id Software Not Frustrated By Borderlands and Rage Comparisons

Dan Webb

“Hey, guys, this Rage game looks like Borderlands, right?” is a common comment if you look at the comments whenever anyone talks about id Software’s Rage. Apart from sharing an art-style, a similar dusty setting and a first-person view, the two titles are polar opposites. When we asked Matt Hooper, id Software’s Design Director, last week whether they were frustrated by the comparisons, Hooper said it’s only natural and that it didn’t frustrate them one iota.

“It’s not really frustrating because I think gamers and press, and everyone, they want to know “What is Rage?”” said Hooper. “Well, it’s not Doom, it’s not Quake, it’s not really Borderlands, it’s not Fallout. How can you tell what something is unless you can draw a parallel, right?”

“But we’re doing so many things that literally haven’t been done; the way we handle vehicles is so different than what these other games have done. There’s really no parallel, so even when I’m asked, it’s been hard, you really just have to play it and start to experience it.”

“It’s frustrating as developers that we can’t say it’s this, but it’s almost… I think people should be excited by that because it will be fundamentally different,” Hooper told X360A. “There’s going to be some things that you would expect from an id game, like having a badass shotgun, and a cool enemy coming forward, we’ll have that, but we’ll have these other things that you haven’t seen before.”

“It’s not frustrated against people’s expectations or them trying to draw parallels, I get it, I know why they want to do it, but it really is fundamentally different,” he finished.

So there we have it… Rage isn’t Doom, Quake, Borderlands or Fallout, it’s DoQuaBoFall... Or Rage, as we like to call it.

Keep an eye out for our hands-on preview and full interview later.

