New Red Faction: Armageddon Trailer Breaks the Seal on the Game's Story

Richard Walker

Smashing stuff up is really only the tip of the Martian iceberg in Red Faction: Armageddon, as Darius Mason will find himself fighting against seemingly impossible odds with madman Adam Hale unleashing his minions and a whole menagerie of Martian monsters upon the red planet.

Finding himself underground, Mason will be able to blast his way through an array of alien beasts, all the while using insane weaponry to destroy any manmade structures along the way. In this latest trailer, we get to see a bit more of the story, with Mason and his female sidekick, Kara encountering the tattoo-faced Hale and his army.

How will it all pan out? Check out the trailer for a look at the game's plot, then prepare to return to Mars when Red Faction: Armageddon releases on June 7th, 2011 in North America and June 10th in Europe.

  • looks great. Good to see the marauders back again.
  • wow, cant wait for this game!
  • Adam hale looks totally like the guy of the force unleashed
  • Me loves a good old bit of destruction
  • It seems with every iteration of Red Faction it is changing quite a lot. Not a bad thing, but I might not be a good thing either.
  • sidekick?? Coop story maybe??
  • wow I'm actually interested in this. Hopefully it's good and I might rent this. Didn't care for previous red faction games but this just looks like something I'd have to try.
  • I like this one due to the fact it's not sandbox style and more linear. Gonna pre order from Best Buy.
  • I did enjoy the demo and will definitely pick up on Christmas sale:-) Cool vid too!
  • Bradbury canyon eh? Referencing sci-fi authors is always cool with me. I'm hoping the Demons of the Badlands add-on for Guerrilla goes on DotW or something as this approaches, still need to finish that.
  • im ready for destruction!!!
  • Played the demo and didn't find anything special. The destruction was great but that can only entertain me for so long, and with no replayability I might pick this up in the Fall when I see it in the bargin bin.
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