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Richard Walker

There are two new games coming to the Xbox Live Arcade this week, with Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury offering up shmup thrills courtesy of shooter legends Treasure, for 800 Microsoft Points and intense action platforming set in the 22nd century with Moon Diver for 1200 Microsoft Points.

You might have also noticed last week that SEGA Rally Online Arcade failed to materialise. This was due to SEGA wanting to release the game on both PSN and XBLA simulataneously, and with PSN recently going completely tits up, SEGA Rally Online Arcade has been delayed until May 18th. [Thanks to Ash for the tip]

  • Castlevania Harmony of Despair - May 3 – 9 - Was: 1200 MSP Now: 600 MSP
  • Extra Stage: Lord of Flies - May 3 – 9 - Was: 320 MSP Now: 160 MSP
  • Extra Stage: The Legend of Fuma - May 3 – 9 - Was: 240 MSP Now: 120 MSP
  • Extra Stage: The One Who Is Many - May 3 – 9 - Was: 320 MSP Now: 160 MSP
  • Extra Stage: Origins - May 3 – 9 - Was: 240 MSP Now: 120 MSP
  • Extra Stage: Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire - May 3 – 9 - Was: 400 MSP Now: 200 MSP
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night - May 3 – 9 - Was: 800 MSP Now: 400 MSP

You know the deal. Content is for Gold Xbox Live members and you can add any of the Deal of the Week Castlevania content above to your download queue via this here link. Gogogogogo!

  • hmm I won't be getting any of those. just spent all my points on the Escalation map pack anyway..
  • Symphony of the Night is an absolute steal at that price!
  • Great, SOTN will be mine this week !
  • Bought SotN back when I first got my Xbox, so that's a no go, and I bought HoD last time it went on sale; guess I'm keeping my points. Though if you don't have these, you can consider it a crime against humanity not to nab these up now.
  • I know I'm beating a dead horse, but they REALLY should have added achievements for those extra levels. I loved/played HoD when it came out, but I have no reason to get the levels. No motivation for me to spend my points on it!
  • @5 If you loved the game why can't you get them. It'd still be fun...
  • I knew I should have waited until the HoD chapters went on sale; oh well. They're very fun to play if you don't own them already.
  • I have always wanted to try Sotn, and this seems like the perfect time to jump in!
  • nothing for me
  • @ #5 - I totally agree with you, a couple points from each level is not too much to ask. Even if it was something simple like "Beat X Level", an achievement worth 10 points per pack would have definitely helped sales. @ #6 - Because people leave games behind, and plopping down points on a game that I've beaten/everyone I know has stopped playing is quite rare for me. So an added bonus of achievements could help my decision into picking up the DLC, especially at discounted prices.
  • Bangai-O HD looks great but I've been holding onto my points for Moon Diver. Sucks it was delayed for so long on the 360. Was there even an official announcement as to why there was a little over a month between the PS3 & 360 releases?
  • Excellent Castlevania deals, thought its absolutely ridiculus they're selling COD Black Ops for $70-80 on Games-On-Demand, thats even more expensive then a brand new copy!
  • @1 Gotta love this website. Dude gets thumbs down for saying he bought a Call of Duty map pack.
  • @13 yeah, I hear you.... the people on this website are so negative, if you get my drift....
  • @5, I agree with you and would normally not even think twice about passing up on dlc that didn't offer achievements but this game is honestly too good to pass up these levels. I did for $19 but I'll take all 5 for $9.50. No characters though, I never used belmont, I'm not buying 3 more.
  • For those who have the Castlevania DLC, I'm only going to buy one level, MAYBE two, which would be the one that's the most worth it?
  • SOTN is an absolute steal for anyone who still doesn't have it. I got mine when it was first released. Nothing else here interests me.
  • It would be nice to find people who actually want to play Harmony of Despair. Very boring to play by yourself.
  • @LynxFox Definitely buy Chapter 10. Chapter 9 or 7 would be good for a second choice. Honestly, pick them all up, though, for max items/enjoyment.
  • Anyone still on HoD these days? Also i know this is going to seem hypocritical being as im on an achievement website but if people are passing up good things just because of no chievs thats real dumb. A 10 point chiev for finishing the level would entice sone of you to but it? Why not the new experience, grinding out the new drops etc why people spend their cash on stuff to see a number go up is beyond me. Buy a cheap calculator and your sorted, just add 100 everyday >_>
  • I used to have Sotn for my Ps1 and loved that game.. Haven't played HoD though, so my question for the people who have played both is, which is better in your opinion? I can't decide if I wanna buy both or just one.
  • @5 Luckily for me I never unlocked the 10,000 kills so I'm going to D/L all of the new ones & go on a killing spree.
  • @21 HoD is a quick pick up & play style of Castlevania. It really is meant to be played with multiple friends. Because most of the stages can be done in around 10 Minutes, the fun of replay comes from playing with a bunch of friends. SotN is a full fledged game as you know, while HoD is almost like a fan service arcade title.
  • @#21 Hands down SoTN, But I Say Get Boths Cause There Really Great Games
  • So because PSN is guarded by a blind monkey us 360 users suffer?? Thanks a lot SEGA..... We've been waiting AGES for rally already!!
  • To anyone on the fence about Symphony of the Night, I say: BUY IT! It's an absolute steal. 400msp for such a great/classic game that redefined the Castlevania series. One of my favorite games of all time and the pinnacle of the "Metroid-Vania" formula.
  • Will have to trial Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury, looks like it could be stupidly hard. If my points turn up in the post in time this week I'll probably grab SOTN though, awesome price :)
  • Bangai-O, how I have been waiting for you. Loved it on the DC, I'll bet I love it now too!
  • Finally picked up the Harmony of Despair extra stages. They are all pretty good, too. But Origins in NOT easy at all. Geeeeeeeeeeeez.
  • @13 I only thumbed it down because everybody else did, I read the comment after I thumbed it down. I'm a sheep, like everyone else around here, I see one thing getting negative feedback to I join in without caring what I'm actually doing. It's only human nature. Plus, it's Call of Duty, so everyone gets butthurt when it gets mentioned because it's so successful and they're just jealous that their precious franchises will never enjoy the same successes.
  • Damned Sony! I imagined Sega Rally wasn't released because of you!
  • Sometimes i think people forget its about the game not achievements. If a piece of DLC is good ill get it achievements or not.
  • Moon Diver FTW!!
  • lookin forward to sega rally.fuck psn.
  • Moon Diver for me! :D Completely recommend SOTN, awesome game
  • Nothing too interesting here. I already have SOTN and not interested at all in HOD. Ironically, I just started playing LOS and I like it quite a lot. Not sure what all the commotion was about, but fairly early in the game, so I'll hold judgement until I'm done:-)
  • Let me test my theory: CALL OF DUTY
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