Monkey Island Special Edition Collection Coming to Europe

Richard Walker

Activision has announced that it's set to publish the Monkey Island Special Edition Collection for release later this year, bundling The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge into one neat package with additional bonus content from the Lucasarts vault.

Both games will be available in their entirety on the retail disc, with remastered HD graphics, the remastered score, full voiceover and a hints system to help you out should you get stuck. And yes, you'll still be able to seamlessly switch between the classic and HD versions of the game at the touch of a button, and you'll still get the commentary from creators Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman on Monkey Island 2.

Both full games will come with new, never-before-seen bonus content on the disc too, including environment and character concept art from the Special Editions and the original and re-recorded soundtracks. There'll also be storyboards and concept art from an Industrial Light & Magic animated Monkey Island movie that never saw the light of day.

Monkey Island Special Edition Collection will be flying the Jolly Roger and setting sail to retail stores on September 9th, 2011. If you can't wait that long though, you could always download the games from the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points each.

  • Damn, I wish I hadn't downloaded these from the marketplace now.
  • Great games
  • They should rather do remakes of "the curse" and "escape from" than just releasing something out for ages on a disk :-(
  • Do Curse and then some of the other scumm classics. Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis... so many classics waiting to be 'special editioned'.
  • Any word on separate achievements? Just give me an excuse to play through these masterpieces again.
  • always wanted to actually try the monkey islands so will try and give this ago "newver-before-seen bonus content", also you put a w in never =x but ignoring that it sounds interesting
  • Got these on release from the marketplace but would be interested in the standalone soundtracks and I'm curious about the film the never was... or will it be?
  • isn't this a complete waste of a dvd since they are like under 100mb each?
  • glad i never bought these now physical disc >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DD but il most certainly have to buy them now but come one, give us Curse of Monkey Island already, it's one of my favourite games of all time
  • Bonus - The ability to play as Starkiller in the Monkey Island universe.
  • Also got them both for 400msp each - I very much doubt the disc will cost the equivilent of 800msp.
  • @4 - You missed out Loom. Absolute classic. @8 - These versions are about 1GB - 1.5GB each. I've already got these off market place, but might get this collection for the bonus features. These are two of my favourite games ever made and I love what they did with the remakes, leaving the core game intact and just updating visuals and sound.
  • I much prefer physical copies of my games to digital only. Definitely be picking these up when they come out.
  • This "news" have been known for over 6 months lol :) Lets hope they will have their own achievements list/lists :)
  • @14 - It was only officially announced by Activision this morning, so no, it hasn't been known for over 6 months.
  • Yay! First day purchase for me!
  • Already own both of them, but still happy if more people play this now. I hope they re-master th 3rd MI as it was my first Monkey Island game and i still love it :)
  • @15 Weird since it has been able to preorder for 6 months here :).
  • @18 being able to preorder something doesn't mean it has been officially announced does it...? think about it.
  • @19 They dont put it out for preorder if they dont know that its getting released if they doubt it they remove it or dont put it there at all :). But idont think it said anything about activision though i think it was put as lucasarts to release it so i guess that was the news.
  • for people hoping for there own lists I highly doubt it sounds like the other arcade collections just put on a disc. ala the plants vs zombies and the arcade collections or konami collections.
  • @21 Yeah i think so to :(. But i think im going to pick it up anyway i prefer to have my games on disc if its possible :).
  • Eh? Monkey what? I have no idea what this is, can someone please explain?
  • @ #23 - I have never heard of these games in my life. The Dig, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Loom, and other Lucasarts adventure games that should be ported to XBLA are completely unknown to me as well.
  • I've already got both but I will definitely buy this for the bonus content alone!
  • @24 Grim Fandango on XBLA would be incredible
  • Yay for pointless releases!
  • The one thing I don't like about XBLA games on disc is the lack of an Install to HD option (unless I'm missing some way to make it work). I forget how loud the DVD drive is until I put in XBLA Unplugged or Namco Museum. Still, usually a lot cheaper than buying the downloads, plus you can rent and sell. As for the games, I enjoyed both Monkey Island Special Edition's when I got them on DotW. And I enjoyed Day of the Tentacle back in the 90's. I hope that gets the SE treatment next.
  • Don't see much point to this, everyone who is in the know would have purchased these on the marketplace, however if they released it digitally and on dvd at the same time I would have got the hard copy, even if it was a bit more expensive. = bad timing.
  • I want to see Purple Tentacle and his hilarity in a Special Edition!!! But Curse and Escape as well as a bunch of other titles, Grim Fandango jumps out at me :) I also remember the old Discworld 1 and 2 games being on SCUMM as well. How I'd love to run through D2 again, one of the funniest games I've ever played alongside Monkey Islands
  • Awesome! will they retail roughly around £20 due to the arcade price? but non the less, i will get this, gaming this autumn / winter is going to be amazing!
  • I already got these from xbla and would buy the retail version so I have a hard copy but will I be able to get the achievements all over again?
  • And it probably will cost more than $20 thanks to additional conent. Either way I finished both on Arcade and since there is no extra actual game content involved I won't have to worry about this:-)
  • Pricing information? @14: Owned by 15.
  • What's up...
  • I actually just got part 4 and 5 for free on the Wii from Telltale for doing some survey, which is totally bizarre. I don't own, nor have I played, any of the others. If this hits stateside, I may consider getting it, and then I'll just have to get part 3 on either 360 or Wii.
  • Glad i held out on buying the sequel and waited until the first was on sale. Ill probably pick this up depending on the price.
  • @ #36, trolls have been known to strangely disappear after putting in their trolledge.
  • Sweet! I´m glad I don´t have them yet. :)
  • @29 This is obviously aimed at those who don't have XBL, while probably a very small minority i believe some people still dont have it.
  • I never tried monkey island i might try it !
  • why do the europeans always get the collectors edition?!?
  • Its not a collectors edition , and no Europeans don't always get the collectors editions
  • This pleases me!
  • Why should they remake CoMI? It's perfect as it is, they could only port it to X360 the way it is.
  • No US?
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