  • rage is what happens wen ur angry
  • Every game is some form of another game wrapped around another games concept. Darksiders is God of War meets Zelda. Assassins Creed is Prince of Persia meets GTA. Borderlands is WoW meets Fallout without the MMO. Who really cares? As long as it's literally not the exact carbon copy of it's borrowed predecessors with a piece of tape slapped along the title, I'm always willing to try it out. Originality died a long time ago sadly.
  • Rage is what i feel when people can't use proper grammar.... number 1 !
  • its not fundamentally different, they're all games!
  • I agree with #2. There are so many different games out there that it's hard to think of something new without having someone say oh well this look similar to this game or that looks exactly like this. I don't think I would say originality has died yet I just think that it's a lot harder to attain than it used to be.
  • borderlands was good, but Rage will RAGE.
  • As been said, games will always have some sort of element that may seem "borrowed" from another. But, I don't agree with #2's statement at all: "originality died a long time ago". I'm not sure what you consider a long time ago, but I see original games being made every year.
  • Sure hope it's not another Borderlands. That game blew goats.
  • @ 5 - One of my major frustrations with gamers today is their constant whimpering about a game being "Too repetitive". There is not a single game out there that doesn't have you follow a specific formula throughout the entire game. Not a one has something virtually different happen with every level, board or chapter in a game. You're always going to need some familiarity with continuing the game. When a game offers multiple ways to complete an objective like Assassin's Creed, most people take the quickest way which in turn ends up being "too easy and repetitive" since it's something they felt they've done before. I had an amazing lenghty time with all the Assassin's titles b/c I actually put in that effort to go my own way. Originality may not be dead but it's no longer a stand-alone category.
  • I love blue goats. Green are my favourite though!
  • Well,even a Coop-Mode came,it was announced the same time Borderlands came...and should be released almost at the same time - but it didnĀ“t it has the same setting,the Shooter+Car idea...why are they frustated?Because Borderlands worked out great?
  • @9 Agreed
  • @ 7 - I grew up with the Atari and NES. Granted, 2D gaming wasn't exactly the most widespread idea for visual enticement but it offered tons of projects and ideas for everyone and rarely was there a slew of games people just wrote off as garbage. Obviously, you look back now and it's like "How and why?!!?" with most of 'em. But from my Originality/Stand-alone statement, I meant it on the terms that ideas are being borrowed faster than usual. Bioshock impressed me with it's amazing narrative tied with the visual beauty that there were NO cutscenes really. Everything happened before your eyes and happened more traditionally In Real Time. Dead Space borrowed this genius idea but left it in 3rd person so it felt more cinematic. Back in the NES/Atari days, there were different kinds of the same game and nobody cared - Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, Battletoads. Now, BFBC is just a COD clone to the opposers. The competition for consoles just got blown out of hand IMO. I like to enjoy the games. Not the consoles. Console wars just perpetuated the immense hating of games themselves. Just my thought though.
  • It looks more like Dynasty Warriors 7 to me.
  • Hey, guys, this rage game looks like borderlands, right? :p
  • Looks like Borderworlds.
  • @ 16 - Borderman City 2: Something or Others Revenge?
  • People kicking off about Carbon Copies of other games has always confused me. If the game borrows some elements, or copies many elements, from one of your favourite games? In this case Borderlands. Why complain? If it copied something that was a pile of crap, then complain!
  • lol this game was under development before borderlands so anybody comparing the two is just talking out of their asses
  • I'm quite disappointed in the lack of rage when discussing Rage. That said, I wasn't aware of the Borderland-ish comparisons; may have actually piqued my interest in the game.
  • @#13 True. It's mainly because of the huge costs (of both time and money) that creators associate with the developement cycle. You pitch A Boy and His Blob or Flashback nowadays and you'd probably get blank stares from the executives. Over 20-30 years they have honed in and singled out the demographic they market to for better or worse (personally I say worse), but I'd rather that then complete crap games I suppose. Arcade/PSN titles would seem ripe for experimentation but even a lot of those games are cookie cutter. Sad but true. On that note RAGE may have been in developement longer but I didn't see any of the action in RAGE until long after I played Borderlands. I must say the first racing and combat screen shots I saw looked just like Borderlands. The graphical style didn't have the same hand-drawn/cel-shaded look that Borderlands has though. Weapons also seem much different. I don't think anything was ripped off though. The vehicles and some enemies share a likeness which is probably just coincidental. The setting of a post-apocalyptic wasteland world though is oddly similiar to Borderlands' Pandora (which I felt was odd used in Avatar). I loved Borderlands though and will be getting RAGE for sure Day One. I hope it is compareable to these other games it is drawing comparison to. If so then it should be outstanding.
  • @21 - Good point and you're right. Not that I mind borrowed ideas but I'd just rather see more games take the Bioshock/Dead Space route. Where it feels like a real gut-wrenching story unfolding. Heavy Rain is the only thing I'm playing for PS3 atm and that is blowing me away. So many choices are left at the split of a second and you have to live with that choice for the duration. So tense and I love it. Avatar (movie) is the epitome of NO Originality. I didn't understand all the hype around that garbage. Watch it again after watching Disney's Pocahontas. Throw in a bunch of Space Jam Blue Aliens as the secondary characters and just put it on another planet and it's the same story.
