Zombie Studios and 505 Games Announce ''First Person eXperience'' Blackwater

Alan Pettit

Developer Zombie Studios (Blacklight: Tango Down) and publisher 505 Games have announced a "First Person eXperience" (really, it says that in the presser) titled Blackwater. Named after the private military company, Blackwater will feature Kinect support, developed in conjunction with actual ex-Blackwater mercs to get all the signals and movements as authentic as possible. However, it will not require a Kinect sensor and can be played fully with a controller. Other than the inclusion of the Blackwater name and officially-licensed guns, the story will be completely fictional, taking place in a non-existent African town.

No artwork or video has been released to showcase Blackwater, though the game is slated for release this fall.

  • "However, it will not require a Kinect sensor and can be played fully with a controller." Phew, that's a good thing. :)
  • Sounds like a really interesting idea. I hope it doesn't tank like Blacklight however.
  • Backlight Tango Down really was a great game, I'll be keeping my eyes on this for some screenshots or footage.
  • Well.. though the extremely limited amount of information stops me from having much of an opinion, I guess it could be an interesting title. I wonder how long it will be before we hear about this again.
  • I wonder if there will be seperate cheevos like in GH3...
  • Yeah not much info to go on. But we shall see...
  • Agreed. More information needs to be released before opinions can be made.
  • screw, good gameplay, mechanicss, engine, graaphics and story. all we really need is OFFICIALLY LISCENCED GUNS thats what good gaming is all about.
  • @#8: Aye! :D
  • Do we get to ride around on decked out Chevy Subarbans, ignore local driving laws and customs with U.S. back immunity, scream racial epithets at the natives, and gang rape some locals/female coworkers. In the interest of keeping it "authentic."
  • Finally, a good use for my Kinect: shooting unarmed civilians.
  • so not impressed with core games that use kinect. if you're watching the E3. you'll see its all voice command/harry potter crap! nothing stands out for kinect users!
  • Blacklight a good game? What? That has to be the best joke I have ever heard!
  • Eh. Why no vid? Oh well.. Not gonna knock it yet.
  • No video and it's coming out this fall?
  • I'll have to see some pics or a trailer on this, but this has my interest.
  • Sweet! I love private military contractors. More so I really like Blackwater...so I am pretty excited for this game.
  • Sweet! Blackwater is like 30min away from me and its sweet to see a game out from these guys. This is the real Black Ops guys...missions that the government cant touch so they pay these guys to take care of it.
  • @18, Blackwater are PMC's not special forces. They are not under the supervision of the US military. They mostly do security for diplomats.
  • Blacklight was such a let down. I just hope they can pull it off this time around and make a noteworthy game for a change:-)
  • @3 It would be a goodgame if you didnt have to wait three days for a ten second match.
  • I wonder which level has you killing non-combatants? Seriously, Six Days in Fallujah MUST DIE, but this'll probably get past American Right Wing news sources without even a hiccup.
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