Halo Interview - Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director, 343 Industries

Dan Webb

No other game is as synonymous with Xbox as Halo. From the first time Halo: Combat Evolved landed on Microsoft's first console, the UNSC have been fighting the Covenant ever since, launching a multi-million dollar franchise with a massive fanbase. And to think, it was very nearly a Mac RTS!

With Bungie now leaving Halo behind in a 10-year publishing deal with Activision, the series now falls to sole custodians 343 Industries, who will now be steering the franchise going forward. So, what ideas or innovations do the studio have to push the envelope? Or will the developer play it safe and stick to the tried and tested Halo formula that has served the series so well over the past nine years or so?

We sat down to chat all things Halo with 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director at Microsoft's February Showcase, finding out what the future holds for Microsoft's biggest game.

What was the process like creating a new DLC in the Defiant Map Pack for Halo: Reach as your first proper Halo project as sole developer?

It's been a long process and I feel like the hard part has already been taken care of, like contracts, servers and moving stats over and all that kind of stuff. So now this is weirdly a sort of fun, awesome, creative collaboration with which we have an affinity. And for me personally and some of the other guys, we've had that affinity since Halo 2 and we've been through this aspect before, so it doesn't really feel that different. The interesting part is really going to be the reaction of the fans, but the process isn't really any different to how it's previously been in terms of making the DLC. So, we'll see the fan reaction will be a combination of people who don't care who makes this stuff, which is most people, but the hardcore fans are the ones we pay the most attention to an a day-to-day basis, and they're going to be scrutinising and we'll be scrutinising their reaction.

Did you want to put your own stamp on the map pack to make it that little bit different or was the aim to make it blend seamlessly into Halo: Reach?

It is a little bit different because we included a Firefight map, which we've never done as DLC. But we're never going to be in the business of putting our stamp on something just for the sake of it. I think what we will do is have – which is something every developer has each year – is a lot of new faces and a lot of fresh ideas to throw at problem spaces and to throw up opportunities as well. Things will be somewhat different, but hopefully in a nice organic way. We're not going to say this is 343's Halo and nobody has guns and instead everybody has clubs. That's not the way to approach a beloved franchise for one thing, and most of the people we hire, desperately want to work on a Halo game. Some are ex-Bungie, some are from Microsoft and have always worked on Halo and some are brand new to it, but one thing they all have in common, is that they love Halo and not another game.

This year being the 10th anniversary of Halo, what do you see as being a pivotal moment in those last ten years?

From my perspective, I have a very high level view of the Halo community, and I think of them as little segments, like the hardcore, the media guys and some who confront us with questions, while others just want to play Team Slayer on Halo 3 and nothing else. And there are even some people who don't even play the games and just love the Halo universe, like the comic books, novels and so on. I think of them as different groups although they're all individuals. Like in politics when people try to make a complicated situation simple, people miss the points, so we do our best to listen and pay attention to people's points. You can't be all things to everyone, but if you know who your market is and who your audience is composed of, then you're doing a better service.

Now that Halo is fully under your umbrella so to speak, where do you want to take the franchise given the high that Bungie went out on with Halo: Reach? There's a lot of pressure on 343 to deliver.

We want to treat it the same way Bungie did. It's not enough to just reiterate. You have to be innovative, creative and be better than you ever were. Like any Halo game, there's a lot of ideas left on the table because of budget, time and so on, so those ideas could go in as an organic part of it. But again, ultimately what we want to make from now on, is Halo products that are better than the best Halo products, and that's all we've ever done. That's the correct route to take the franchise, which is easier said than done.

With Halo being synonymous with the Xbox brand, is there any pressure from Microsoft to deliver a Halo game that uses Kinect?

There's definitely internal pressure from ourselves, because Kinect is actually really cool, so how can we utilise it? But there's no pressure from Microsoft. No executive has ever come to us and said, make a Halo FPS using Kinect. It doesn't work like that. We'll look at logical things to do with the technology in the same ways that we once looked at Xbox Live and said what can we do to take advantage of this new system that's at our disposal. Our focus has to be on making an FPS and frankly speaking, the controller. If there are things that we can do with Kinect, we will do them, absolutely, but it's not a direction we're being told to go in and there's no ultimatum being handed down to us. We'll see if we like it and look at what things we can do with it.

