10 New Battle for Asgard Screens

Dan Webb

It's been a while since we've seen a ridiculous amount of NPC's battling on screen as you plough your way through them, Kameo was probably the last time we saw such a great feat. But one thing for certain is, Viking: Battle for Asgard is going to be the next title to pull this off. In this latest batch of screenshots, we see yet more great examples of this. Check them out yourself.


Check out the full gallery here. 

  • looks pretty interesting im from Minnesota so vikings are popular around here lol obviously
  • That looks so metal :D Can't wait.
  • Looks pretty cool!!! Probably gonna try this one!
  • Looks Interesting but if its like Dynasty Warriors then Ill leave it.
  • Looks pretty cool. Regarding Dynasty Warriors, I kinda praise the game for a merit that it has: it must be one of the few games a guy knows what he's buying... always. I mean it's like an adjective nowdays rather than a name.
  • look like beowulf game. probably will pick it up.
  • Looks interesting. The trailer for it he cuts one of those barbarian looking things in half. God I laughed so hard. (With excitement, that is...)
  • Cool...It looks pretty chaotic.
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