Warlords HD's Characters Revealed in New Trailer

Richard Walker

Atari's upcoming remake of Warlords, not only completely transforms the game with HD graphics and a bold new art style, but it also features four sinister warlords to face, each with their own accompanying element and their own weird quirks and characteristics.

There's Restivo, the tree-hugging nature warlord, Kroi the rotund barbaric fire warlord, Goelus the snowman-building ice warlord and Tarorthane the throughly evil, ballet dancing, dark warlord. You'll be able to take them on in four-player multiplayer or single-player modes when Warlord hits XBLA later in the year.

Warlords HD will be demanding that you 'smash them all' when it launches on the Xbox Live Arcade in summer 2011 for 800 Microsoft Points. For more on Warlords HD, check out our E3 2011 preview. But first, give the character trailer a watch below.

  • Until they patch the original port on the arcade I will not touch this game.
  • I've been disappointed with a couple of the recent Atari remakes. Hopefully this one will fare better.
  • Polishing a turd
  • I've said it several times but I wish they would remake Steven Fawkner's WARLORDS game from back in the day. Turn-based RPG-like awesomeness. I miss it :(
  • Characters remind me a bit of Castle Crashers...but less awesome
  • I was playing this at the MCM expo in London, im afraid this is a disappointment.
  • Will give trial a shot, but does not look all that appealing to me...
  • I've never heard of the first Warlords. I need to go play the original; comparing how the remake stands up to the original is half the fun of remakes.
  • Looks like yet another half-assed multiplayer game. It just looks...boring.
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