The Sims 3 Unleashed to Make Use of Kinect’s Voice Control Technology

Dan Webb

Although The Sims 3 Unleashed hasn’t been officially unleashed yet – we assume it’s an E3 "surprise" – that didn’t stop one German publication from prematurely posting an interview regarding the title, only to be pulled because they had inadvertently jumped the embargo.

A few German sites caught the slip before Computer Bild Spiele could remove it, but it was a series of The Sims fansites – including SimPrograms and SimsSlovenia – that translated and threw the interview up for all to see.

In the interview with EA’s Ben Bell, it not only mentions that it’ll bring pets and other creatures into the fray – which you can control – and that it’ll be coming to consoles in October 2011, but it also mentions that it’ll include some Kinect compatibility.

“Xbox 360 will enable players with Kinect to use voice control,” said Bell. “Imagine how it would be when your Sim-dog would sit down, when you would say “Sit!” Voice control works with normal Sims as well. We’re really excited about this feature, because it is really fun!”

Controlling the normal Sims with voice control as well? That’s a win right there and for us, it’s integrations like this that will really resonate with the current crop of gamers with regards to Kinect.

The Sims 3 Unleashed won’t need The Sims 3 to run either, so if you haven’t picked up the original on consoles yet, then you can still unleash your inner self and inner pets this coming October.

So that's Kinect and pets...

Good news, right? I’ve always wanted to be a goldfish...

Good news, right? I’ve always wanted to be a goldfish...

Good news... Oh, you get the point!

[Thanks David]

