Difficult Phantasy Star Universe Achievement Now Much Easier

Dan Webb

When it comes to Phantasy Star Universe, admittedly, I'm a little clueless... so bear with me here, I may sound like I'm out of my depth...

Thanks to a "Spring Event" for Phantasy Star Universe though, titled  Protectors Zeta, players looking for the Dark Falz 2 Slayer achievement now have a chance to net it without levelling all the way up to the dizzy heights of level 90 online.

According to the official site, in Protectors Zeta "you will advance through a series of regular mission blocks gated by boss encounters. Of course, the outcome of the mission depends on how you perform and what you accomplish -- you may face another boss at the end, or you may find yourself somewhere else entirely."

The new event allows you to kill the Dark Falz 2 boss in question at any level in a place known as the Guardian's Colony in the Protectors Zeta mission, saving you hours worth of grinding.

The event is said to run till May 12th so you have plenty of time if you need to re-rent it or whatever, and according to tipster, Jonathan, "The mission takes about 15 minutes to complete."

Hours of grinding reduced to 15 mins of relatively pain-free gameplay? Sounds like a win-win!

[Via PSU.com, thank Jonathan!]

  • awesome!
  • PSU is a grind fest. Got so boring so quick when I played it. Fun while it lasted otherwise.
  • This is pretty great for people who have never got the achievement but I can't help but feel sorry for the people that put in 100's of hours of grinding only to have an event like this pop up.
  • Only took me 120hours.... ;(
  • Lol this took me 10 hours ages ago, but I still had to pay for the one month and I made some good friends so at least I got my money's worth.
  • *100 hours. Whoops! Really got to wonder why PSU is still paid...
  • oh well. this'll make up for doing gears 2 level 100 when it was only x2 xp. ;)
  • huh!!!lol
  • While I'm not trying to be a naysayer, I would definitely like some confirmation before reactivating my license to complete this game. According to this: http://psupedia.info/Protectors_%CE%B6 It's only Dark Falz 1 you fight at the end. If someone does this, please let us know!
  • Sorry, posting again... Just read the forums here which confirmed it. Sorry I doubted it, but I didn't want to waste any money! Thanks for the news post!
  • Do you still need to pay for online access? If so, then I'll just let the online achievements be.
  • made my very first steps last thursday in this this game, thanks to the event (and a lot of helpful players) i now have all 5 online achievements.lvl 36, first char of course. :)
  • Guess it's a good thing I kept this game in my collection.
  • $10 to get the achievement... hmm...
  • I used to really find this game fun...but people take the game way too seriously in the end. Being a casual gamer, I'd say take advantage of this while you can...
  • Epic should read this....then do something about LV 100 and Seriously 2.0... Nice job Sega.
  • I grinded both Gears 2 at x2 XP and PSU. PSU took about 60hrs. Good luck!
  • @17 2x XP for Gears? Impressive. Grinded to 90 in 60 hours? Sounds like you used some Event EXP there though ...MAG+ I'm guessing? ;) Anyhoo, PSU is a reallyyyy boring grind. White Beast= nuh uh. BORING!!! If this is actually legit, Sega's come up with a clever idea to bring in the $10 subscriptions... But I doubt I'll ever play online again... I became the absolute victor of the casino...nothing really much more for me to do... Oh well...
  • Of course PSU is a grindfest. What did you expect from an Xbox MMO
  • i played this game for 2 months got bored and cancelled my membership lmao
  • I can see only one reason for PSU to do this -- they will be closing it down. TBH I am surprised that their online is still going after almost 5 years.
  • Dang, everyone knows my name now 0.o and yes, this is legit and the mission took me 10 minutes killing lvl 10s and running around as a lvl 60. it's posted in the forums too, others did the same
  • oops i mean 15 minutes. but it was still fast :p
  • @6 Hell I paid $10 a month for PSO for my Xbox for half a year before I realized they would never update the lobby and season quests from Christmas.
  • Im guessing its still paid online though? I got the DLC for free (the one that actually lets you access the online part but you still have to pay a fee I think)..
  • dlc is free but the online is still $10 a month
  • will they be doing something like this again? I haven't started(or even beat the offline game :P), so I don't think I could be able to do it yet.
  • There is a permanent quest in the Japan servers that lets you fight the boss at lvl 30. So it should come to the other servers at some point too.
  • Stupid. I hate it when games like these cheapen the accomplishments of the other players. Took me around 100 hours.
  • Gonna pick this up then woooooooooo
  • So is this that one achievement everyone was bitching about because they couldnt get it because the boss wasnt even released in America or whatever? Cause if it is I might actually play this game online finally. I never bothered because all my friends were HUGE into this game and none of them have the chieve and they were all pretty much like "dont bother"
  • the boss has been out a while but it did take a long time to release. and even longer to get high enough level to fight :p
  • This game was a letdown compared to PSO. Nice of them to help achievement hunters out all these years later though.
  • lol i put around 10k hours into this game and i regret every second of it.
  • Nice but when i look on the site to sign up for a month i have no clue where to look because most sites tell you where to sign up if anyone knows can they plz tell me
  • I did this last night. It was easy, and it was Dark Falz 2 that you could fight. I actually didn't fight Dark Falz 1 until after.
  • As long as you have friends this game never loses intreast with me
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