If you did plan to use Kinect, would you integrate it into the next main Halo, or would you branch off into making a Halo devoted to Kinect?

Either would certainly be interesting and we're already looking at ways to have Halo Waypoint work with Kinect although its less of an interactive experience, but it still feels playful. So, yes and no, I guess is the answer. I mean we could definitely change the Halo UI so that you could control it with your voice or your hands, and those are the kind of things we'll look at in the future. Those are easy problems to solve and the simple question is, if we did that, would it be as good or better than playing with an analogue stick and if not, we won't do it, right?

There's some cool experiences here today that are absolutely made for Kinect from the ground up. I mean, The Gunstringer especially; when you look at that, you think there's no way that experience would be the same with anything else other than Kinect and Child of Eden is absolutely perfect for Kinect. You could play both with something else, but you'd want to play them with Kinect more than you would with the analogue stick. You can see that from just watching people play it and both are core experiences. I think the way to win the Kinect hardcore fan is to make cool new things rather than try and paste Kinect controls onto old ideas.

That said, the thing I'm most looking forward to, is using Netflix with Kinect, as I've already got Zune for Kinect and I'm so lazy, that I want to use Netflix with Kinect too.

Can you see how a first-person shooter might work with Kinect?

I can see loads of ways how the Halo universe might work, but I don't think you could take a Team Slayer game and adapt it to Kinect, as I can't imagine anyone giving up their controllers. There's lots of experiences you could have within the Halo universe, like we could do an interactive movie for example that has nothing to do with gameplay or an encyclopedia where you can explore Halo facts and stuff like that. These aren't necessarily game experiences and more just Halo experiences though.

With the exception of Marathon, Bungie exclusively made Halo games before signing up with Activision. Do you see yourselves as a studio now devoting yourself to the franchise?

Hardcore fans will know that our studio name is lifted from the Halo universe, so that's our goal. It's a huge franchise worth millions, with a legion of voracious fans and it needs to be ongoing, but with a lot of love and attention. We can't just publish a Halo game every three years and not have a focused, dedicated team working on it. That was the best thing for Bungie and it'll be the best thing for us too.

Can you comment on the rumour about a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved?

Well like you just said, it's a rumour. And if you really really want to play Halo: Combat Evolved in 720p HD, go to Games on Demand. It's there right now for like $9.99!

But don't you think a remake of the previous Halo games is a good way to introduce new fans to the series? Players that don't necessarily want to be dropped in at Halo: Reach without knowing the Master Chief's origins?

We know from research that we have to know about the lapsed fan, who might be someone who hasn't played the series since Halo 1 or he now has a PS3, a baby or whatever thing it is that stops you from being involved with the franchise. I'm like that with some books, where I'll start reading a trilogy and I'll get two books in and give up. So, we have a lot of lapsed fans, we have a lot of new fans and we have a lot of fans who just read the books and don't play games, because I guess they just don't like video games. We do create cross-overs between all of those groups and we don't do it cynically, but it is sometimes deliberate and The Forerunner (Halo: Cryptum) is in its sixth week on the New York Times bestsellers list and it's climbing, so it's a great success from a publishing standpoint, but the reason to do it, is what we always what we do with Halo and that's not to go broad, but we go deep. We take things that you kind of know about and then we explore them. So, The Forerunner Saga is just the latest example of that.

Would you liken the Halo franchise to something like Star Wars then, that continues to grow and gets passed down between generations, between older and younger siblings, for instance?

I hope so. After ten years, this is the reason why our five or six million or so fans aren't just the same people from before and why it continues to grow is because we're into about two generations now, who play Halo - whether they should be or not - and they are recommending it. I think nostalgia has a lot to do with that, but a player who grew up playing Halo: Combat Evolved and didn't touch it again, but probably played Reach, could adapt really quickly to it.