  • Good news for my sister.
  • @1 right...and by your sister you mean I hear that one before.
  • @2 LOL im being serious, my sister plays this game not me xD
  • being a "core" gamer for a long time I don't see anything wrong with enjoying the Sims. The game is just plain fun and a time killer for those months when nothing is releasing. now that there is a new Sims coming to 360 I might just pick up Sims 3 once the price drops. I mean who doesn't like putting their Sim in a swimming pool and deleting the ladder only to watch the slow and painful drowning of a virtual you, right?........::crickets::.....anyone?
  • @4 Secretly we all enjoy that. Sadly though, you can't do it on Sims 3 console version :( Anyways, Sims 3 was good, so this could be. I'm wondering if it will essentially be the same thing but with pets and stuff. I hope not. We need more items, minigames and places and stuff.
  • So, how will this work in terms of achievements? Obviously, it's an add-on, but doesn't need the Sims 3 to work. Seperate full 1000, or Lips-style adding on to the original game achievement list? Kinda hope it's the first option.
  • Always loved the Sims a great thing to play when your bored really. At least this will be better than Modern Warfare 3.
  • @ #7 Stupid comment, and I'd expect you to get several thumbs down. Why even bring Modern Warfare 3 into a Freakin' Sims topic?
  • @7 MW3 is 6 months away and your bashing it already ?
  • They are coming out with this yet they still haven't fixed Sims 3?
  • @10 what do you mean by fixing? I just got the sims 3, is there a glitch or a bug?
  • @7 Better than The Force Unleashed! lol
  • It'll be alright if it doesn't have a stupid saving glitch that makes the game unplayable. They released a patch which did f**k all! I managed to get a refund a while back because the game wasn't fit for purpose.
  • What about Ireland!??? We still don't have Kinect voice control!!!!
  • Not buying any more games made by EA, way too many freezing problems, Sims 3, Fight Night CHampion etc. Sims 3 is supposedly fixed now after 8 months, no sign of a FNC fix though.
  • @2 ok I believe you. OT:kinect is good and Im glad that companies see always room for improvement.
  • omg everything is unleashed now. can't wait for battlefield unleashed, dead space unleashed, etc, etc
  • @#14- I couldn't imagine why...
  • @17..what else is unleashed?
  • 19... Star Wars: The Force Unleashed / II and NFS Shift: 2 Unleashed are the only two that come to mind, though I have to throw Ridge Racer Unbounded into that arena as well. Unbounded.
  • Awesome. I'm really looking forward to this. I already 1k Sims. That achievement list was the perfect amount of easy achievements and difficult ones. Hopefully Unleashed will be similar. Maybe I was lucky, but I didn't encounter a single glitch and I played over 70 hours.
  • @ #21 I guess we were two of the lucky ones. I clocked up a similar amount of time as you and only once did the game freeze. Lots of people had a a saving problem though. I'm not sure if they ever adressed the issue.
  • why do I need kinect? Is it too difficult to make this feature on headsets? Too few games incorporate this. Only Endwar on 360 and Rainbow six on xbox had voice controls that I've played.
  • I wondered what new sims feature was coming. ;p The EA branch out here in SLC has been adding more people as of late to work on sims.
  • @17 I believe that the original Sims had an Unleashed. @19 Sonic Unleashed ^_^
  • As a Kinect owner I'm always happy about it being integrated with more "core" games even though I'm not a fan of Sims on console, but @#23 makes a really good point. Headsets have been out since Xbox 360 has.
  • @19: Godzilla: Unleashed!
  • I'm very excited for this, The Sims 3 was one of the funnest times I've had 1king a game. not one second of boredom in the countless hours I Played. I also didn't encounter any glitches either. oh and speaking of the voice use with Headsets, whatever happened to putting yourself in games with the vision camera? I bought one a few years back and Rainbow Six is the only games I can think of that has that feature.
  • About time for something to do with Kinect that will interest me. I LOVED The Sims for the 360 and have been begging for an expansion for ages, my wishes have came true for me. Roll on September for GoW3, October for Sims and November for Assassins Creed :oD
  • I have the original Sims game and the Unleashed expansion and I felt it was a good expansion over the original release but not beacuse of the pets. The pets were not very interesting. The expansion opened up more residential lots, made community lots avaliable, added lots of new items, and a couple new careers. I also got Livin' Large, Hot Date, and Superstar.
  • The only game i have and will probably ever own is the michael jackson game. Unless they bring real games on the kinect that I might like such as the "gears rumor" or "alan wake" and etc. Not saying sims is bad, just not for me. I dont like playing the sims as much as my cousin though, it's pretty fun to watch. Now she'll probably start taking up the kinect after seeing this get released.
  • Sweet :-)
  • #23 one of the Ghost Recons for the original xbox (GR 2 I think) did it.. except it didn't work too well as it just made the map pop up half the time especially if there's people talking somewhere in the same room as you. OT: Can't wait for this! Kinect can be really amazing when working alongside a controller like this.
  • Okay, Im Abit Confused. I Have The Sims 3 But I Dont Own Kinect, So Does This Mean It Has Nothing For Me Or Am I Just To Tired To Understand As Im Abit Drunk And Its 4.00 In The Morning In The UK, Abit Of Help Please xD
  • For a moment I thought they just misspelled "Star Wars: The Forse Unleashed"
  • *Force
  • As much as I would love another game to get me to dust off my Kinect, I'm not buying another Sims game until they fix that save glitch. Still waiting for that to be able to 1k it without sitting down for a full day of nonstop playing or leaving it on overnight.
  • Oh those crazy Germans~!
  • The simes would work well with Kinect I think, placing objects with your hands, biulding walls by dragging your hand around! It could be really cool, and something I would be interested in! I think developers need to open their imaginations a bit more than just "telling a dog to sit", how about playing fetch with it as well!
  • Should be cool id have no problem admitting ive played the sims and having it on my GT, at least its not hanna montana or my horse and me 2 lol
  • Shouldn't they at least fix The Sims 3 first? Even to this day, I still can't use the "Exchange".
  • @5 yeah you can just surround the pool with chairs or a wall.
  • It's not called Unleashed for a start.
  • Don't care much for sims. I have my own life that I need to worry about everyday and Sims don't even come close to it and never will. Nice feature, but sounds like it will get boring pretty soon once you really start playing it.
  • Same as above, I never had any glitches while I was 1k'ing The Sims. Guess I got lucky? - And OT: Looking forward to this as long as there is no achievements linked to actually using the Kinect to give a command. That would suck big time for any Sims fans without Kinect, including me.
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