  • The FPS aspect of it reminded me more of Bioshock than Borderlands. sure, that rage trailer shows them in a dune buggy or whatever, but that's the only thing remotely close to what I visually saw in comparison to B-lands.
  • @13 "Bioshock impressed me with it's amazing narrative tied with the visual beauty that there were NO cutscenes really" Ouch, you obviously never played half-life back in 1998
  • @#22 LOL about Avatar. I still haven't watched it because I felt it was over-hyped. It came on cable one night and after about 30 minutes I felt like "I've watched this before many times" I flipped to some cheesiness (if that's a word) from the 80's and enjoyed it much better. Heavy rain, GOW III, and MGS4 plus another Blu-Ray are the reasons I would get a PS3. I have always wished more games would be like Heavy Rain even MGS or other stellar games. I've always wanted the option of failing a mission but still being able to press on or not defending someone's life and having to live with the consequences and without them in your story. You'd surely have to limit it somewhat but choice can definitely be power. @#23 I played a lot of Borderlands w/all classes. From the what I've seen so far the buggies are close to runners. The enemies look very similiar especially initially a lot of the ones I saw from RAGE looked just like the bandits from Borderlands. Wielding homemade looking melee weapons and all. And the dusty futuristic post-apocalypse setting with touches of alien tech/ruins strewn about. Dust though. Lots of dust in both. As I said before though RAGE looks cool I will pre-order and get Day One (or Two or Three since I live out of boundaries) and see for myself. All the comparisons being made are to excellent quality games so I'm not to worried about it and rightfully the creators should not either.
  • "...I can't live without RAGEahol!!!" OT: Game looks cool no matter what similarities you find with other games, especially Borderlands (that game kicked ass!). Definite buy for me.
  • @ 24 - Right you are! I didn't get to play HL1 but I did play HL2 briefly on The Orange Box. It was ok but just wasn't my cup of tea. Ironically, I'm absolutely bonkers for Portal but HL2 feels mediocre to me. I'll admit it probably comes from playing it so late but FPS' really aren't my core genre. It's got to have some great twist to it for me which Bioshock did. And I think we can both agree on the environmental differences and graphical strides between HL and Bioshock. Obviously, HL suffers from it's date of release but Bioshock was a helluva ride with almost every encounter including the audio logs which were another aspect I loved in Dead Space.
  • Well, it's obvious that games borrow ideas all the time. BF now looks more like CoD, but will definitely play different. This looks like Borderlands, but I bet it will be nothing like it (well other than shooting things in FPS aspec:-P). Still I also do not agree that originality died long time ago. I started with with first Prince Of Persia on IBM PC and though the new version (2008) was amazing and totally unlike any other game... There is many more original IP's and I bet we will keep seeing new idea. It's like movies, just when I thought no one can come up with nothing new and they borrow heavil from comics and books, Inception came out. Now there is something that's enever been done before:-)
  • @#24 He said since back in the days of Atari/NES though. Since 1998 occured after this period I feel his example did not extend that far. Although the ideal would still ecompass everything from the NES/Atari days up to and thru circa 1998 Half Life era on to current day Bioshock and Dead Space games.
  • Be happy your game is being compared with great games like Borderlands and Fallout. Being mentioned with quality titles is free promotion.
  • Sorry, but it look exactly like a mix of Fallout and Borferlands. But thats a good thing, bcos both of those games are fantastic
  • Of course they arnt frustrated, Borderlands is a hugely popular game, a bunch of people are going to hear" Hey this new game, Rage, is a lot like Borderlands" and check it out.
  • I loved Borderlands, but this looks much better. :)
  • This will be one of those games where everything is great, but something about it turns me off.
  • i personally think a the game should be called RAGE: DoQuaBoFall Mix
  • @2 It's not that originality has died out. It's the fact that everythings literally been done. Gaming as an artform has been out for almost over 40 years whereas films have been out for much longer and aren't anywhere near as harshly judged for their originality. Some ideas or settings/styles get used from time to time not necessarily because a Developer simply decided to copy one another games concepts. Its because they're cool ideas that those other games didn't even create in the first place, they may have just been the first to use or implement them long after books or movies have. Its the sum of all the things implemented that make a game original. Some games may only have 1 thing in common like their setting, or cinematic styles, or the way combat is carried out' and Yet people are so quick to judge and run to make comparisons. If one person thinks they have an original concept for a game,(and they may) someone else will always come up with a comparison or a reason why its similar to another game and how its "unoriginal". I think its because some of these (usually younger and more immature) people are stupid and don't know how to describe these games that they make such comparisons in the first place. I mean you don't go comparing every cowboy movie or spaghetti western you see right to Red Dead redemption right?
  • driving in Borderlands was crap, very basic, and always from 3rd person view, in Rage that seems to be very different
  • Any game idea is not new... It was thought up 30 years ago andnow made better...
  • Driving was great in Borderlands. Very difficult to master but I would always be the designated driver.
  • @39 It was even better when you were the drunk driver.. Rage looks good too.. there's enough room on my shelf for both games
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