Jericho's Sgt Delgado Media Blowout

Dan Webb

Thanks to Codemasters, this weeks detailed focus moves from the picturesque Rome to the slighly Stone Cold Steve Austin-esque squad member, Sgt Delgado. Delgado himself is a big guy, big enough to give the Cole Train a run for his money. He is obviously the power house of the squad so it's likely he'll rely on power and those big guns he's carrying. Want to know more about the man that speaks with his guns, take a look at his full personnell file here.

If that wasn't enough, check out Sgt Delgado in action in the short clip below. Trust me, this man packs a punch!!! Only do this though if you are over 18 as some of the material is rated Mature.


If all that wasn't enough, we've also uploaded another 8 Delgado related screenshots which can be found in the media gallery.



 Check back tomorrow when we have some more Jericho updates.

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