Startling Brink Stats Reveal Over 100 Quadrillion Character Combinations

Richard Walker

It's no secret that Brink's character and weapon customisation is deep and varied, but exactly how deep and varied is it? How does more than 100 quadrillion unique character combinations strike you? That's how many possible characters you can build in Brink, which to be fair, does include every minor variation including tints and body types, but it's still a remarkably impressive number.

There are more impressive statistics broken down from Brink, including 4,500 individual weapon sounds and 26,000 lines of dialogue. For a further look at Brink by the numbers, cast your eyeballs downwards, where there's more staggering stats to peruse:

  • Number of ways to die - 45
  • Lines of dialogue - 26,000
  • Individual weapon sounds - 4,500
  • Voice Packs - 8
  • Minutes of Music - 60
  • Weapon/attachment combinations (not counting Resistance variations or pre-order content) - 4963
  • Unique Security Characters (not counting minor tint variations or body types) - 4,530,240
  • Unique Security Characters (not counting minor tint variations but including body types) - 13,590,720
  • Unique Security Characters (including minor tint variations, but not body types) - 15,775,119,360,000,000
  • Unique Security Characters (including minor tint variations and body types) - 47,325,358,080,000,000
  • Unique Resistance Characters (not counting minor tint variations or body types) - 4,530,240
  • Unique Resistance Characters (not counting minor tint variations but including body types) - 13,590,720
  • Unique Resistance Characters (including minor tint variations, but not body types) - 18,307,441,152,000,000
  • Unique Resistance Characters (including minor tint variations and body types) - 54,922,323,456,000,000
  • Total Unique Characters (including minor tint variations and body types - 102,247,681,536,000,000

Brink is due to release on May 10th in North America and May 13th in Europe.

