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Dan Webb

While the middle of April has a handful of highly anticipated titles like Portal 2 and co, the same can't be said for the beginning of the month. Those screaming out for new Kinect software though will be in luck, with Carnival Games: Insert Region Appropriate Tag Here shipping in most regions and Europe getting their Brunswick Bowling on.

If you don't have Kinect or not interested, then this week you're shit out of luck... well, unless you're in Europe and then you get the movie-tie-in, Rio, and the latest in the hack-n-slash heavy Dynasty Warrior series. Oh, and Asia gets Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening... finally!

Hey, at least you have time this week then to catch up on a few games that you may have missed in the relatively busy March period. Either that, or you could go get some sun... yeah, screw that.

Asia (via

  • Bullet Soul
  • Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening

Australia (via

  • Carnival Games: In Action

Europe (via

  • Carnival Games: In Action
  • Dynasty Warriors 7
  • Brunswick Bowling
  • Rio

North America (via

  • Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • wow............ im soooo excited. /sarcasm
  • Yea screw the sun! Its so overrated...
  • ahh good the only week of april i actually have to do work in and there so many awsome games out i want :( :D
  • Weak. Gonna finish Torchlight, 2nd New Vegas run, maybe get around to doing the last few missions on my 2nd Mass Effect 2 run. Probably wont get anything until Brink. blah blah Portal 2.
  • wow asia got awakening really early lol
  • The original Dragon Age in Asia? For real? Why so late
  • Looking foward to dynasty warriors on thursday.
  • its the japanese version... we got our english asian dragon age the same time as you guys in the states
  • I just want gears 3 ! :(
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 and Rio this week for me, both games is meh but I just get both for achievements Cannot wait for big games Portal 2, Mortal Kombat and Operation Flashpoint: Red River all 3 those games coming 2 weeks time!!!
  • RIO! :P
  • Nothing for me - time to catch up on same games i'm behind on and need to get finished.
  • Agreed with 12.
  • wow
  • Sun? SUN? What Sun?
  • Kinect advenures? hmm slight typo... might get dynasty warriors...
  • *looks at list* will be getting everything! /sarcasm but seriosly hwat game is Rio, first time even hearing about it O.o
  • @#16 - Not a typo, a pun =)
  • I get to be left home alone the week portal 2 and gears 3 beta is released. Already took off work. That is the week I will not be getting any sun
  • Wasn´t the Asian Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening on this listy two weekse ago? Or was it Origins?
  • @ 20: I searched the archive and noticed that the release in Asia for Dragon Age: Awakening was also on the list posted on March 14.
  • Judging by the thumbs down on this page, I guess Carnival Games: Whatever has a lot more fans than any of us would have imagined...
  • Another Dynasty warriors i will get this
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