Rage's Anarchy Edition & Multiplayer Modes Announced

Dan Webb

Bethesda and id Software were on the offensive when it came to showing off Rage at their BFG Showcase in Utah last week.

Not prepared to rest on their laurels of showing off an all-new single-player level and allowing the press a lengthy hands-on with various sections of the campaign, they also announced the game's multiplayer modes and the game’s Anarchy edition.

Considering that id Software are generally held as the daddies of the FPS genre and in particular, deathmatch, it may surprise you to hear that Rage won’t actually ship with a deathmatch game mode. When the game ships in September, Rage will offer two types of multiplayer action, both of hugely differing natures.

The first, Rage Combat Rally, which according to Tim Willits, id’s Creative Director, is “uniquely Rage” and it combines the game’s vehicle combat with objective based match types. The short demo that id showed off to the gathering press took place amidst a slew of devastated highways and had a handful of players racing around to pick up checkpoints to earn points, whilst shooting the crap out of their opponents at every opportunity. With customisable cars, devastating weapons, up to 6 players, “at least 5 maps” and a variety of game modes – including classic deathmatch; Chain Rally where you must chain 3 checkpoints together to score points and some team based stuff – Rage looks to be trying something different with its multiplayer.

The other mode, which in fact is a two-player co-operative mode called “Legends of the Wasteland,” throws players back into the Rage single-player world to visit previously visited areas to complete objectives with a friend in fiction that is tied to the game’s main narrative. In the short demo we saw two players head back into the town of Wellspring to rid the place of the Shrouded Clan who had taken up position there. Ripping through town the two players have to complete various objectives – like disarming bombs – and avoiding RC bomb cars, before ridding the town of its unwanted inhabitants. With 8 scenarios to complete online or via split-screen, Legends of the Wasteland is sure to add an extra leg to Bethesda and id’s single-player orientated shooter.

The last piece of big news from the BFG Showcase for Rage was the announcement of its “Anarchy Edition,” which is a free upgrade for those that pre-order the game. The Anarchy Edition will come equipped with various in-game tools – all of which are pictured below – like a one-handed Double Barrel Shotgun, a Fists of Rage knuckleduster, a Rat Rod Buggy combat vehicle and some Crimson Elite Armour – which combines the attributes of all three of the in-game suits. Unfortunately, this deal is currently only available in North America, but Bethesda are working on other regions. More, as and when we hear it.

Rage is scheduled for a September 13th and September 16th release in North America and Europe respectively. Check back later on in the week for our Rage hands-on preview and our interview with id Software’s Matt Hooper.