  • I wondered who had to sit down and count them all
  • Impressive numbers. Just curious, am I correct in my assumption you can only play as a male avatar in Brink?
  • holy crap....that means it could be a month before i even start the game b/c i will still be building myself.....very nice
  • Holy shit, that is almost one-third of the guns in Boarderland! j/k :D On a serious note this game is gonna kick soo much ass! Why the hell isn't Tuesday here yet???
  • shame the gameplay looks terrible....
  • Who cares? Really, "tint variations"? Really? Are they that insecure about their game, that they need to toss bullshit stats like this out there? The more I wait for this game, the more I cool on it. I'll pick it up down the road most likely.
  • big numbers make my head hurt :p
  • @1 There are ways to calculate them all. Bodytypes x upperclothing x bottoms x masks x tattoos and so on and so on. OT: It are lots of numbers, but it doesn't speak to me at all. It is rather overwhelming. But I'll be customizing a lot so I'll figure it out by then. Now, gimme the damn game!
  • I cant wait for this game! I love weapon/character customization options, so this is gonna be so amazing for me to play around with.
  • cool story bro. OT - are they gonna put out a demo for this? Looks like a try before you buy sorta game.
  • @6 seiously dude? even without minor body tints or body types you still have 4.5 million options for security and resistance... is that enough for you?
  • @8 please learn sarcasm mate it'll help you survive on the internet
  • Wow, if I was bron yesterday I would probably think this is impressive. I remember that Boirderlands already had more guns variations than I could care for, so this is nothing special....
  • @13 yeah borderlands had a hell of a lot more guns but only about 5-10% of them were even partly decent...
  • @6 your talking about the company that has made 2 of the 10 greatest games for 360(IMO and many, many others)and with Skyrim this year (maybe 3) @13 yes your right but borderlands only had a few 100,000 and that was only GUNS this has 100,000,000,000,000,000 so there is a bit of an improvement.
  • I bet I can do the 60min of music one ;)
  • All those character models and yet its still missing something, like female character models. Kinda funny how they can boast about stats based on player customization and not offer a female character model.
  • How about an achievement requiring you to create every possible character combination once? Now we're talking about a grind xD
  • The women are at home taking care of future freedom fighters (or freedom stoppers) and making sammiches for the men who are fighting. jeez durr. Lots of games are male specific get over it. Until a bigger majority of female gamers either make themselves known or it becomes industry standard its not gonna happen. I'd be nice nice yes but wont happen for a while id say.
  • Sounds like bull**** to me.
  • There was an article in the Game Informer a few months ago about the lack of female diversity in games. Brink's was due to the sheer number of customization options (models), sound files, and animation they'd have to do extra. The team wanted it, but the time constraints would have been increased to something like a year or so extra, so that's why they didn't include it. That and I believe they didn't have females planned at the beginning and when you tend to just pop something in the midst of a design, it can either make or break, so they just went with what they had. Maybe if they did add females, what would happen? Possibly they'd either wait another year to release or the customization options for both genders would have been severely limited due to a split in resources.
  • ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!
  • To be honest these stats dont mean anything at all. Borderlands was said to have millions of guns but that meant nothing at all once you actually played the game.
  • @23 To be honest, these stats mean the game is very customizable. No one in their right mind thinks there are 102,247,681,536,000,000 characters that look completely different. Most of them are tiny unnoticeable differences in color. See the guy in the middle of the picture with the hat? I bet there are a bunch of different baseball caps, which is good. In this game you should be able to make your character pretty unique, that's what this means. If you did math in black ops for how many different combinations of guns you could make, I bet you'd come out with a similar number. (Because of decals, which there could be over 102,247,681,536,000,000 of tiny variations of.)
  • Even so, chances are, everyone will still be using the same stuff.
  • Borderlands had millions of guns, yes, but you had (VERY) limited character customisation. Brink, however, has TONS of character customisation and I love the look of it. Borderlands is still my favourite game of all time, but Brink will definitely be joint with Borderlands when it comes out. It's not there yet because I haven't played it.
  • @24 - The customisation in Black Ops was pretty weak! A few set variations then you can change the colour of your gun and put a sticker on it! A sticker which 9 out of 10 times was soo difficult to see, it was pointless! This customisation gives people real options to have their character the way they want it, something that has been either rushed, a last minute thought or a half arsed attempt in the majority of games. Pre-ordering this soon, im seriously hoping this game will deliver!
  • Sheesh. This looks like it'll give Borderlands' guns a run for their money, if not sweep them under the carpet.. Quadrillion is the biggest form of number I know. Any bigger and I would have thought you were just making this stuff up. =P
  • This is so far over 9000 that Vageta's scouter would surely have exploded. =o
  • Hot shit!
  • @28 I guess you must use AskJeeves then.
  • This is awesome and everyone talking about how Borderlands had a lot of guns: It had a lot of guns, yes, but they were mainly the same handful of models with different colors and stats.
  • So you know what that means... It's OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!
  • meh
  • I bet it happened like this: 101,247,681,536,000,999, 101,247,681,536,001,000... Hey Phil, want some coffee? FUCKSAKES! 1, 2...
  • @#32 And you think this is going to have a huge difference?:-)
  • @27 I'm not saying black ops has awesome customization (it isnt bad!), I'm saying they could say that they have that many "Different" guns. That would be each gun, time each camo, times all the clan tag combinations, times all the decals, times all the colors you can pick for each decal, times all the combinations of all the decals in all the colors in all the possible positions. This would be a nearly infinite amount of "guns".
  • I wish peeps would just read some of the comments before posting the same goddam thing. Not likely but it would be nice to see a game where people actually use the different weapons available.BTW- Do you think there will be an Famas? ;-)
  • Maybe it's just me...But 60 minutes of music seems like a lot of repetition in BGM...Unless it's really good it'll likely get annoying...If that happens then I'll just use my own music...
  • it doesnt have the one thing i want, female avatars. oh well ill still get it but i want to stare at a girls ass if i play a game all day not a guys. is that too much to ask for in a game...
  • @41 its first person...unless you just like to stare at butts you won't have an issue...
  • Talking about cod customization it might be close to 10x the amount of this considering just the player card combinations with (Size, location, angle and color) would be about the same if not more(could be way more)-I'm not doing the math. Its like putting in one of the Xbox Live card code (25 letters and numbers mixed) probably close to Brinks numbers.
  • I personally could care less if they have female avatars, sure it would have been very nice for me, but I'm gonna enjoy this game either way it goes so it's all good! Looking very forward to picking up my copy Tuesday
  • Cool story bro.
  • game looks great i want it, but want to wait for reviews before purchase just in case
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