E3 2011: Just Dance 3 Coming To Kinect. Rocksmith Dated for October

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has declared that gazillion-selling Wii dancing phenomenon Just Dance will be coming to Kinect for Just Dance 3, which is hoping to expand the dance craze to all consoles.

In other music gaming news, Rocksmith has also been given an October 2011 release window in North America and the game will be doing the rounds on the Rocksmith tour bus, with public demos enabling you to give the game a try.

  • Yey! Yet another dance game for kinect
  • More dancing, but no Prince of Persia? For shame.
  • You guys should really put all these new games in one big news article instead of making 40 of them lol just saying richard :P
  • IDeadAir, usually, when the hyper dies down, they always recap everything in one big article, just like they've done it in the past. :) And as for Just Dance 3 for Kinect, I have a feeling that it'll going to sell like hotcake this fall. I work at Amazon.com and I see people order Just Dance 1 & 2 ALL THE TIME for Wii. It was crazy, man.
  • Best things out of Ubisoft's conference was AC Revelations and Far Cry 3. I was really hoping for some info on Beyond Good & Evil 2 and for someone to come out and shoot Mr. Caffeine....
  • I'm looking forward to just dance 3 as me and my mrs have quite alot of fun on the dancing games
  • @5 Haha god I know. Every time Mr. Caffeine did his horrible Wayne's World "DULULULULU" thing I wanted to strangle him until the last 'lulu' came out as a faint gasp. Yes, he was THAT annoying.
  • Mass Effect 3 and Halo 4 are the most exciting announcements, looking for a possible Rokstar announcement? Perhaps a GTA5
  • I want this... but a little voice inside my head says NOOOoooooo its made but UBI.... and ubi has made one broken (now fixed) kinect game and three other impossibly bad games: MJ, motion sports and fighters uncaged with terrible lag/recognition
  • At first glance I thought I saw Just Cause 3 and got excited for a minute...
  • Yep, that's what we need. Yet ANOTHER dancing game. If that wasn't cringe-worthy enough, its made by Ubisoft.
  • Dancing and fitness is really only sort of games that could sell on Kinect so this is understandable. Still, I don't think anyone will look for another after trying Dance Central:-P
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