  • First!, pictures look awesome but I would love a demo for this game.
  • I still don't kno how I feel about this one....
  • Uh, multi-player again? Does every game really need this nowadays? Yet another game I was REALLY looking forward to but will now have to think twice about because they had to put MP in the game. I love playing co-op with friends, but have no wish to play online with a bunch of 10-year-old tools. Why can't people just release great single player games anymore, and maybe add some co-op to it so that we can play thru the story with friends, like Borderlands? Ah well, here's hoping there's no multi-player achievements so that I might still pick the game up.
  • Wow.4
  • #1 - People still do this /growup OT - Been following this game since the first lot of details and vids.. I've decided thats its a day one buy!
  • Starting to look and feel alot like Borderlands. I dunno, Theres alot to buy at the time this comes out. Gears 3 (9/20) and Star Wars bluray set (9/16). This might get pushed back a bit.
  • @3 there is one versus online game mode, just dont play it. they have a single player and a co-op, stop bitching.
  • @#3 Nobody is making you play mp or coop, so not sure why are you bitching. It's apparently not story related so you can leave without it if you choose to.... OT: Bonus itmes look cool and I'm always game for co-op with buddies. Did not get spoiled in that department lately. Having said that September is Gears3 month and what better game to show co-op than that:-) Sorry Id,Rage will have to wait
  • @7 & 8, usually when they add MP to a game they also add MP achievements, and since I won't play the MP and therefore can't get those achievements I tend to skip the game entirely like AC: Brotherhood. MP is repetetive and boring, and I would much rather spend that time playing multiple other games.
  • Pre-ordering this for sure.
  • @3, I agree. Every game has mp now, and it just seems kinda thrown in. People are trying to be like COD4 and Halos of the world. It's just not going happen.
  • @9 - Nearly 4 years in production, and you will skip this game cos of a few cheevs?? Very sad indeed, i understand you want your 100% completion but why not just play it on a different profile?? Enjoy a great game and still retain that 100% completion on your profile that knowone cares what games you have completed. Also, to those moaning about MP in this game: ID made Quake FFS! it redefined online MP, do you not think if anyone has a good chance of making MP worth playing its ID?? OT: This news is music to my ears, Death races and online co-op.. what more could you want
  • @13 I don't need a complete game in all games, some are fun just to play and try to get 70% on. But there's been a recent trend of games tacking on MP to try and grab some of the CoD/Halo money, but noone has been able to drag people away from those games. It's like all the developers trying to be the next big MMO and steal players away from World of Warcraft, and they keep failing one after another. But it's not all about completion %, I just choose not to support most games that have MP in them because I don't enjoy that aspect of games and they keep adding DLCs after the fact with more MP achievements and it turns me off to the games. You originally get the game and 800/1000 is single player, next thing you know after all DLCs are out 900/1750 is single player achievements because of all the DLC MP achievements. If there aren't any MP achievements, I'll definitely get the game at some point after they've finished all their DLCs.
  • People....stop putting "first" in...it's an immediate lame fail. Man I wouldn't want to get punched by someone sporting those gauntlets. They look like they could leave a mark. Demo? campaign demo? :) MP, meh, will try but prefer the SP campaigns and co-op modes.
  • @14 - This is not a 'tack on multiplayer' tho, and COD/Halo owe alot of that money to Quake/Doom. I understand that some games add on shit MP for sales and it tarnishes the SP but this game is no fucking way gonna be like that, i would understand if you wanted to skip COD or Halo because if you aren't into MP all thats left is a 4-5hr SP for 40nicker. Its already been said that RAGE will offer a 15-20hr SP which makes it 4 times the value of the standard FPS FOR YOU Back to the cheevs, if you have 700/1000 on a game and 500 more gs are added, you have still achieved 70% in that game because you haven't participated in those extra maps or whatever Bottom line, if you are not going to support these great games with quality SP, what are you supporting?? Disney games, because they don't have online cheevs??
  • I wish developers would stop releasing in-game items with preorders. It feels like it makes the game unbalanced (between those that preorder and those that don't). I wouldn't mind a code that would allow some future DLC to be free, but making basically day-one DLC be part of the preorder makes me feel like I'm being cheated...
  • @14 This game is probably going to be played by millions of people, expecting developers to tailor a list to a certain group is unrealistic and pretty selfish imo. I'm not trying to get you to like MP or MP achievements or anything like that, it's your money, and I understand to each their own on what they like to play. I'm just saying there are people who will be playing this game who want a FEW MP achievements. This is one of my top 5 games for this year, can't wait.
  • @18 Millions? Doubtful! Millions of sales, can't see millions playing this game, lol!
  • @19 I'm not talking about at the same time, I meant over the course of the games life, and between 2 consoles it's not that hard to reach that number.
  • Good thing there is a gaming lull between Infamous 2 (6/7) and the fall gaming season. Gotta put back money for stuff like this
  • People that skip games because of achievements are not true completionist.... if you were a true completionist, you would play the games you love because they are good, and still get 100% on the achievements. It baffles me how people can judge a game based on its achievements -_-
  • It's not even sure if it has MP achievements... So this whole discussion is kind of worthless. And also that 2 player co-op idea. Please let it be splitscreen. Pleeeaaaazzz D:
  • @ myself (23) Read before posting ASS it says splitscreen... Aaah thank you.
  • Gotta admit, this is looking more and more like Borderlands. Which I loved. I'm curious about the MP but much more interested in the Co-Op ... I'd be angry about the exclusive American bonuses for preordering but let's face it, a few months after the game hits the shops, this'll be up on the marketplace.
  • @3 agree with you 100% it seemed like this game did not really need multiplayer it intrested me enough just through single player gimmicky multiplayer in games like these feel out of place and at best keep you playing for only a few more hours then you rarely ever go back on it if i want multiplayer i would seek games that offer a more dedicated experince like gears cod halo or battlefeild
  • I keep going back and forth on this. When they first announced it and Game Informer did that huge article on it i was super excited but since then they have announced quite a few changes that make me a little iffy. Since Gears 3 is coming out that week this may have to get pushed back for me as i plan on getting the Epic Edition and the Console of Gears 3 if they announce one.
  • @3 just like 7 said your crying for no reason no one puts a gun to your head and says hey u must play our mp or else unless ofcourse u are just another cheev whore that worries more about getting 1k than the actual game being good itself...and remember this is id here if anyone knows mp its them on topic this is great news for me since i loved quake,doom cannot wait..
  • While the announced MP does look exciting and fresh any FPS without Deathmatch already loses a point when it comes to MP...There is a reason why DM and TDM are staples of the FPS multiplayer experience...
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