Driver: San Francisco Was Delayed To Hit the 60 Frames Per Second Sweet Spot

Richard Walker

Ubisoft Reflections held back Driver: San Francisco to achieve the Holy Grail of 60 frames per second for its open-world rendition of San Francisco, something incredibly challenging for a large-scale environment, Creative Director, Martin Edmondson told X360A.

"60 frames per second is one of those things, that's not just a number. If you play a game running at 30 and you play a game running at 60, the difference back to back is certainly quite immense. The fluidity of the visuals, they come toward you smoothly and beautifully," said Edmondson. "It's much closer to how quickly your eye works and it actually matches the way most TVs update rather than repeating the frame twice so you get that blurred thing at 30. It's also to do with the responsiveness of the controls. It seems like a small thing but once you get that thirtieth-of-a-second gain and things are reacting within a sixtieth-of-a-second, especially in a game like Driver with all the traffic coming at you like this, it's difficult to measure."

Edmondson also said that it was such a huge effort to achieve 60fps, that the team had to remind themselves why they were doing it, building in a function to allow the developer to switch between 30 and 60 frames.

"When you flick it back to thirty, which we can do with the game - we can just switch, and we have it in there deliberately to keep reminding ourselves why it's been worth all the effort! We flick it to 30 and it's like wow! You get used to it, because a lot of games run at 30 frames, but when you go back to 60 it's so much nicer. Modern Warfare, for example runs at 60 frames and Killzone runs at 30, which means you get more detail but it's much more fluid at 60."

Check back tomorrow for our full Driver: San Francisco interview with Martin Edmondson. You can read our latest hands-on preview here.

  • Game looks interesting loved the old Driver's
  • It's nice when it works out and the delays actually help the game.
  • nice
  • Nice, this game looks quite good
  • Other developers should take note...
  • Killzone runs at 30? and it looks THAT good. WOW!
  • I play my games on PC now and there is a huge difference in 30 to 60 obviously. Although on the Xbox console where the hardware is limited they will make the world look like rubbish to get those Frames per second. It is very hard for an Xbox to get a good 60 fps game without crap visuals.
  • Modern Warfare and Ninja Gaiden 2 are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that run in 60fps, and they are 2 of the better looking games on the 360, so I don't know what no7 is saying. Also, Killzone has good graphics, but it's not smooth enough. If it had been in 60FPS, it would be more than 'THAT' good. Personally, I don't think enough games run at 60FPS. It makes games so much more enjoyable. Good news.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Jack Nicholson would make a good Tanner in a live action movie of this..
  • Dante's Inferno was at 60 Frames per second too and because of that the combat was so fluid and graceful. Looking forward to a 60 Frames per second Driver game.
  • be nice if they leave the feature to switch between 60 and 30fps in the game, so we could see what all the fuss is about.
  • Looks good, looking forward to playing this.
  • @8 - Not to mention the fact that Killzone 3 is a broken game. Many people, including myself, have gotten to different parts of the campaign and have been unable to continue due to choppy cutscenes that freeze the PS3. And this is on brand new copies. I was a little pissed off to say the least.... OT: 60FPS is always nice... but Im happy with 30FPS and slightly better graphics. Either way im sure im going to enjoy this game. Does anyone know if it will have the Replay Editor function that the first 3 Driver games had? I spent HOURS fiddling with my replays making them as epic as the tools would allow!
  • Every Driver game I've played since the first one has been a crushing disappointment (Driver 3 being a new low in video games!), but this does look decent.
  • #15 you must have only played Driver 3 cuz Driver 1 and 2 were the shit! I think there is another driver than came out after driver 3 but i never played that so idk.. But im getting this none the less!
  • I'm actually really in the mood to play this. I love these types of games and I actually really liked Driver 3. This looks like a lot of fun to me and 60 fps is good news. I hope this becomes the new standard. I have trouble playing Halo now because of the 30 fps.
  • It's funny because I just read the same thing in your interview... What's the point of making another news post if it's going to pop up next day? Still I agree, you can't beat 60fps. Would also be nice if more games supported full HD a la PS games and not only 720...
  • wow, almost a whole year of a delay just for this, it had better be worth it.
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