Although we're on a different scale to Star Wars, Halo has a lot in common with Star Wars. Like when I think of Star Wars, I think of X-Wing fighters, lightsabers and landspeeders and so on; and when you think about Halo, you think about Warthogs, Banshees, Battle Rifles and Plasma Swords, so there's a very relatable collection of 'stuff' that is in our universe like there is in Star Wars. We're just on a much different scale, obviously. There are a lot of similarities, but we've learnt a lot lessons from Star Wars, both good and bad. When they started the franchise, they made a lot of ham-fisted “we didn't know this was going to be huge” moves like the Star Wars Christmas Special, which of course we now love, but it probably wasn't seen as awesome at the time.

Those are great lessons for any franchise as a core principle and I'm often asked what's the secret to having an awesome transmedia franchise, and it's to make sure that the original thing that it's based on is awesome. The End. And you can't make a plan to do that, but it's the truth and although Avatar is a giant successful movie, it didn't work as a franchise, so you can't plan that. It just has to be organic and it has to be natural. You can't force it.

You've said that with the next Halo you don't want to iterate but innovate. Are you concerned therefore that people might then say that since the franchise has gone from Bungie to 343 Industries that you've ruined it, if you change it too much?

Absolutely, but we have a huge advantage over somebody trying to make a new franchise or make a new game, and that's the core mechanics and the whole universe are incredibly strong. So, if ain't broke, don't fix it. But when I said we should innovate, that's where the kind of quantum leaps and geometric improvements come from, is innovation. And an innovation in Halo 3 that doesn't affect the gameplay one iota, is Theatre Mode and the ability to customise levels with Forge. These are things that feed back into that core experience that you love, and that's where you innovate. You don't try to innovate the fun out of something, you innovate to make it ever more enjoyable and more accessible.

In a way though, Bungie did innovate with the armour abilities in Halo: Reach, but if 343 tried to do something similar, fans might react differently.

Yeah, we're definitely going to be under a different spotlight. If we had done that, then we'd be judged differently than when Bungie did it. But then, that's a small segment of your audience that's making that kind of judgement and we have to be ready to take the good with the bad.

343 Industries' Halo title is rumoured to be heading for a November 2011 release to coincide with Halo's 10th anniversary.

