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Richard Walker

With summer now officially here, there's still time to hone that beach body as UFC Personal Trainer hits the stores this week, giving you the chance to get a cage fighter's workout and treat yourself to a cage fighter's body, so you can hit the seaside and kick sand into the face of someone smaller than you.

If you're happy with a beer gut and would rather work on honing that instead, you can stay at home and play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition instead or ride a bike in Tour de France, rather than saddling up yourself and riding. Or alternatively, you could just destroy thousands of robots in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.

They're all out this week, so there's almost something for everyone. Take a look:

Asia (via

  • Power Smash 4
  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

Australia (via

  • FEAR 3
  • UFC Personal Trainer

Europe (via

  • UFC Personal Trainer
  • Tour de France
  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

North America (via

  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
  • UFC Personal Trainer
  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Limited Edition with DLC
  • Meh, only Gundam that seems interesting this week.
  • Poor !!!!! for me
  • Australia dont get MK but they get fear 3? I know which one would keep me up at night and its not sub zero.
  • :(.........nuf sed!!!!
  • meh nothing too interesting for Europe
  • tour de france! :P
  • lol tour de france
  • Wow. What's up with Asia getting things so late? Didn't TDU2 come out ages ago?
  • Roll on July 7th when its insects and jetpacks in EDF
  • when does UK get Super Street Fighter 4: Aracade Edition? I want to see how much it is and debate whether it'd be worth trading SSF4 in and get the AE or would it be cheaper just to buy the new content.
  • Gundam for me, fucking love the games.
  • Also, does the Black Ops Limited Edition with DLC hint that Annihilation is the final DLC? It'd be pretty pointless creating that if there were to be another DLC...
  • @Arron, I thought I read that the laws on 18 games in Australia were lifted, but I doubt it counts for games released before it was implemented, or perhaps it hasn't been implemented yet, in that case I'm just as confused as you, or perhaps I'm wrong D:
  • UFC Personal Trainer might be cool. At least it comes with avatar awards - so it makes you push even a bit more on the exercise ;)
  • @#12 According to Activision and Gamestop, the Black Ops Limited Edition with DLC will only include the 'First Strike' map pack. So there might be more DLC on the way... Why not include the other DLC as well though... doesn't Activision have enough money already? Oh wait never mind it's Activision.
  • Tour de France and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 for me this week :D
  • @15 - That my friend, is completely ridiculous. Another scam being pulled by Activision. I'll bet it costs 40 quid still, what an absolute joke.
  • Weird that I never Bought Black ops Shud I Get it now???
  • @10 It came out last week I think? My brother got it delivered from Amazon on friday
  • Wow what a great idea, lets release a game with only 1 map pack. It would of been smarter to re-release it with all the current map packs.
  • @8: the xbox isnt really popular in asia, so they dont really care i guess. Anyhow nothing for me this week, i wanna get BF3, MW3, dead island And AC:R why do i have to wait that long? :( Well at least i have zelda for my 3DS that i havent completed yet. :D
  • im hoping EB Games rings me in the morning saying i can pick up UFC Personal Trainer. Usually do 2 or 3 days before the date with games im waiting for
  • I think what you meant to say is, there is almost something for everyone that owns shitnect:-P I for one am happy I can pay my bills for a change this week:-)
  • Wasn't Arcana Heart 3 out this week in Europe.
  • Finally get to play Fear3
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