2K Play Runs Us Through What We Can Expect From Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do on Kinect

Dan Webb

Everyone loves party games, right? Well... I didn't ask you. But if you did love party games, one of the Wii's most successful third-party party games would be up there at the top of your wishlist... surely!

I am of course talking about 2K Play's Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do for Kinect, a game that has shifted over 7 million units on the Wii and DS, but with Kinect though, it's a whole new kettle of fish, allowing mini-games - 10 of which are exclusive to Kinect - to take on a whole new dimension.

We caught up with 2K Play's Carissa Wendkos at PAX East to get the lowdown on what we can expect from the game when it ships this April 12th and April 15th in North America and Europe respectively.

Monkey says... Watch the video.

  • Maybe i'll try this out I like the kinect games.
  • I would do her.
  • well its not often i comment on games. this however is ridiculous! i bought kinect on lauch because of its great potential. so PLEASE stop making wii games! i already own a wii! lets have fight night & such. we know it can do great things. now devs get to it!
  • I'm not sure about this one yet. I might pick it up depending on reveiws.
  • This is best played on mute, her voice makes my ears bleed.
  • it loks like she is reading off of something instead of just talking to usaout it
  • @#2 - If you've got nothing constructive to add, don't bother. @#6 - She's talking to me and Minty =P
  • looks okay. Some stuff looks good and some not so good but itll akways be the way I guess.Ill still give it a whirl as Kinect is perfect for fun family games!
  • @7 tuche my friend
  • #7 Dont get your knickers in a twist, half the comments on this site arent exactly constructive. I didnt know know we were supposed to have a deep and meaningful discussion about every game and article ever released. twat
  • Man, screw this retardedness. Where the hell is Speck Ops The Line?!
  • @2 as long as she has a nice body under those clothes, i would tap her as well. @7 Welcome to the internet, yes i know it's not that creative as well. P.S still not impress by kinect so i'm still ain't buying it. if i need a Wii i well just go to my sister house, and play with my nephews.
  • @10 Wow calling a staff a twat was a little over the top man, grow up and show some respect instead of being so assanine & rude.
  • @7, its the internet, not a porn site... @12, dude... dont play with your nephews play with the wii, sicko. although kinect still holds me by a thread, still not convinced to buy it till child of eden and star wars come out.... *sigh* too long
  • I hope they are planning to release some more serious games... This is just another one of them party games that you play once or twice then never again. So many good games they could make but everyone is too scared to attempt making somthing diffrent.
  • the wii version was crap, my sister has it
  • I personally loved the Wii version. Probably one of the only enjoyable moments I've ever had with the family when it comes to games so I can't wait for this.
  • @12 "P.S still not impress by kinect so i'm still ain't buying it. ("IF I NEED A WII I WELL JUST GO TO MY SISTER HOUSE, AND PLAY WITH MY NEPHEWS.") I can go on and on about how that didn't sound right. :)
  • They need to do something more than one time play party games =/ And just as well it wasn't Molyneux in that video, otherwise it would ALL BE LIES :P
  • Shit. Glad to see they keep making those childish games. Saw video for it on 360 and was like wtf is this? Only my 4 year old nephew could be interested in this shit^^ At least my wallet won't suffer for longer time than I thought since I really can't justify getting Kinect for two games I actually like and want^^
  • YEY At last a game that I can enjoy with the toddlers when we have birthdays ranging from 0 to 9... Deffo buy for the kids especially to keep them quiet on a Sunday morning while me and the missus are having a lay in and stuff lol...
  • Love the kinect so far... and i'm not big into this motion sensor crap at all. The Wii was pretty terrible imo outside of wii sports. However with the few kinect titles that ive picked up: Sports, Dance Central, Your Shape, and the pack in Adventures... i'm extremely impressed with the responsiveness and how well designed the hardware is. I found myself easily getting immersed into the games because most all the controls feel really natural (except running in place on the kinect sports for the track events). You can lose yourself a lot easier into a game when you don't have to hold a wii-mote and make sure you're aiming it at the sensor or passing it off inbetween turns to another player. Honestly, you can just 'jump in' and play games with a lot more natural feel.. and that really caught me. Also...I'm a tough critict as i hate menus/load times, and most 'gimmicky' stuff. The PS3 (yeah, own one of those two) ticks me off the same as PS2 and PS1 did.. with horrible load times. Sadly this title looks like more... menu juggling to get to an event rather than actually spending time on the events. In addition to that.. the events don't strike me as extremely fun. Most are short, and lack inspiration. How many times will you want to fly the rocket, or do crash test dummy? And the monkey see just looks awful, sadly. I'm sure the game has its fun points in the right realm, but playing a semi-more active game like Kinect Sports with the table tennis (for people who don't like to actually jump) or bowling seems a lot more fun and involved of an experience. Thanks all for reading my book... sorry to rant but saw some anti-kinect comments, and just wanted to share my spin on things.
  • I hope the new content doesn't bring new achievements, this is going to be an easy rental to get an easy 1k/1k. I'd have to rent it again and buy the DLC to get achievements.
  • Yea I'm not sure bout this 1 i agree with most people on this, Dev's need to bring better games for the kinect cause as of yet nothing has surprised me.
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