Dance Central Hollas Back With Gwen Stefani, Fatboy Slim and More

Richard Walker

Dance Central is about to get another injection of funky DLC from tomorrow, as four new tracks are set to make their way to the Xbox Live Marketplace, giving you more music to get your groove on to.

Gwen Stefani, Fatboy Slim (aka Norman), Keri Hilson and Paula Abdul all make their way into the Dance Central library, with one from Stefani's debut album 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.', one featuring Lil' Wayne from Keri Hilson's first album, one from Paula Abdul - the one without the cartoon cat - and one from Norman Cook that'll have you dancing like Christopher Walken.

Check out the four Dance Central DLC tracks coming to the XBL Marketplace tomorrow:

  • Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice"
  • Gwen Stefani - "Hollaback Girl"
  • Keri Hilson - "Turnin Me On"
  • Paula Abdul - "Straight Up"

All four tunes will be available from Xbox Live on March 15th for 240 Microsoft Points each. Check out the trailer to see and hear the music. Funky.

  • Hollaback girl was on Dance Paradise..... Already seeing duplicate songs across the dance genre? *sigh* I wonder if this will go the same way as Guitar Hero, where there will be so many, no one will care anymore..
  • Got bored of this already !!!
  • now I want it even more cause of Fatboy Slim, I love his work but it looks like they made the moves alittle repetitive and easy
  • It's going to be a lot of fun dancing to Weapon of Choice. Especially the part where you'll have to swan dive off your couch to mimic Christopher Walkens ability to fly.
  • win freakin' win for Weapon of Choice, can't wait to gracefully trash my living room to that
  • Can I only buy Fatboy Slim, or do I have to get all of them?
  • This will be like the guitar games.... Harmonix started it and everyone else will kill it.... Too bad for Harmonix!
  • Weapon of Choice
  • Correction: I meant to say yay for Weapon of Choice. Silly keyboard.
  • heh, Straight Up wasn't the video with the cartoon cat.. That was Opposites Attract. Yeah...Im old.
  • and the story says 'the one without the cartoon cat". apparently my eyesight is going also.
  • They really ought a add "Whip My Hair"
  • I don't own this game but I will be grabbing Weapon of Choice. I'll be able to play it when I find the game for cheap. I have a couple extra codes for Control if anyone wants one.
  • Codes for Control? How do you get them? Just curious. :) Gwen Stefani and Paula Abdul is pretty cool!!
  • @3 looks like that song is being played on easy. @6 they are 240 mp each
  • doesnt matter if they are on dance paradise cause dance paradise sucks compare to this ! only good point about this game is great playlist but other then that dance master is way bettre !
  • Weapon of Choice should have also been released for Rock Band this week!
  • #13 I'll take a code if there's one going. It'd be much appreciated dude...
  • @1 Honestly, I'd rather have them keep releasing songs through DLC than release a new game every 6 months with hardly any improvements.
  • Need to pick up a kinect and dance central really soon cuz I love me some Keri Hilson.
  • Wow these ones seem really over the top compared to the ones you get in the game. This is still the best kinect game out yet and best dance game. It actually understand what your doing where others don't.
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