party promotion this spring.

Runic has overhauled the user interface with new art and navigation, dispensing with item slots in favour of a limit of 50 items that you can carry, not including stackable items like potions and scrolls that can stack up to 99 each. Potions are also automatically picked for you, so there's no need to assign or map them to a button. 

No skills have been cut from the game either and you can map four active skills at a time with the ability to swap between sets using the d-pad for up to 8 mapped skills. Runic also mentions controller feedback for quakes, strikes, fishing line tugs and low health warnings, meaning that the entire experience has been tailored specifically for the console and controller. In fact some of the Runic team prefer the console interface for using skills compared to the PC version.

The control system is more direct than the PC version too with no virtual cursors whatsoever. Combat is also different, so you move forward with melee attacks and there's no need to lock-on to enemies. Anything caught within the cone of damage gets struck, with secondary targets receiving secondary damage. Fights are also pacier and more maneuverable, likened to Dark Alliance or Champions of Norrath without jumping. 

And finally, Runic has preserved virtually every feature from the PC version too with the only omission being secondary weapon sets due to complications in making it feel right in the game's inventory selection. The dev has also brought over refinements from Torchlight 2, with improved loading times, better animation for more immediate combat and automap sets with more readable icons, as well as three new armour sets, new random quests and a new pet called the Chakawary.

Look out for Torchlight on the Xbox Live Arcade in spring 2011 when the Xbox Live House Party promotion kicks off.


  • Just too bad there is no coop.
  • This game was pretty good on the PC, it will be interesting how it will work on the console. I have my doubts already, I might just stick to the pc version
  • I might pick this up just for achievements. I have logged over 113 hours on the PC version. Well worth the $5.00 I paid for it.
  • Never plauyed Torchlight on PC, can't wait to actually play the game on XBLA
  • I keep hearing that this game is great. @3 How long is the actual story?
  • @1 Alot of people complained about that, and its been said its one of the things they are looking into for Torchlight 2. So if this turns out to sell well we might get some dungeon crawler loot fest with coop in the future. Havent played this game on pc because i really hate games that make me move the char with the mouse, but cant wait for the xbox version.
  • I guess I'll be buying both versions after all. =/
  • I played it over 50 hours on pc. Got it for steam around 5 bucks. I'll get it to replay on xbox but I'll wait until its a DOTW. I'm in no rush to play it again.
  • Oh make the game easier for casuals yeah? :/
  • I have been looking forward to this coming out on XBLA. Interested to know if they will support co-op though. That's what made Diablo so great. For those who have played on PC/Mac: How long is it?
  • Sounds great, love it on PC. =) It would be much much better with multiplayer however.
  • giving it a try, liked pc version. 1200 is a likely price and it is to match so on deal for me :D
  • Really looking forward to this one, hasn't really been enough good dungeon crawler-romp-RPGs lately. I hope that it'll be one of the earlier released xbla games from house party though since if it's one of the last released it'll be in the shadow of Dragon Age 2.
  • @10 lol at casual comment, sup hardcore pcgamer
  • Torchlight was a great game. Glad this is happening, just hope this doesn't fall into the category 'if it ain't broke' don't fix it'.
  • @15 i ain't no hardcore pcgamer, well definately not pcgamer. But don't tell me you love playing those easy ass games that get boring because they're so easy.
  • @17 I just wonder how you get the changes they have to make, on the pc you have alot of keys which you can use or remap. On the xbox not so much, so ofcourse they gotta tweak how things work. It doesnt say anything in the text about the game being EASY or whatever.. Just that they had to retool how the game will work on colsoles with limited keys
  • @17 You make it sound like the game wasn't easy on PC. I don't see this affecting difficulty, only making the game more enjoyable and less irritating.
  • Demo = 100% Have never played the PC version. Doesn't make a difference to me either way. I will make my decision on demo and reviews. much like games should. worst case will be DOTW
  • Oh sweet, so it actually IS coming out on XBLA then? Nice.
  • Bought it for $5 like many other on PC and had a blast. I will defo get it for XBLA when it's $5. For now look out for $15 price tag:-P
  • I'm playing the PC version right now, and I think to my self every time that I'd rather be using a controller. Can't wait for it to be on XBLA!
  • ive watched trailers look sick as fuck i love games like torchlight too bad theres not alot of muscle behind them for console
  • will buy for sure shame no co-op though.
  • @10 - bitching about every change doesn't make you a hardcore gamer. It just makes you look like a baby.
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