The X360A April Fool's Day Round-Up

Richard Walker

So, April Fool's day is officially over and there's been a few pretty nice doozies in terms of prankage (it's a word). While we broke tradition by reporting one already as it tickled us in just the right way and Twisted Pixel took the extra effort to email it straight to us - hit the link here to see it - there's been more April Fools jokes floating around the web today.

So without further ado, here's some of the best April Fools pranks we've seen today. The first one we saw early this morning was a press release claiming that Bethesda had rebranded id Software's Rage as a new chapter in the Fallout franchise, slapping a Fallout prefix on the existing title. Fallout: Rage? Stranger things have happened...

Next up, we read a press release for X-Rated Studios' inaugural project entitled Kama Sutra: Connected, offering a series of sexy mini-games for Kinect. Imagine that! Edmund Rechtion, Creative Director, X-Rated Studios, said: “We found through our research that there is an increasing audience for video games that offer more than is being serviced through the hardcore action or casual game markets. There is a market for a title that targets a mature audience who are looking for far more from a shared interactive experience than bowling or dancing, and we dare to provide just that.”

Edmund Rechtion indeed. Next up, 1UP got their hands on Halo's debut on Kinect with Halo Dance Central, featuring famous Spartan dance moves like the 'Reach Around' and the 'Melee the Grunt'. Everyone do the 'Plasma Dodge'! Check it out in the video below.

Blizzard also got in on the April Fools act, announcing Starcraft's return to consoles with Starcraft Motion: Overdrive for Kinect. What better way to play a hardcore RTS than with Microsoft's motion-control device?! See it in action in the trailer below. [Thanks, Jason]

YouTube also decided to let you play videos in beautiful warm sepia with its 1911 button. Pointless, but fun. Give it a go while you still can. Why? It's April Fools! Appppppprrrriiiilllll Fooooolllllssss!!! Until next year!
  • My favourite April Fools joke for video games today was Destructoid's site redesign. Brilliant.
  • Thought IGN's Harry Potter TV series was all right, but nothing tops the Legend of Zelda movie trailer they did a few years back. Potter- Zelda-
  • My favorite april fools joke today was that the world still existed.
  • thank god my life is now Complete
  • Haha, some good ones. I liked the Razer Talon one.
  • @1 Agreed. Incredibly clever.
  • I liked Google's "Gmail Motion" video, did anyone else?
  • I pulled off a little joke over at the Unbound Saga forum right here on x360a...though it didn't take long for someone to point out what day it was...
  • I liked the Portal 2 demo that was nearly 1tb big
  • Haha E. Rechtion.... I get it...
  • Just read that #8 lol was nice read!
  • what about xk3d replacing xkcd?
  • It would be the stereotypical Asian playing Starcraft against the two goofy, lovable Americans. Still hiliarious.
  • The best April fools joke ever was the Sheng Long April Fools joke that EGM magazine pulled .....10-15 yrs ago?....however long ago it still gets first prize.
  • Akuma as a playable character in Resident Evil 2 was my fav! I totally thought you could unlock him! lol
  • I vote for this link as the best April fool's joke.
  • Sorry but Halo Chess is still my favorite. :)
  • these were pretty corny...
  • Blizzard had some pretty good April Fools today. The Horadric cube app was hilarious. I made the secret cow level lol. Starcraft was funny, a good little poke at Kinect. As for the Warcraft ones as a WoW player they did a better job this year than last. The fake 4.1.11 patch notes were genius. My favorite : "All dungeon & raid bosses now have legs. If they already had legs, they got more legs." I'm sad to hear the layoff news wasn't an April Fools =[. Never cool for people to lose their jobs, especially after pouring all their times into developing those very recent games.
  • @ #14, that was always my favorite April Fools joke too.
  • With the youtube 1911 button, if you turn on closed captioning it displays the slides of text like an old movie. Pretty funny stuff.
  • Lol I would laugh so hard if Halo Central were real. The Halo series would forever be the laughing stock of the gaming industry, and even if the next Halo game were the greatest video game of all time in every single human's opinion, it would bomb horribly.
  • I loved the 1996 thing Hulu did. That was funny.
  • wheres the "teabag?" i would have expected to see that in the Halo Dance Central lol! :P
  • Hate to say it but I actually fell for the Starcraft Kinect game lol. I read it when I woke up and I told some of my friends. Took me about 2 hours to realize it was a joke :'(
  • I like the Rage Quit dance move. That's hilarious.
  • @2 they did make a Zelda movie it was shit but the best prank was when me and my friends spread a rumor that there was a nudity code for mortal kombat lol
  • The amount of effort that 343 put in to the Halo one is surprising! It looked like it was actually payable.
  • "Jeff Hanneman Quits Slayer" "Slayer Disband After Jeff Hanneman's Departure" Those two were the cruelest!
  • I would buy the Halo dance game.
  • Dont think anything will ever top the Tomb Raider "nude" cheat, the one where you had to make her dance to the rhythm of some Spice Girls song. Pointy boobies!
  • #24 There is actually a "Tea bag 'em" move at some point! ;) Loved the starcraft one. Even though at first when I read "Starcraft returns to consoles" I was so hyped... Then I saw the crazy asian dude and I knew I had been fooled :(
  • halo dance central looks fun lol funny as
  • one of my friends made another one of my friends believe there was a mega crossbow in undead nightmares hidden between laguna prega and some othe place. my friend spent an hour searching before he raged
  • bungie had pimpsville yesterday on ther site new game they're creating for facebook, that was pretty good :D
  • @13. He's not a stereotypical Asian, he's the kind of Korean that plays Starcraft religiously. It's like their national sport.
  • I'm still waiting for Kaos to let us know that Homefront was our April Fool's prank... :(
  • Subtle Racism on the StarCraft Video
  • @2 they should have made that Zelda movie, I would have got it on dvd rental ;0)
  • i quite enjoyed Google US advertising the job Autocomplete Agent...someone who quickly fills in the auto complete :p
  • Hulu had a great site redeign for April fools. It was the internet from 1996 brilliant
  • Worst April fools joke was prey 2 announcing they wasn't going to include gravity or portals. That was an April fools joke right?
  • Google's one was pretty obvious.
  • I cant remember an April fools ever making me laugh or even finding one mildly entertaining or amusing, I must just be a miserable git.
  • i dont like april fools because my friends always scare me
  • EGM did Lego Halo with a pic of gameplay that fooled me, that and Akuma on RE have to be my favorites
  • starcraft was funny
  • i would buy that halo game.... i would buy 2 if it had dubstep
  • That Razer Talon is probably the best one. Subtle references to internet culture too, brilliant.jpg
  • Ha, amazing truley brilliant. I think they should have added the "Armor lock step" in the Dance Central Halo spin off.
  • Damn you blizzard, there is no fun in screwing us around like that!. I want Starcraft: Ghost RE-Anounced!
  • Dude it's off the hook! the awesomeness is ∞
  • Sweet! I've been waiting for the Dead Money DLC to drop; looks really awesome.
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