Viking: Battle for Asgard - New Trailer

Geoff White

Sega have released another trailer for Viking: Battle of Asgard, just ahead of its release date next month. Word on the street is that this could be a very promising title for creators Creative Assembly, so keep an eye out for it.


  • Graphics are pretty nice looking, looks like it could be pretty fun. Pretty large scale battles, looks like the fights could get messy :)
  • Looks like conan - a great game - just not any different...
  • This is being made by the same team as Spartan: Total Warrior right? That game was pretty cool, tough somewhat short and easy. But if they can expand on that with this it might end up on my buy list.
  • looks awesome i loved spartan and was hoping for a sequel looks like this is as close as it will get but still wow. can you use the dragons???
  • looks ok i guess... but why are the people exploding when their sliced?!?! lol
  • ill probly get this
  • Hack n Slash games are great fun, No need to look any further into this game, BUYER!
  • It is about Vikings, how can't you buy it? They are like pirates only better.
  • looks like this could be the god of war for the 360 bring on the blood
  • I have a feeling its going to be a sleeper hit
  • By Odin's will make this game be good!
  • This actually looks pretty good. Some of the animations were quite cheesy an nowhere near "realistic", but I never expected it for a minute.
  • probably will rent =)
  • looks promising
  • I agree with Zef. Vikings for the win.
  • looks great! finally a game i dont return o ebgames to get my money back...maybe!
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