New Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Coming March 1st

Richard Walker

As Crysis 2 marches ever closer towards its release in just under a month's time, EA and Crytek is preparing to release another multiplayer demo for the game to give you a second chance to get the best out of its signature Nanosuit, which enables you to adopt varying strategies with its strength, agility and invisibility functions.

1.7 million players downloaded the previous multiplayer demo on Xbox 360, which debuted last month, in which time Crytek has honed the experience based upon player feedback. The new Crysis 2 multiplayer demo will feature two maps - 'Skyline' and 'Pier 17' - alongside 'Team Instant Action' and 'Crash Site' modes.

The full version of Crysis 2's multiplayer will include six gameplay modes - Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay, Extraction and Assault - with a total of 12 maps to indulge in, set in and around the game's rendition of the Big Apple.

You'll be able to download the new Crysis 2 multiplayer demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace on March 1st. Crysis 2 is out on March 22nd in North America and March 25th in Europe.

  • Never got around to playing the first demo, i'll check this one out for sure.
  • Was never able to play the 1st cause my computer couldnt run it XD..will deffinitly give this one a go!
  • I hope they implement some of the changes that we the community have asked for.
  • What about a campaign demo? Oh wait, I forgot...
  • So the same thing as last time.
  • I'll DL to see how much its improved since the "beta", itll probably be the same though
  • I just hope this demo won't decided to freeze my xbox like the last demo did.
  • Great! :) Loved the beta.
  • Everytime i tried to get into a game on the first demo it froze everytime so hopefully this one will be different.
  • awesome. im really curious to see some new maps. hopefully they will be just as good the skyline map in the last demo. If the freezing is fixed and the characters latency to taking melee's are improved i will be more than happy.
  • Great news
  • That's really kind (and smart) of them to so. I was quite impressed by the first demo and I'm hoping this one will be even more impressive.
  • visually game looks unbelievable but gameplay didnt impress me much :(
  • I downloaded the previous demo but never had a chance to play it, as EA's servers screwed me over every time i tried. Might see if they've sorted it out and get this...
  • I never downloaded the first one, everyone here told me not to bother. (SEE I LISTEN TO YOU 360A COMMUNITY! :D) Will try this. I suppose they ironed out the kinks. If they have not I will in no way support the retail game lol.
  • Well I for 1 enjoyed the demo and have pre ordered already so cant wait t give it a go
  • Nice of them to update the demo let's see what the changes are
  • The first demo was garbage, sorry to say. I agree with comment #6. Aside from the freezing, I doubt anything will change. That's why Crytek isn't releasing a campaign demo. They are hoping people who think the multiplayer sucks will still buy it just for the campaign. If we were to find out that sucks as well, it would go from being considered to not being considered.
  • the first demo was graphicly amazing except it had a few lag issues other then that it was a solid game
  • Will I actually be able to play this time round? Or will I just have the game freeze on me on the loading screen?
  • Nice! Gonna give it another chance. The first demo was a little rough around the edges (Not graphically though!) Busy Friday; DS2: Severed, this, and surely there'll be so Ethnic else... Not to mention more Marvel vs Capcom andBukketstorm!
  • @Ceejus I dunno what beta you played,but the crysis 2 beta was good and from what ppl who downloaded the leaked game have said the SP is good,just not as open as crysis 1..soooo,yeah...
  • Let's just hope they fixed the glitches from the beta :)
  • Worst case scenario for MP in this game, judging by the first demo, is that it's a CoD clone with a somewhat refreshing atmosphere for that type of game-play. I'm alright with that. The first demo didn't stand out as an extraordinary multi-player experience, but it was certainly entertaining.
  • i hope you get something cool for playing both or one of the betas (preferably one of each) kinda like Halo gave you the special symbol next to your name when you played their beta
  • Awesome. I really enjoyed the first demo so I can't wait for this one.
  • Awesome.
  • I refuse to get anything from EA because of online passes. Another one I'll have to miss.
  • No thanks, the first multiplayer demo put me right off the game. I might rent it for the campaign.
  • How about a campaign mission? Because lets face it people, the multiplayer on this just REEKS of shit. lol
  • I dont know what to make of this game. Graphically it looked good but gameplay wise it just didnt hook me. Prepared to give it another shot though as its only a demo :D
  • I'd imagine that people using the wireless adapter will be able to actually play a game without a freeze on load up this time.
  • Sure it looked good, but it felt so generic...maybe they made some tweaks that will make it feel good but it just felt like every other of the hundreds of shooters around this gen.
  • was i the only one who found that it had major connection problems? I couldnt shoot anyone because they'd be right in front of me then all of a sudden behind me. Fix that and i will give it another go.
  • Thats great news for me I was changing my internet to sky when the first beta was running, didnt think I would ever see two Multi player demos for any game, really looking forward to this.
  • I never got the freeze problem, and i reached level 10 without any issues, maybe i was just lucky.
  • @28 There is no online pass for Crysis 2. Apparently when the game was being developed, Crytek was told about the online pass, and since it was still in the beta processes, they declined.
  • Looks like I wasn't the only one who had issues trying to play the demo. I'll try this one hoping It will let me connect to the server this time.
  • How often do developers release 2 demos? The first one was a shitty waste of my download connection and this one will be too. Looks like the game will be like the first, benchmark graphics, shitty gameplay. Oh well. The only thing on my mind for the next few months is Portal 2.
  • @28 and anyone else considering not buying because of the online pass...
  • I hope they improved the gameplay since the first demo was a let down.
  • awesome
  • SWEET. I never got to play "crash site" due to server problems and/or bugs. That and no one was ever playing it. Did like the first demo. I hope I can get more out of this next one.
  • My gold expires that day. Looks like I'm gonna have to renew it soon.
  • I hope the lag issues have been smoothed out.
  • So has the pistol been buffed up? If not, then it's a no go for me.
  • The other demo didn't do anything for me, so I won't be playing this one.
  • Two demos? These folks are desperate to redeem themselves after the last cock-up. I'm still looking forward to the campaign though.
  • Is this demo actually going to work?
  • Is this gonna be another beta or an actual demo without the bugs
  • Is this gonna be another beta or an actual demo without the bugs
  • Still waiting for Single player demo.... yes, that would be nice.
  • I played the first one and it suffered same faults as CoD franchise. It's fun for a while but gets boring fast and for some frustrating when matched agains higher leveled players. Wish we could go back to the days where everyone had to count on their skills and not perks/abilities:-P
  • The first demo was really fun, but it crashed way too often. If this one works, then it'll be completely awesome.
  • Why did they even end the first demo? Why not just update it with these new levels and modes? Seems silly to me.
  • Is their anything new in it compared to when it was last out? Did they add anything?
  • No problems for me green bars always
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