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  • Good interview, nice to see the Halo franchise is in good hands.
  • Frank's very good at saying a lot of nothing and stating the obvious. While many love the recent Halos, myself and many other fans feel Bungie lost their touch after 2. Hopefully some new talent can bring it back to the Halo 1 & 2 days. But we'll probably just get more Reach map packs and a half-assed CE remake.
  • We need a Lego Halo. Then the game might actually be fun to play for once.
  • I noticed a typo. 1st question, 4th line down. 'so it doesn't really fee that different.' *feel OT: I reckon that Bungie's creativity died down a lot after Halo 2, especially with the multiplayer maps. The designs weren't as awesome as those of Halo CE & Halo 2. Hopefully 343 can bring that creativity back.
  • Halo Wars 2 is mainly what i want but it probably wont happen. Another idea for Halo is a darker, grittier story and gameplay, kinda like the way ME2 did but a darker story or maybe a Halo survival horror that could easily work. or maybe just a ME style Halo game the possibilities are ENDLESS for Halo.
  • sounds like the franchise is in good hands,but dont like the question of the remake being pushed off to buying games on demand. started to drool than was slapped a crossed the face.
  • I'm looking forward to the Map Packs, but I'm still looking for an actual confirmation of a Halo CE remade, complete with a full 1,000 GS worth of achievements. Come on guys, you know you want to! ;)
  • I know the Halo franchise is in good hands. 343 can bring a lot of innovation to the franchise. I'm pretty excited for the future!
  • Sounds like interest for Halo Wars Kinect is getting bigger and bigger. I could see them at the very least releasing DLC or an XBLA game just to see how it goes with the fans of Halo and RTS games. I also agree with their idea of innovation for an long lasting franchise like Halo. You don't fix something that isn't broken, but you can tweak in other places to get better performance. It's that sole reason why Bungie was really able to make Halo something that lasted so long. Fantastic new features like Forge and Theatre never interrupted the core gameplay but still managed to enhance because of the customization and post analyzable gameplay.
  • @4 would be satisfied with a proper race playlist for now myself, some of the maps the community have made for it are awsome. will wait and see what 343 do, but being made up of a lot of ex bungie employees means i'm fairly sure it's in there safe hands
  • I doubt there will be a Halo game that solely uses kinect, the main base of Halo gamers proberly don't own the new kiddy motion controller (seriously its freaking for kids, just look at all the games for it!). There will definetly be a Halo title of some kind out in Novemeber for the 10th anniversary and i cannot wait (so long at its not Kinect enabled).
  • Still hoping the rumoured title is Halo Chess over here :P
  • Survival Horror Halo! Youre a Marine, just a bog-standard marine, no 'Super Powered ODST's' and you're in a space craft (covenant perhaps) infested with the flood.
  • Would be good to play a Halo CE remake, but please no not a retelling. They shouldnt mess with the story. Do what Lucas Arts did with Monkey Island.
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  • Lol #17 I would play that.. get my ass kicked.
  • To all those saying Halo is in good hands, be wary, you may eat your words. Halo: Reach was a disappointment after 9 years of Master Chief, and that was by Bungie. So if 343 continue that same formula and make it more similar to Reach than let's say other Halos, like 2 or 3, there are going to be more disappointed fans, and the magic that began Halo will have been lost.
  • Reach was a good game, but when you compare it to the legacy of the Chief, it wasn't so great. Reach was the lead up to how the war began, I can't see where they will find a story for anything which doesn't involve Master Chief now, unless they go beyond his time in the story. 343 have much to live up to, high hopes :) @17, best idea.. ever!!
  • All I want from 343 is a numerical ranking system, none of this EXP rank BS.
  • @24 What about Harvest or Arcadia, or a game entirely from the Covvies perspective
  • @7 well actually the guys at Lego said they woudln't do a Halo Lego game. That sucks, because Halo Lego is a great idea.
  • Can we all, please just this once, get something absolutely é%$ålng clear with regards to Kinect. IF Kinect is introduced into a game like this it would be an optional control method. One of the key motivations to use Kinect in a triple A title is to add new features, not massacre their sales figures by making it Kinect only. So could all the haters out there tone it down a bit, 'cos the trolling is getting frankly dull.
  • a Halo: CE remake would kick arse, i never played that or Halo 2, jumped into halo 3, then ODST and finally Reach. so im like WTF is going here? and yes i know i COULD get CE on the marketplace but i would prefer a full fledged remake, and if we're honest, who wouldnt? :)
