Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is 'Better With Kinect' According to Box Art

Richard Walker

A quick look at the new box art for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier over on reveals that the game is bearing a Kinect banner, or more specifically a "Better With Kinect Sensor" strapline, revealing that Future Soldier will be compatible with the motion tracking device.

Could this be one of the core Kinect announcements that Microsoft has planned? Maybe, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier could be the first truly core title for the device, whch could also go some way towards explaining why the game has been delayed.

Could it be that Ubisoft delayed the game to incorporate Kinect? Perhaps, but that's all speculation for now. What is clear is that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will include Kinect functionality of some form or other. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is slated for a Q1 2012 release.

  • I hope this is just for commanding your A.I either by voice or even hand motions I can't imagine it changing the experience to much since it does not "require" Kinect. I look forward to seeing what they have done I have been looking forward to this game for awhile.
  • Oh no.
  • AWESOME!!! can't wait! have had pre-ordered since a year ago!
  • what :|
  • This could be bad.....
  • No No No Why?
  • ...this is what happens when devs over-analyze the formula...
  • it will only be voice and slight hand movement to send your team mates in. i love my kinect but i cant think of anything worse than playing a fps on it
  • @1 I agree with you, It'll probably be a minimal feature that's only in the game so Microsoft can say they have a hardcore Kinect game.Not to mention it will be optional. Nothing to be worried about for Ghost Recon fans.
  • yeah I don't think this would get too complex. Keep in mind that Ghost Recon is all about commanding teammates and taking down objectives collectively. I would imagine, like #1 and #8, that it's just a few simple motions you can do. Who knows; it could be good!
  • So it got delayed so they could add shitty Kinect interactivity?! What a waste of time, effort and money :(
  • No one will ever be happy. Everyone complains when there are no "hardcore" titles and then when they make one, they complain that it's being ruined. I guess I'll just chalk it up to a fear of change...idk
  • what #11 said
  • I couldn't get into GRAW because of the controls, they felt so heavy and clumsy (especially after playing Rainbow 6: Vegas), so hopefully this helps alleviate some of that...
  • Whats with all the negitive feedback? For months all I have seen are comments about how Kinect has no "Core" games. Yet now you get one and bitch. WTF !?!?
  • I'm kinda excited to atleast see this, and what they manage to put in i hope there is more then voice and slight hand just so my Kinect does something for a change :)
  • I think CynicalFate (and those likeminded) are probably bang on. It is probably going to incorporate hand motions for squad control, maybe voice commands as well. Since it is "better with kinect" it likely is going to still be fully functional without it. I have been waiting on this game as long as I can remember, and can't wait to see what they do with it.
  • Leave the core games for the controller, please. At least its just a tacked on feature and not a complete Kinect game.
  • This could be a disaster or brilliant! I dont want to be jogging on the stop to make a person move on the game. But commanding your squad with voice and hand action would be cool. Are they working on a way to Kinect can read you properly when you are sat down?
  • Perhaps Kinect will only apply for certain missions, with tactical-only objectives. Let's hope.
  • ohh god please don't involve kinect and ruin another likely-to-be-decent gaaaame god dammit..
  • Not good.
  • I think its a good idea, actually, if they pull this off, it could be great! and aswell, it only says "better with kinect" so you don't have to use it. 'Tis upto you.
  • It could used as the cross-com feed , Maybeeeeee???
  • I would like to guess that most people don't have room for kinect. I sure as hell don't!
  • i hate this news but i love Ghost Recon. I have been beyond pissed for the last year now with all the delays and the no news about it. al a sudden we get a delay til next year and Kinect ready in 2 weeks? Looks like i am going to get a Kinect soon. I gotta try whatever it is they are gonna try to do. @24 I like this idea. Maybe it could be used in co-op or MP of some kind. that might work but i doubt the camera is the only thing they have in mind here !
  • I think it's great, why all the hate? The game s fully playable without Kinect anyway, with additional support for those who have invested. You don't HAVE to use Kinect, and no-one is missing out by not. Everyone's a winner. I'm excited about what this may involve, in the same way that Killzone 3 with Move support was just awesome.
  • I just want the game released - I have Kinect and will try it out but for the majority of the time I will just keep it simple. Don't need to be waving my hands all over the place!
  • @25 Technically, I don't have what Microsoft reccomends but i can play by myself just fine. 2 players is a little tricky though.
  • 1. To most of the posters: learn to know the difference between "Better with Kinect" and the normal packaging. 2. Most of the people were wining for more 'mature' titles for Kinect. Here you go, now stop bashing it before you even know any details. OT: Awesome! Let's see what they did.
  • Well it says "better with Kinect" not "requires Kinect". You'll be able to call out command to your squad, calling it now.
  • @21: And what game yet released has been ruined by Kinect as you so aptly put it? Every game so far has been built almost from the ground up exclusively for the device save for Joy Ride and Sonic Riders (or whatever it was called). I don't know about anyone else, but I am going to do the "uncool" thing on the internet and choose not to bitch and whine about something I know nothing about. I know, I'm not cool. I'm not trying to impress anyone with my hardcore-ness, though. Instead, I am going to wait patiently for some actual information before passing any sort of judgement and hope that I'm pleasantly surprised by what Ubisoft manages to do with integrating Kinect into a core title so that we can start to see more similar enhancements to games. Hell, if I'm feeling saucy I may even wait to get some actual hands-on time with the game before I even pass judgement! I'm so zany.
