E3 2011: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Trailer Swings into View

Lee Bradley

"What happens after we die? In my case, we're about to find out."

Hot from E3 2011, here's another Spider-Man Edge of Time trailer for to you to gawp at. Full of slingy, swingy, bashy action, it's suitably dramatic. It even does that Inception thing everyone does these days. Brrraawrrrrmmmrmrm!

This cryptic "what happens after we die" business refers to the game's time travel theme. In Spider-Man: Edge of Time you'll swing back and forth from controlling regular old Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099.

The trailer is below. The game itself, from Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox, is due out some time this Autumn/Fall.

  • looks ok not a buy though
  • changed my mind looks crap
  • I think they should start making these Spiderman games like the Batman games.
  • Meh.
  • looks more like a borrow than a buy
  • I loved shattered dimension but have no inclination to play an identical game (which this looks like) HOWEVER if they add loads of new elements then I'll give it a go for sure!
  • 'casts his sticky web all over your face' made me lol >D
  • What the fuck is that thing spidey is talking to? The Anti-Venom or whatever that name was I heard somewhere....?
  • Agree with #3, I used to hate batman and think he was boring but thought spiderman was amazing (mainly down to the games not comics, although I do have a signed first issue amazing spider man :p) but the batman game blew me out of the water and changed my mind. No idea how they would make it as good without blatantly copying it though....
  • @ ThoracicKez - You changed your mind in all of a minute? Productive. @ 3 - What? Like crap? Sorry if I misread that you wanted Spidey to be like Arkham Asylum, which is what I assume but prior to that, every Batman game has tanked horribly. The Spidey games are considered the best superhero adaptation games ever since they allow you to feel as thought you're playing the true character.
  • "Spidey casts his sticky web all over your face." Take that how you will.
  • Another franchise getting milked
  • @ 12 - Such a bogus argument. People loved Shattered Dimensions. Why not make a sequel? According to you, everything that becomes popular is ripe for being milked from then on. If that's the case then bring on the double dairy dose b/c if I like something, I want as much as possible.
  • @10 12 and probably the next 46 posts. Productive? pot,kettle? OT. Looks like a cut and past of the very dull SD.
  • *@10 13 and probably the next 46 posts. EDIT: cant count.
  • @ Arron114 - Sorry that I have more to say than just a simple quip or whatnot. And bad call on the productive pot calling the kettle black. As mentioned, I don't just pop into a comment and simply insult someone for their opinion or put a one sided "Awesome!/Crap!". Obviously I don't put up just bogus arguments or petty name calling. I'd rather dialogue.
  • Hasn't been a good Spidey game since 2.
  • @ 17 - Except for the story of Spidey 3 and the pretty bad dragging out of Web of Shadows, all 3 of those are the best spidey games to date. Even the comic based ones on the PS1 were pretty badass with roamability. Not to mention, lots of people loved Shattered Dimensions.
  • Not going to lie. The cut scene where the 2099 spider man was carrying the Amazing spider-man was pretty epic. That is the one thing that is making me want to get this.
  • This actually looks really good. Way better than previous game plus Antivenom - fuck ya, though I'd still rather see Carnage:-)
  • I like Beenox's trend of using multiple Spider Men, I just hope it doesn't get stale after Shattered Dimensions.
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