FIFA 08 Demo is kind of on the Marketplace & 4 new screens added

Dan Webb

So, as reported yesterday, the FIFA 08 demo has hit the Marketplace, well, thats where the kind of comes in. EA appear to have missed out Europe... I'll give you a minute to get back on your seats... Ready to carry on? Well, it appears that the main market for FIFA 08 gets missed off the list for now*. Not sure what EA's tactics were on this one?

Content: FIFA 08 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Only in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, United States*
Dash Text: [ESRB: E (Everyone)] Download the demo.
Size: 702.7 MB

*Note: EA has told me this demo is coming to Europe 'very soon'. The moment it is released in Europe I will make a post. I don't know the exact date.

Thanks to Major Nelson

Now for the screens. EA recently released 4 shiny new 360 screens, check 2 out below and head in to the gallery for the others.



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