Trenched Gets Delayed in Select European Territories

Richard Walker

Double Fine's extremely manly tower defence mech shooter, Trenched has been delayed in select European territories today, although Microsoft has neglected to say which ones. Nor was a reason given for the temporary delay other than "challenges with distribution".

Speaking to Eurogamer, a Microsoft representative said, "Distribution of Trenched in select European regions will be slightly delayed. We're working to resolve the matter as soon as possible."

Xbox Live EMEA Editor Dan Maher also tweeted the "official line" regarding the unexplained delay, stating "unexpected challenges with distribution in some European regions." Maher then added that it "shouldn't take long!" So, we recommend keeping an eye on the Trenched page on, where it should eventually appear to download for 1200 Microsoft Points.

[Via Joystiq]

  • Not the UK though, right? After OWB has been given the shaft until 19th July, this was all I wanted for this month.
  • Could care less.
  • @2 Why could you care less? That sucks for the people who can't download it and were looking forward to it, hopefully it's a quick fix.
  • looks like the uk didnt get it, at least i havnt
  • Seems UK is one of the regions affected. Shame> :(
  • This release kind of snuck up on me. Does anybody know why Microsoft Game Studios was releasing this one as opposed to THQ? Does that hint at future Double Fine exclusives or is this a one time deal?
  • I'm downloading the trial for this now. I hope it's awesome!
  • some regions. more like all regions :( was so looking foward to playing this after work today to.
  • Fine by me, i want this game but im trying to save money so the later it comes out the better (within reason of course, im not talking DN:F levels of delay here).
  • @2 Do you say you could care less because you care so much?
  • Here in the netherlands it isn't available yet but i can download the trial through my usa acount.
  • @2 if you "could care less" it must mean that you do care somewhat for there being a possibility that you could care less. However if you said you couldn't or could not care less it means that means that the level of caring could not go any further down and therefore are not caring at all.
  • Someone pretty much thumbed down ALL comments.
  • @6 : It has been rumoured that Double Fine might get a deal to publish Brutal Legend 2 through THQ. I, for one, hope that happens. @14 : It's just dicks again, trolling people. I've given as many thumbs up as it'll allow to counter this. =P
  • Looks decent enough but not decent enough for $15. They have to be losing out on sales by being greedy.
  • Not available in Spain yet. I will try to download it with my american account.
  • I care
  • @2 Go watch this...NOW! OT: Gutted that this is delayed, Double Fine has made some great arcade games. I'm looking forward to when this finally does come to the UK.
  • Looks like it hasn't been released in Europe at all. Quite annoying, was looking forward to play it today.
  • I think it's the same story for Australians, still undecided, def going to check the trial
  • @15 That'd be amazing. I honestly don't care who Double Fine is working with as long as they keep making money and keep making games. Are there any new rumors about a new Psychonauts since Double Fine retained the rights to the first one recently?
  • @2 couldnt care more
  • I am liking this game a lot.
  • That's a shame, played the trial and it's awesome game. As soon as it goes on DoTW I'm grabbing it:-)
  • 4 days after realese and still not available in the UK. Typical :(
  • Honestly, this game is a lot better than I expected, a friend of mine recommended it to me and I was skeptical, but it turned out to be quite worth the price.
  • If you search for Trenched on the UK site it doesn't find anything, so don't hold you breath on this appearing soon (if ever I guess).
  • It's already been a week, and still not available. I guess they get their 'Shouldn't Take Longs' from the same place that Sony buys 'em. ~_~ Why does Microsoft hate Europe so much? We've got good food, polite people, free hospitals, and communism! ...oh, right, that last one.
  • By the looks of things the chances of it coming out this week seem slim. :(
  • Thank you for the post there #31. Now I have a pain knowing that this game may take forever T-T.
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