FIFA 12 Release Date Leaked

Lee Bradley

The FIFA 12 release date has been leaked to us by a retail source and, well it's not a massive surprise.

As has been the way since, like forever, EA's football mega-franchise will release in the Autumn, hitting British stores on the 30th September this year.

We're not sure about the rest of the world, sorry. But hey, if anyone wants to leak that to us too, it's cool.

As you can see in the shot below, there's some pre-order bonus stuff detailed along with the release date. And if I'm not mistaken, last week's reveal of the GAME Group-exclusive Ultimate Edition didn't mention My Live Season. You can't quite make out what it says, but let's go crazy and presume that they're chucking that in as a pre-order bonus too.

My Live Season is the add-on that allows you to play a season with constantly updating player stats, including form and results and starting line-ups and all that stuff. It basically provides an ultra up-to-date version of your chosen league to run around in and usually costs 800 MSP.

Want to read some more about FIFA 12 itself? Check out Rich's preview of the game, along with our interview with FIFA 12 Line Producer (he produces lines), David Rutter.

  • Hopefully the UK gets it first this time!
  • For the £54:99 as mentioned in your pervious article . I’d want Wayne Rooney to come round my house and play it with me.
  • @2 But Wayne Rooney will probably end up hooking with your mom or grandma if ya know what i mean, you could try Giggs...oh wait...
  • @3 very true. Ill stick with Gary Neville. Bet he is shit at it anyway.
  • well australia's usually grouped with uk for releases because of it being pal and all, so hopefully its not late coming here
  • On the Gamestation website, they say you get 24 free Gold Packs for FUT (4 packs per month for 6 months) and also LiveSeason for free. Think I'll be preordering this!
  • If you really wanted a release date all you needed to do was phone game. I work in a similar video store. So the 30th has been known for a long time. EA can shove UT. It sucks. Imporove clubs! And don't have us waiting a month to fix the servers this time.
  • @7 Couldn't agree more, Clubs is definitely the best feature of FIFA and with a few tweaks it could be made so much better!!! And the 30th was the only date really as fifa is always released on the friday nearest the 1st of october
  • @3, 4 If you want boring invite Michael Owen or Alan shearer round
  • :)
  • @2 It's actually £44.99 check GAME
  • DONT buy it from GAME. They are the worst game company by far in the UK/Europe. Give your money to the smaller but far superior retailers such as, as they offer the Ultimate edition as well (so much for a GAME-only exclusive) and you're pretty much guarenteed to get the game 2 days early. Or you could just wait for the normal edition as there is always a gold pack glitch that thousands of people inevitably exploit every year which ruins the game economy.
  • @#9, Owen and Shearer are party animals when compared to the likes of Berbatov or Fletcher...
  • Kind of scarred from buying FIFA again. Especially after the lack of effort they put into FIFA 11.
  • Good to know!
  • FIFA is AMAZING!!!!
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