  • Havent played Halo since halo CE...due mostly to the fact that its FPS. I do, however, love the halo universe. I've read some of the books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Just about to start watching the halo legends "movie". What do I want from Halo....a third person shooter LOL
  • Halo Reach FTW!! kinect FTW! 343i FTW! I agreed with everything said except the innovative part. Basically he said were gonna give you a new halo every year with fresh maps and a revamped theater and forge.
  • Take it back into space FFS, Helljumpers exploring uncharted worlds for possible colonisation is what the damn francise needs, some new ideas, or Spartans putting down insurrectionist revolutions! I'm sick of epic Sci/Fi sagas ending up on Earth - I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3!!!!
  • @11 You are not a halo you are just another fucking achievementwhore, you got Halo CE right there for download already. But then again if you were a fan it would be right there in your shelf already next to the other Halo Games
  • #34 Well I'm a Halo fan and I have (kinda) all halo games. I have Halo 1-3 but My Halo 1 Xbox version is missing but My PC one is in my drawers. My Halo 2 map Pack was installed but my Xbox Classic uninstalled it over time, so I need to get the disc again. I have ODST and Reach and my friend is borrowing Wars. But CE was my favourite out of them all and a remake would be amazing. Look at resident Evil. The original and Directors Cut was and still is samazing! Then in 2002 the REmake came out and I just fell in love all over again. Imagine what Halo CE could look like with current gen graphics! And no 'adding new weapons' or what have you. The original game, remade to a T, except maybe a few easter eggs and what have you. And we need Online multiplayer this time around! But finally release the Remake on PC too and have cross platform playing!
  • @ 6 - Luckily, the other fans have appreciated Bungies work and effort and are still enjoying the award winning MP of Reach still.
  • Not that enlightening interview really, he says they're interested in using Kinect and mentions a couple of superfluous uses for it (like in Halo Waypoint), neither denies or confirms the existence of a Halo CE remake and spouts a load of marketing platitudes (rarely directly answering any question). Rubbish
  • I totally want to play Halo Chess. Bring it.
  • lol @ the guy saying make a survival horror halo game... halo is a lot of things but... it will just never be scary that way.
  • Don't fix what ain't broke, eh? Wonder why Bungie didn't do that for Halo: Reach.
  • Lol tell me about it #40 Halo Reach is awful compared to Halo 3. Shame on Bungie, maybe these guys will know what to change and what to keep from Halo 3... in other words, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!
  • @ 41 - We've had our disagreements on this sir. I sucked horse noodles at Halo3. Everything I've become fantastic with on Reach - Shotgun, Sword, Firefight, Infection and Big Team Battle - I shyed away from in H3 b/c I never did well with said weapon or gametype. With Reach, I'm usually on the 1st or 2nd spot whether I win or lose and I've been having a buttload of phenomenal win-streaks. My buddies just started getting back into Gamenights - Our sort of scheduled gaming sessions - and we had a blast over the weekend. Not only that, but in terms of cheapness, at least the playing field is strethced in Reach. Halo 3 was NOTHING but these types of kills - Rockets, Stickies, Shoot-Melee-Shoot or vice versa. Everyone abused those 3 things in every game I played. Now, I have defense strategies. I find a match full of sticky throwers - Armor Lock. Rocket abusers - Stealth & Assassinate. Cheap groups - Decoy. Everything has a counter and I love it. I always say to each their own but Change is always going to happen. For better or worse, things must evolve.
  • it will be interesting what they do with halo but do not make a kinnect halo game imagine waving your arms all over the place NO THANK YOU and i would love a option where you can choose between or first person and third person or something...
  • HALO 4
  • Halo Wars 2 is probably my most wanted game at the moment.
  • Hey Frank, you f*cking douchebag, remove armor lock from the game and maybe i can start to enjoy it again. @17: that would be dead space.
  • Id happily take Halo Wars 2 also
  • @ 46 - Fat chance. I would shed lots and lots of tears if I didn't have the opportunity to armor lock an oncoming shmobag trying to ram me to have them explode. I will admit I never use it in anything aside from Big Team Battle b/c the reflecting sticky grenades is kinda cheap. They should just stick so if the dude's armor lock shuts off, they're stuck with it. I mostly roll with the active camo.
  • If they make Halo kinect I'll be buying a PS3. Please MS and 343...PLEASE dont sell out. If you want to make a spin off thats fine, just dont make the next one a kinnect.
