2K Play Announces Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do For Kinect

Richard Walker

Boasting all the fun of the fair, 2K Play has today announced Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do for Kinect, featuring plenty of sideshows like a Shark Tank, the Coin Coaster Mountain and an opportunity for a dance-off with the Monkey Barker - a well-dressed chimp ready to bust some moves.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do has been built from the ground up for Kinect, bringing the best-selling franchise that has enjoyed previous success on the Wii, to Xbox 360. With five theme park alleyways - from Coaster Corner to Whirligig Way - you'll have the chance to swing away in the batting cage, avoid tornadoes in a Hot Air Balloon Race or embark on a journey into space on the Rocket To Mars.

There's also classic games like Alley Ball, Milk Bottle Throw and Wheel of Chance in which you can win a host of in-game prizes like flying bears, ninja masks, pet dragons and robot cowboys. Additionally, Kinect's voice-recognition will enable The Amazing Wodin to advise players of their future. Hmm... We're not sure we want to know ours.

One thing that is certain for the future (how's that for a segue?) is Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do seeing release in April 2011. Check out the first three screenshots here.

  • Hope its good.
  • if you are and adult with no children and you own a kinect shame! shame on you.
  • I was half asleep till I say these screens..love it!!
  • I just hope that Kinect doesn't try to turn the 360 into a beefed up Wii.
  • wow 3.. guess your only play generic shooters right?
  • This is cute!! Wait, this isn't for Wii?? Say what?? :-)
  • Oh god my sexbox is becoming more wii like every day =(
  • i think this was on Wii, but looking at it, you could already tell that the graphics are WAY better. For all those kinect haters, do yourself a favor a try it once. If you dont like it, than bash it. I myself was against Kinect, but did not verbally say it was going to be bad. Once i tried it, i was in shock, and my opinion quickly changed.
  • screenshots look really good. hoping to see some gameplay videos
  • @2 Get a life.
  • haha, looks like a fun party game... Or something to play when you're bored. Who doesn't like carnival games? Sure real prizes would be nice.. so lets just call them achievements.
  • @4...is it really suprising that mimicing the Wii is exactly what Xbox wants. Look at the gigantic success of Wii from a financial perspective. It would be foolish to not want to get some of that pie. Based on Kinect's success, they obviously have a winning idea. I have kids and a wife who LOVE Kinect. It is fun, but I prefer my controller personally. until they make a good Dead Space on Kinect, I will stick to my controller.
  • I would much rather see games with new ideas that could not be done on the wii instead of rehashing old wii titles. Bring on the shovelware!
  • Halo 4: Compatible with Kinect, but Kinect isn't necessary. That'd be interesting.
  • @2 what a ponce, people who say it's crap without tryin jus don't like change cos they think they know best, obv they don't.
  • Why do you asume comment 2 hasnt tried kinect?...i totally agree with him...all the games on it are for children...losing weight...or dancing...none of these things interest me...i will be happy to buy it once some half decent games are released on it...until then i have no interest and yes i have tried it! Stupid and gimicky if you ask me...no better than the eyetoy currently
  • Ah, the shittiness is going cross platform. Today's two headlines, this and the 1200 point cod maps, make me feel more and more like our industry is dying a slow painful death. To the (thankfully) few of you saying that this is ok or might be good, look at the wii. Let us pray that the xbox never falls that far from grace.
  • Kinect is alot of fun with alot of people. I would much rather Kinect bowl then sit in a COD Black ops game lobby for 5mins or waste my time trying to beat a broken infinite enemy respawning veteran mode for a week. Anyways the carnival game looks interesting.
  • At first glance thought this was a Wii game. I still prefer a controller after trying Kinect. Kinect has potenial, just need the delevopers to put the effort into making a good game. But that isn't likely. Kinect will be like the Wii, tons of crapware.
  • The first one on the wii was god awful but I was crazily addicted to it... I'll be getting this first thing, however I do hope that kinect won't just be for this kind of game.
  • @2 - Fine, your opinion... but constructive comments would be more benifical... even a "meh, not for me" would be better than the crap you posted. Yes, there are a lack of "hardcore" games for Kinect but what there is available is fun. Kinect Sports is a great laugh and i agree with comment 18. I'd rather play bowling on Kinect than listen to idiots like you trash talking in Multiplayer lobbies. And proof read your comment before posting next time ;-)
  • The most important thing with any Kinect title is whether or not the sensor reacts properly to your motions. If so, this game is probably going to be good fun. Many ideas have failed due to a terrible technical use of the sensor (Sports Island Freedom, Game Party: In Motion etc.)
  • I'm actually pretty happy about this. Carnival Games is one of my favorite titles on the Wii.
  • My wife and I bought the original Carnival games for the Wii. The whole couple of days we played it we joked that it's just like a real Carnival, because all the games felt rigged. Either the game was damn hard, we sucked something fierce or it was just broken.
  • For all the haters, Carnival Games is one of the best 3rd party games on the Wii. I play it every thanksgiving/christmas at my parents house. I'm definitely interested. Also it's just nice to see more kinect games come out. For the record, adventures is fun and I play ea active for the workouts #16. #2, please go away. Why do you care if you don't have or want this?
  • Why is this not a terrible idea actually... Stoaked to see new titles for the Kinect... @2 what is your problem dude.....
  • As much as i like kinect not sure about this game but i'll have to try it before i can judge it, but there has already been some really poor games on kinect not so much as the game more a case as i felt it wasnt right for the kinect mechanics
  • Cant hurt to rent it Looks interesting atleast
  • Looks cool, here's hoping there's enough variety/quantity in mini-games like in the carnival game for the wii (haven't played it myself but heard great things about it).
  • my wife has this game on the wii. hopefully she won't mind playing it again for achievements!
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