id Software’s Matt Hooper Hints at Potential Rage DLC

Dan Webb

Keeping games fresh and in the hearts and souls of gamers in this day and age of 100 games a month is tricky, especially when you’re a single-player focused game.

Talking to X360A last week at Bethesda’s BFG Showcase in Utah, id Software’s Design Director, Matt Hooper said that they’ll keep players interested by offering more of what resonates with them.

“We want to keep the player interested for hours and that’ll keep the game in their hands,” mused Hooper, “and then with its online component, I think it’s really going to be something everybody wants to try because there are no parallels – you’ve never done this before – and when you try it, I think people will like it and they’ll be a little community around that.”

“Then the co-op adds a lot too, and then from there you build on it with “What do people like about Rage?” and then you offer them DLC, so we think we have a strong offering.”

In other words, if you like the co-op, you get co-op DLC. If you like the Combat Rally stuff, you’ll get DLC for that. More importantly though, if you like the single-player – after all, it is a single-player orientated game – then you’ll get single player DLC.

Check back later for our Rage hands-on preview and the full version of the interview with Matt Hooper.

  • Well that was a no brainer. Hints is a bit of an understatement.....
  • I agree with #1. Anyone can make generalizations and predict a DLC that people would pay 800cr. This game does not come out for a while and hopefully they can add what needs to be added before the game releases and not follow the trend of a DLC months after. More money for developers, but less fans in the long run. Yeah I'm talking about you, Bulletstorm. LoL
  • This game look's sick.
  • So this is a single player orientated game, how does the co-op work? I'm struggling to understand it. Also that latest 5min gameplay video was awesome, but it won't look that good on my poor old xbox ;-)
  • I have the same question of #4: How will co-op be? How it'll work? If someone know.. ;)
  • @#4 & #5 - It's a separate mode called "Legends of the Wasteland" which offers various scenarios to tackle with a friend. A bit like MW2's Spec Ops in some respects, as in that it's totally separate from the campaign.
  • That Co-Op has me interested. Game wasn't on my radar much but it sounds cool. Then again unless I'm incorrect Gears 3 comes out a week later....
  • @ #6, thanks for that Webb, I did enjoy playing Spec Ops in MW2, so hopefully the same enjoyment can be had on Rage's twist on it!
  • @#8 - More deets here:
  • this game looks very nice. Can't go wrong with ID software, they have always made good games
  • I fucking hate when a game is still 4 months away and they're already talking about dlc. Put it in the fucking game from the get go.
  • It's the way things are, "Yeah of course we are going to release DLC, because all you dickmunchers are going to buy it and make us more money" Why talk about it now? I'm waiting for price drop, nice one id.
  • DLC already? Wtfbbq.
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