Get Hands-On With Child of Eden at the Live Experience in London

Richard Walker

Child of Eden has hit stores in North America today, and will be hitting the streets in the UK and Europe later this week. If you can't wait until then to get your hands on the game though, and fancy getting an exclusive Child of Eden T-shirt into the bargain, then you can visit the Child of Eden Live Experience in London's Soho and try out the game on Kinect.

The Live Experience is on now at 34-35 Dean Street until June 22nd, and if you check-in via Facebook using your phone, you'll get an on-screen voucher for a free Child of Eden T-shirt from GAME on Oxford Street. For more details, visit the official Child of Eden Facebook page and check out trailer number one below.

Trailer number two meanwhile, is the Child of Eden launch trailer, which shows the psychedelic motion-controlled shooter in action, with it's retina-frying visuals and its thumping soundtrack. Child of Eden is out now in North America and is coming to the UK and Europe on Friday, June 17th.

  • waiting for some core games still. not to sure about this game either. i have kinect but i just dont understand the concept of this game. is it making art pictures? a shooter or what is it?
  • I gotta get this! It looks so trippy =D
  • rented it from Gamefly, should be here tomorrow. I'll try it out with the controller and Kinect.
  • I am so hyped for this game, yes its Kinect, but its also kinda Rez 2, so who cares!!!!
  • they're playing it in the dark ?????
  • @4 you can still play it with a controller.
  • an excuse to go into soho tomorrow?
  • @ 1 It's an artistic first person shooter. It blends a beautiful art style with mesmerizing music. Apparently it utilizes the kinect really well. Will definitely pick this up soon.
  • I'm with panic attack 10 what the fuck is it.
  • Hands on ?! How ? its Kinect.
  • I hope the soundtrack is as good as in Rez HD, they should add Fear is the Mind-Killer by Adam Freeland
  • :D I just got mine. The music is nice I'm still abit confused on the movments. If you hit with the music you gain more points. Anything with good music i'll play. You can play on Kinect or controller. The colors are bright i would say if ya play it in the dark use the controller or the kinect cant read ya.
  • Looks good. Quite looking forward to this. Something a bit different to "sports" games for kinect.
  • I liked rez and this looks even better so I will get it, but when it drops in price.
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