Rayman Origins Now a Retail Title; Coming This Holiday

Dan Webb

According to this month’s issue of Game Informer, Rayman Origins, Ubisoft’s shock E3 2010 announcement, is now set for a full retail release and is said to becoming this holiday.

Originally announced to be a downloadable title at last year’s Ubisoft E3 press conference, thanks to details posted on NeoGAF it now appears as if Rayman’s return will make it to the big leagues as Michel Ancel and his team now ready their title for a full retail release.

With 4 player local co-op for the masses – no mention of online co-op yet though – Ubisoft Montpellier state that they're not only looking to offer something for every type of platform gamer – collectibles, speed-runs, etc – but that they’re looking to make a more accessible experience this time around, due to the small numbers of gamers that completed the original.

Rayman Origins will include “I Dare You” challenges where you can wager Lums – the in-game currency – on whether you can perform complex acrobatic chains and Lums can be spent on power-ups and health too.

Expect Rayman Origins holiday 2011 then and expect to see more at E3 if this rings true.

  • With it being a full retail title now I expect to see 4 player ONLINE Co-Op.
  • used to love the original rayman titles ... heck i still play them on my android :P
  • This has to be the absolute worst game title i have ever seen. Seriously? Origins? RAYMAN origins? my god its bad enough we have 100 spiderman and batman reboots, we dont need a cartoony wacky game to have a fucking origins title.
  • Oh great a downloadable game being transformed into full retail release...where have I heard that before? Oh yeah the monstrosity that was Kinect Joy Ride. Don't think that by adding a mode or two, it will justify the transition to full price. This will be a 6/10 game at best. Also...Origins??? Seriously??? What is with the seemingly constant need for series to 'reboot'? It's RAYMAN for goodness sake.
  • Yay Rayman Is Back :-)
  • @#4 - Well, it was originally meant to be episodic... so if they've thrown all the episodes into one game... It's probably no different in price overall.
  • Moving this from arcade to retail, on paper, sounds like a horrible idea.
  • seems like a bad idea to make this a retail game, especially if they try to sell it for the full price.
  • Ingenious! Now what about BG&E2 huh ubisoft? Does it even exist? I'm sure starting to lose all hope here..
  • @ 3 Go and die. I liked the first one so much i still play it sometimes, so it's not hard to say that i will most likely get the game with the final decision depending on it's features. I
  • Like the idea, but I didn't like Rayman 1 to be honest. I loved Rayman 2 to DEATH, though... miss that.
  • @11 Raymam has been released on every format know to man, I liked the 3rd game better
  • Loved Rayman on the ps1, dont care that im 21 now im buying this
  • You can call me kid ,but relay want this game!
  • still waiting for my sequel to hoodlum havok!
  • That screenshot reminds me of Prince of Persia.
  • loved to play the first game as a kid & im getting this , the first one was always the best.
  • Well, first I'll see how it;s looking and what features they have and then I will know if I want this or not. Unlike most of you babies that whine about a single fact that it's not arcade, but retail now....
  • @3 You are actually bothered by the title of a fucking game? Globox
  • im from england so when the heck is holiday 2011 on subject rayman 2 was the best wont be getting this
  • if they think there title is good enough for full retail and it makes them more money then why not.who knows could be a gem.
  • I remember playing the original rayman haha fun times without a memory card.
  • Will most certainly be getting this as a fan of Rayman, glad to see those stupid rabbits gone...
  • This is Ubisoft people, it HAS to be good!
  • Reboots are sweet, sucks people hate them so passionately
  • THANK GOD for some news! Im so pumped for this, I played the first one and completed it hundreds of times on PS1! :D
  • Man I tell you, damned if ya do, damned if ya don't. Someone's already complaining about this being turned into a full retail release? If this had been released as a downloadable title, people would complain that they'd rather have it on disc, would want more achievements, "episodic content" is just a way to milk more money out of a game, etc.
  • will you kids quit your bitchin jesus christ your like a bunch of school yard bitches, RAYMAN is a classic game same as CRASH BANDICOOT and SONIC the HEDGEHOG its gunna b a good game and im lookin forward to it how ever i do agree with the game being transfered to retail was a rather dumb move
  • Awesome can't wait for this game, loved the Rayman series on the PS1.
  • I'm glad to see this is still in the works. Hopefully more info comes out about it at E3. Looks great though
  • rayman another epic game
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