  • @48: armor lock in vehicle matches makes sense. armor lock on team slayer? the most bullshit you could ever ask for. 1 shot to kill...and...armor lock. melee to kill...and...armor lock. pure bullshit. what ever happened to just plain skill, like halo 3? thats why i hate bungie with a passion, and 343 wont do anything to make up for it.
  • go back further in time, halo: rise of the covenant.... btw Halo kinnect ftw...dont like it? dont buy it..
  • It'd be kinda cool if the hologram ability would blow up when enemies touch it....
  • @ 50 - It's people that use it just b/c they can that get to me but you'll find that in every game. I just like that I have variety in my options. If one way doesn't work, I have more to choose from. It was usefull at first but now I really never use the health bubble since it's so easy to take down rather than the shield bubble from H3 that lasted until its time ran out. Everyone has their preferences but I really didn't dig Halo 2 at all. Firstly, I much prefer the current online gaming and secondly I like the step back/evolution but that's just me. I do well and I use skill which is what I barely saw in H3. I was either seeing bullets or fists or getting lucky kills. I had a hard time adjusting at first with assassinations at first and now, I'm well over the 500 mark and become really accustomed to close combat stuff - Stealth, Shotgun & Sword are my majority of loadouts. Assassinations are just TOO MUCH fun now that I gun for them. Stealth and crouch right out in the open while some poor goober runs past me. Shank.
  • @17 you basically described Dead Space, though I wouldn't mind at all seeing the rumoured HD remake of Halo CE be true though.
  • hopefully not a halo:ce remake,i want something new,halo 4!!!!
  • @34 Wow, you're kind of a dick. I have Halo CE on disc and downloaded on Games on Demand and I would like to see an HD remake with 1000gs. It doesn't automatically make it so I'm not a Halo fan and an achievement whore instead. I'm both. So I like earning achievements in my favorite games, sue me.
  • @34 Also massive lols for you telling someone they aren't a Halo. NSS (no shit sherlock)
  • The best Halo was Halo: CE PERIOD.
  • 'But don't you think a remake of the previous Halo games is a good way to introduce new fans to the series? Players that don't necessarily want to be dropped in at Halo: Reach without knowing the Master Chief's origins?' Is it just me, or does that question make no sense?
  • To be fair, no. 18, Halo: CE had virtually no real story arc present within the game, so... it'd be hard for them to mess that one up. I think it'd be really great to have a full-on recreation of Halo: CE, and I would definitely pay full price for the experience even without a multi-player component. Many good times had with system link. That being said, hopefully 343 isn't too cautious about innovation, leading to yet another stale FPS franchise that just releases like clockwork with the holidays. If they can deliver some solid additions to Reach, for the time being, I'll be satisfied.
  • Anyone who says Halo 3 is better than halo: Reach is flat out Retarded or only 12.. im sorry but its the truth. I could understand someone saying Halo CE and Halo 2 are better than Reach but really Halo 3? Lmao! Reach > Any Halo on Current Gen Consoles at this point. and Im all aboard for Halo CE remake.. Maybe a few years after than we can have a Halo 4. BUT ATLEAST TWO YEARS AFTER THE CE COMES OUT THOUGH.. I dont want a Halo Game everyear.. Its bad enough your smashing Reach and the CE remake together. take your time 343i. CoD is the only FPS that needs to come out every year.
  • What's with all the kinect questions? Stick with the controller, even if it's just being used for the menus. Hopefully xbox will never turn out like some of those DS games where you have to pull out out stylus to navigate the menu when u could just simply move the d-pad and press a button.
  • Yeah, last 3 halo games were just OK. Not bad, but not great either. I think mechanics could use many changes, so we'll se what these guys come up with. They woudl have to work extra hard to mess it up more than Bungie had in past 5 years or so^^
  • "In a way though, Bungie did innovate with the armour abilities in Halo: Reach" Err, I don't agree that that was an innovation. It was an evolution of the equipment system they had added in Halo 3. Anyway, I hope 343 does a good job with the franchise. I hope they can do a nice mix of the more skillful gameplay from Halo 1, with excellent single player campaigns like ODST has.
