Family Game Night 4: The Game Show Bringing Hasbro Games to Kinect

Richard Walker

EA has announced that it's developing another Family Game Night based upon the popular Hasbro Studios for The Hub TV network. This latest compendium of games will include a range of re-imagined versions of five Hasbro board games with support for Kinect and Xbox Live Avatars.

Featuring Connect 4 Basketball where the first team to shoot four baskets in a row of their colour wins, Scrabble Flash, which involves manipulating letters to make as long a word as possible and Sorry! Sliders where you need to score a bullseye or block the opposing team from doing so. Then there's Yahtzee! Bowling where you need to compete for score combinations by rolling giant bowling balls at pins, Bop-It Boptigon that will challenge players to execute the right moves in time as the pace picks up, and finally the Monopoly Crazy Cash Machine will give out big prizes to the best players in Family Game Night.

“With a combined four million retail and connected console units of EA’s Hasbro Family Game Night video game franchise sold worldwide, fans have really embraced the series and look forward to fresh and innovative twists with each new version,” said Chip Lange, General Manager and Senior Vice President of EA’s Hasbro Division. “Family Game Night 4: The Game Show will offer a completely new way to experience Family Game Night and bring these Hasbro game brands to life via motion sensing console technology, and is sure to delight families this fall.”

Family Game Night 4: The Game Show is out in autumn 2011.

  • Sounds cool havent played no 3 yet, but these games are a fun distraction from shooting and gore thats for sure. I dont see twister working that well though. Whenever I bend over in front of my Kinect my avatar's hands wig out and it looks like Im doing some kind of 50's hand jive.
  • well don't bother with number 3 unless you just have to have those achievements. the twister game is not even twister at all. clue was ok. life was the ai cheating the whole time. now mouse trap, you wanna talk about the biggest pile og bs to ever grace the 360....i nearly snapped the game in halp because it cheated so bad. too bad the 4th has kinect otherwise i would haven the game a shot. i like to complete terrible games. i get joy out of it, but kinect related achievements stop me from buying a game bcuz i don't want kinect and they tack it on to attempt to pushg some sales. harry potter, kung fu panda 2, and now family game night 4.
  • @2 Absolutely agree. I've just spent a couple of hours grinding out a few achievements on 3 and it's a complete pile of shite. The games are no fun and even the 'quick' modes take forever. It's about 20% easy achievements, 40% grind and 40% pure luck. 2 was ok, apart from Scrabble not being available in the UK so there's no way to max out the GS.
  • Hmmm interesting I have an instructor that works at that EA location.
  • oh nevermind - he said it's been outsourced though EA SLC is managing it.
  • I totally concur on the absolute horrible quality of Family Game Night 3. It is nowhere near as good as the first one.
  • @2 That is possibly the most typos Ive ever seen ever.
  • @2 ...or you are retarded... or you did that one purpose which basically makes you retarded
  • p.s. - Like how I put one instead of on? Yeah I did that on prpus.
  • @7/8/9 You talk about typos, geez.
  • I survived the horror that was Family Game Night 3. I refuse to subject myself to another round. There are more entertaining and less painful things like banging my head on my desk, smashing my finger in a car door, etc... "Free" would still be too expensive of a price point.
  • #4 - Want a cookie? Hasbro 3 was a headache, hopefully 4 will change it up a bit..
  • Yes a cookie would be nice.
  • I love funny threads. I was reading up on the game thinking I still need to play 3 before this one comes out. Now it sounds like skipping to 4 is the way to go. Grinding on board games is as much fun as physically grinding on board games. You get the little pieces stuck in the worst places...And that's not even considering the paper cuts in places you don't want em...
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