  • all games that have Kinect capability but don't require it have the "Better with Kinect" tag on it, it's not so much literal, but more of a marketing idea
  • I died a little inside when I saw this.... Then I noticed "BETTER WITH" not "REQUIRED" Faith restored, now just hurry up and release it!
  • I would have rather they have not have Ghost Recon of all games with Kinect.
  • so thats the reason the game got delayed
  • I'm guessing it will mainly use voice commands or hand gestures to tell squadmates where to take cover
  • I was looking forward to this. If I wanted to play a kinect I would of bought a Wii. IMO it will be years before they make decent motion control games, thats why I'm not wasting my time or money on this garbage.
  • Well having tried ghost recon on Wii not so long, which was on the rails and sucked overall, I sure hope it turns out how most of you say - for voice or hand commands only, while still playable with controller. Will hold out with judgement until I see more details since I love the franchise:-)
  • how about the beta that was promised us with splintercell conviction? is that still on? or can we forget about the beta to?
  • Oh No, Theres no Core games for Kinect, kinect is bad. OH NO, there adding EXTRA features to a great game This is terrible. I which people would grow up and admit that the reason they bash Kinect, is because they shit themselves at the first inkling of change :P
  • Kinect Based Achievemnts, Anyone
  • @38: Too bad playing a Wii is absolutely nothing like playing with Kinect. Way to out yourself as both short-sighted AND ignorant. Good job.
  • Jesus, man! It says "better" with kinect, what are you complaining about? It's still going to be Ghost Recon. I'm really looking forward to this.
  • @43 I've played the kinect and the wii, essentially its the same thing except one has a remote and one doesn't. If you wanna go out and buy kinect games I'm not stopping you. I am not interested in motion controlled gaming so I won't be supporting it, simple as that.
  • Sweet going to play with my controller and with my Kinect to see how it goes
  • i cant understand people saying kinect is going to ruin it,does anybody know for sure what kinect is capable of,i for one cant wait for this game,it probably will be for voice commands and moving your squad about but at least developers like ubisoft are trying something different
  • YES!!!
  • People this is what we have been waiting for. It simply says "better with Kinect" so you can play it just fine with a controller, but like they've mentioned from the beginning there will be games that use both the controller and Kinect to enhance the experience. This will probably be used for command of your squad, hand gestures, and perhaps some other body motion (i.e., leaning out from cover [using your body] and firing [by using the controller])
  • WTF? Que?!
  • Where's our beta Ubisoft??? You continue to disappoint and lie, without any word as to why.
  • this game is never going to come out, so dont worry about it having kinect
  • will this affect the beta (when it finally goes online)
  • I for one have never moaned about having more mature titles for Kinect.. I just dont think Ghost Recon is and Kinect mix. Ghost Recon is a very hardcore game, probably too hardcore for Kinect Save the Kinect features for games like Fight Night
  • Can't knock it till you've tried it. I accept this with open arms.
  • Still waiting on my Beta?
  • This makes absolute sense for the delay, SOCOM 4 ready with move seemed like a natural contender against this.
  • there's an oxymoron. NOTHING is better with Kinect. This is why the 360 version of No More Heroes hasn't been announced for the US yet.....they want to ruin it with Kinect support, much like the addition of move support for the PS3 version.
  • If its voice controls for your squad then i think it could work great, allowing me to focus on shooting people instead of commanding my team. They may even surprise us with quite a feature kinect ready features. I for one am looking forward ^^
  • I actually really curious as to how this Kinect functionality will pan out. I think there are many other uses for it other than strictly motion controls. Even gesture and voice commands sound awesome. Not sure how it will be with a simulated rifle controller tho, but we will see what they have up their sleeves shortly.
  • I don't know why everyone is so upset. I'm excited about the game as I've been playing Ghost Recon a long time, though I haven't owned any of the GRAW titles. The fact that they're trying to integrate kinect into the game is great, the future of gaming has to start somewhere, why not here?
  • I signed up for the beta since last year when Conviction was released. And now I need a kinect for this.
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Are you for real Ubisoft? You have countless gamers by the balls for a year and now you drop this shit on us? If it turns out to be Kinect-centered I think I'd actually be pissed.
  • As long as this is an either/ in I sure as hell better still be able to play with my controller.
  • I want this game, but I'm not gonna play it with Kinect.
  • Ok am I seeing things? They release news on this game since like first of the year or sometime last year and here they show us a Kinect boxart? Fuck off Ubi
  • I wonder if there will still be a beta.
  • which*
  • Sounds promising my only worry - Purple Box! :O
  • Games are "better" when they are released on the launch date we were originally told. On topic, I think mw3 coming in nov. also pushed this back. Pitting military shooters against cod is pretty pointless, from a sales perspective. But a march release next year would be a good time, just when people will be tiring of mw3. Hopefully the kinect functionality will work good and they won't dumb down the game too much. And Ubisoft needs to announce a new rainbow 6 game soon.
  • The Kinect could be a disaster or a great thing depending on how it works
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