  • I would LOVE to see Halo on Kinect. But unfortunately, the only way I can see to make a shooter that gets more than a 0/10 score is to make it on-rails, and Halo would suck like that. If 343 finds a way to make a great Halo game on Kinect, I hope they do. But maybe just start with a XBLA game for it, don't leave everybody else having to buy a Kinect to get the full game. As for the Halo: CE remake denial, THANK GOD. Halo: CE is still one of my favorite XBOX/360 games, but it shouldn't be remade. It seems like all the people voting for a remake are the same ones saying that ODST was just a revamped Halo 3. But they'd be willing to pay for a game that's not CLOSE, but an exact replica? No, go on to bigger and better Haloey things!
  • Players that don't necessarily want to be dropped in at Halo: Reach without knowing the Master Chief's origins? Wasnt reach set before anything involving master chief? So could easily play without knowing anything to do with master chief
  • I have faith that halo will head in a good direction.they should totally make another halo wars cuz the 1st was amazin and they should totally remake halo CE with new graphics and xbox live co op and multiplayer.im intrested to try ut these new maps to see what 343 can do.HALO FOR LIFE
  • dont worry 343, you cant ruin the halo franchise because bungie has already done that with reach
  • @42 because reach was made for the badkids like you
  • @61 Summed up PERFECTLY!
  • "Some are ex-Bungie, some are from Microsoft and have always worked on Halo and some are brand new to it, but one thing they all have in common, is that they love Halo and not another game." Perfect response, IMO.
  • Hopefully they make a Halo Wars2 that's compatible with Kinect!
  • listen to the hardcore fans ! NO KINECT !!
  • @ 69 - Get over yourself. I'm far from a kid and FPS just isn't my best genre. Also, School was made for the people who can't put a simple sentance together...like you. Lay off the "kronic" kid.
  • @74 You have your head shoved so far up your own ass it isn't even funny. You don't even have a positive K/D. Even though the numerical rank is gone, I'm glad that bungie.net still has a stats page so I can call bullshiters like you out when I see them.
  • No! Halo for kinect? thats just simply wrong!
  • i'm really exited by 343 taking over, i loved reach, and if a CE remake is whats going to happen then i'd say thats a good idea, keep it up with remaking halo 2 and thats a great way to start.
  • God i hope they don't use the Kinect.
  • Sorry but this is to most of the people that have commented on this post about halo and kinect, how do you know it would be bad, its the begining of kinect and games producers are looking to make games family friendly and get more people involved with them, if halo didnt intrest someone before it might do with kinect...there trying to gain more fans and sell their games...you can't just say it wouldnt work when there is no game out for the xbox360 at the moment (14/03/11) that is like playing halo with kinect, if you were are halo fan you would welcome it, not scream no untill you completely forget about it. Idiots dont knock it till youve tried it. which you cant as it dosent exist, are you a games producer?....no your just a bunch of idiots that dont like kinect or havent played a game using it lol.
  • @TheFalcon You do realize that about 90% of 343 is ex-Bungie employees right? They have people from every game that Bungie made in the Halo Franchise working there. It's not abunch of random people, plus the have Frank O'Connor who has been with Bungie for years and knows what he is doing. They already said they are going to make more games, and also stated that they do want to make a Halo 4 to continue Master Cheifs story. We will get map packs for Reach, just like we did for Halo 2 and Halo 3, it will probably be 4 Map Packs since that seems to be what they always do, but it may be more. And Halo 2 honestly wasn't that good. The multiplayer was fun but it was broken. There were so many glitches in Halo 2 that it wasn't really fair. Super bouncing, Double, triple, and quad-shoting was a major glitch. And i know some people will argue saying it wasn't a glitch. But it wasn't intended to be like that, it was a fault in the system that allowed it to happen, a glitch. I think Halo 3 is the best one, and yes i have played since Halo 1 came out, i'm not someone who started in Halo 3. Halo 2 did have better maps for the most part, but Halo 3's gameplay was better. Either way, i think 343 is going to do good with Halo. They already released acouple books, they have alot of talent who works there, and they have experience on Halo games for the most part. It's just a question of which will sell better, the next Halo game, or the next Bungie game.
  • Also, don't say Halo should be like other games. Halo got famous for being filled with innovation for console games. Regenerating Health system, Theater Mode, Forge Mode, and alot of other things in coding, graphics, and the engine it's self. With Halo: Reach it seemed like they were trying to combine COD with Halo. And honestly, it's a good game, but it's nothing compared to the others. Halo has to do its own thing.
  • New game November 2011? Would be cool, but I don't think so...
  • @79 Get out of here Kinect fanboy, Halo isn't for you.
