The Sims 3, SSFIV DLC and More Incoming Says MS [Updated]

Richard Walker

Microsoft has just sent us a document showing some unannounced DLC that's slated as 'coming soon', including new add-ons for The Sims 3, Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel Super Hero Squad, as well as a reaffirmation that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Animus Project 2.0 update is on the way.

Add-ons for each of these games is listed in the document's 'coming soon' section, so therefore have yet to be given specific dates or prices. They are as follows:

Spare Parts is also listed on XBLA as 'coming soon' too, so hopefully EA Bright Light's platformer is just around the corner along with Konami's Rush 'N Attack: Ex Patriot and Moon Driver.

Naturally, we'll be keeping our eyes out for specifics, so be sure to stay tuned.


As already astutely observed in the comments, Microsoft's document was way off, with some of the DLC already available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. In fact, Super Street Fighter IV's Ultra Brawler Pack has been out since December 21st. The Sims Asian Fusion Pack emerged earlier this week, hitting the Marketplace on Tuesday, January 11th. We've edited the links and prices into the article above.

  • The Sims 3 dlc are good.
  • Sims 3 is amazing!!!
  • Wish they'd fix the sims 3 on marketplace 1st
  • Another fix for AC:B Nice!
  • Sims 3 for Xbox is fun but when are the expansions (World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night) coming to the console?!? You would think the transition wouldn't be too difficult. Those are the announcements I'm excited to hear about!
  • Some of those have been up a while The Sims 3 - Asian Fusion Pack for 800MSP: Super Street Fighter IV - Ultra Brawler Pack for 320MSP:
  • I'm sorry, but is it really necessary for each Sims 3 DLC to be $10 a piece? ._.
  • @#6 - Ah well, I'm sure if we didn't know about it, we weren't alone... PS: Thanks MS for sending us a document giving old items a Coming Soon tag =P
  • @ Webb: Yeah -- they were available as of 2 AM the other day (-5:00 GMT).
  • Appreciate the heads-up, Rich is doing an update to the post as I type this... still, Spare Parts... coming soon, right? =P
  • According to, there are two Marvel Super Hero DLC's; Doom on the Loose and The Thanos Throwdown. If the Doom one is confirmed, maybe the Thanos one isn't far behind.
  • the ultra shadowlo pack which came out on tuesday is the best one seths alt3 is just awesome looking
  • They need to fix the sims 3 1st before they put out DLC for the game. I can't even get to the sims 3 on the martketplace. Also I still get the error code to get the per order DLC when I start the game up.
  • woo for the marvel dlc, me boy will love it, been playing it with him since it was his xmas pressie, already got the first pack for him.
  • The Sims 3 DLC is really nice, my Sims house is now 100% Asia-Style :D and btw: On Tuesday, January 11th EA released a free DLC for The Sims 3 as well: Toyota Prius + Toyota Prius Eco Pack Now your Sims can enjoy the newest member of the Toyota Prius family with this cool new pack! The pack includes environmentally conscience items so Sims can reduce their global footprint and feel good about it at the same time. Celebrate a greener tomorrow today!
  • I really wish they bring out a co-op mode via DLC for The Sims 3, like they did with Resi 5. I just can't get into this one on my own and its one of the few games the missus will play.
  • FUNNY they havent mentioned anything about the DLC with cheevs for ssf4 hmmm...
  • Sims 3 is brilliant but 800 points for a small furniture pack no thanks. To be fair im still waiting for my sims 3 from play ordered dec 30th still not arrived, i am not ammused.
  • could spare parts be next week? Or what xbla games come out next wed?
  • Wonder if Sims 3, will have DLC achievements... UGh
  • Those Sims DLC packs have to be some of the worst deals I have ever seen on the marketplace. I nearly choked when I saw 800 points for some haircuts or new furniture. Can't see them selling very well at that price.
  • I might have to get this Sims game. Used to play it all the while on the P.C. Was great then. From what I have heared, it is good still
  • I already G'd this game. They need to be less greedy as at 800 points each, I'll never buy them.
  • Sims 3 DLC? Do you get alot of new stuff or is it just a few things cus i want to make sure i get a good deal before paying 800 points
  • @24You get about 10 new household items and some DLC themed clothes and outfits. 800 points is too much for my liking
  • @Everyone praising the Sims 3 DLC. I can't imagine they are a good deal. Furniture/item packs should be $2-3 each TOPS. Ten bucks for a few lousy items is a colossal waste of money. I love the Sims 3, but their price points guarantee I won't even look twice at any DLC without achievements, and even then I'll have to think about it.
  • @7 *makes a quick check to see who publishes the Sims* Why yes, yes they do have to be 800MSP.
  • Sims 3 dlc is way too expensive and despite the crappy new hairstyles their items you can already unlock in game.. WTH?!
  • @25 Thanks I think ill pass
  • I got the sims for valentines! I'm so excited! Cannot wait to play it tomorrow, and I second the notion that it needs to have a multiplayer option, not nessisarily achievements, just gameplay.
  • Fuck That. 800MSP for a crappy furniture set?
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