  • I just want the ranking system back! I want to get a 50 and laugh at the noobs who are tryhards that camp that cant get one not this bullshit that anyone can rank up just because you play come on what happen to being competitive
  • i would really like to see the battle of onyx as a halo game
  • @74 "..who can't put a simple sentance together" I'm sorry spell sentence again moron.
  • I'm happy with the Halo series continuing as long as they keep Forge and Custom Games and fix all the problems that Halo: Reach has with forging.
  • @84 - You can still be competitive without leaving people behind. The old ranking system won't be coming back. It would be a stupid move from a business perspective. I've been a Halo fanboy since day one of CE so I'm not one of the noobs you were referring to, but I do know that most players don't want to play multiplayer when you can de-rank if you had a bad gaming day (and everybody has them). That's why games like Halo and Gears of War have left that old system behind, and I for one, agree with the decision to do so. Oh and in my opinion, only caring that you have a 50 beside your name makes you more of a noob than not being able to attain the 50. Most people like me play Halo because they love the franchise and they want to have a good time with their friends in matchmaking, not because they want to make childish remarks about laughing at "tryhards". Those kinds of players are reserved for the CoD franchise.
  • id like to see a forerunner vs flood game or a game entirely from the covenant perspective (i want to play as a grunt and bite the spartans ankles)
  • @89 - Lol that would be awesome. A game from the Covenant perspective is a good idea.
  • @88 What you just posted makes absolutely no sense. You say halo without a ranking system can be competitive and then go on to say people should just play for fun and in no way give any proof whatsoever how halo can be competitive. How hasn't halo alienated their competitive players? Arena is joke, and your progress bar in no way reflects skill and just rewards people who play the game the most, not win the most. Your adding apples and oranges by even trying to compare the halo 2 and halo 3's ranking system with the CoD ranking system. So in your opinion, people who try to win games to rank up as high as they can are the noobs opposed to the people that just play for fun and get there ranks simply for playing. Also playing since Halo CE doesn't give you some sort of immunity from being a noob.
  • @91 Halo is just a game, it's all about the enjoyment of actually playing it. The whole point of it is not to be competitive, that's just a bonus; if it was then half of the people who do play multiplayer would stop playing it. But they should reintroduce the numerical system, not as a way of ranking up but to instead show how good you are at playing the game.
  • It might be wise to take the whole series in a new direction altogether. True, Bungie has had a very impressive run and Ensemble's contribution was a fresh approach...but those are in the past. It might be bold of me to say, but why not make an action RPG focusing on the Forerunners? So little is known of them apart from Halo lore found in encyclopedias and the new novel trilogy by Greg Bear that it would make a formidable storyline. To those anxiously awaiting a "Halo 4", I personally loathe the idea based on the fact that Halo 3's ending book-ended the Bungie trilogy of games. The creation of a "Halo 4" would destroy the idea that any basic trilogy maintains: A beginning, middle and end. A fourth game will primarily be viewed as a fancy epilogue to the finished product. The easiest way, is to start fresh or risk getting stale in the morning breeze.
  • i think a new story line would be continue after Master Chief went through the portal to that world at the end of halo 3. And at that planet there are possibly forrunners and flood there(back in time):P?
  • It's Halo no matter what people will buy it; its like final fantasy or zelda where regardless of the story, graphics, or new system they will get it.
  • @ #84 killja4fun I completely agree with you. The competition on this game is a joke compared to the previous halo games. If you want to play something that your going to rank up on no matter if your actually good or not then go play call of duty. However I do agree that de-ranking sucks although if you have a full team then it shouldnt be a problem. I think they should redo the numbered ranking system and change it to where your parteners record/k.d. shouldnt have any influence on your ranking.
  • @96 on absolutely if they would just bring back the numbered ranking system people might actually play some ranked games and get competitive like they intended to begin with.If they would just go back to the roots of halo and stop with the armor lock, jet packs, cloak (which is NOT an ability but a power up to pick up at set times), and sprint, then they will get the hardcore halo players and fans back.
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