Microsoft Still Working to Resolve Trenched Release For Europe

Richard Walker

Microsoft is still "working to resolve" trademark issues currently preventing Trenched from making it onto European shores, says Double Fine Producer Brad Muir. But with a dispute regarding the game's name between Microsoft and Portugese designer of board game 'Trench' Rui Alípio Monteiro, Trenched is still on hold in Europe until the trademark is cleared. Monteiro had planned to turn Trench into a video game.

"This entire process has been very frustrating to us and it makes us sad that the people of Europe can't play our game," Muir told Destructoid. "Microsoft owns the IP for Trenched and they are working to resolve things as quickly as possible. I wish there were more information to give but it's still unclear as to how things will shake out. The one thing I do know is that the game will be released in those territories!

"It might take a while, but Europeans will have the opportunity to stick it to Vlad and his Tubes. We would recommend playing through Castle Crashers for the 17th time while you wait, because that game rules and Dan Paladin is a national treasure."

You can grab Trenched from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points in the US, or download Castle Crashers for 1200 Microsoft Points in Europe.

  • I just want my dead block to work
  • Can't you just set-up a US account and download it on that as it saves to your hard-drive?
  • THERE JUST WORDS, stop having a sook about nothing
  • Yeah, sure, now he wanted to turn it into a video game. Sounds fishy to me.
  • @1 still not working. Not went back to it yet. Hate when games are like this. Especially when you buy on day 1. OT: Trenched looks ok. Seems be to an easy 200
  • you'd have thought they'd have figured this kinda thing out, you know, before the damn game comes out.
  • Nice game. Have it. I'm from Europe :)
  • "Trench" and "Trenched" can't be copyrighted, they are common words. Show some balls and just fucking release it, it's a great game. And yes, it's an easy 200, with a little help.
  • Who cares about a shitty board game, loads of movies and games have the same name but share nothing in common! (and I'm not talking about shitty movie games either) Anyway trenched and trench are different names, if I saw "guess who'd" I wouldn't assume it was guess who and buy it.
  • It's a silly legal battle to say the least and I am sure that MS will win out in the end but will probably have to pay a fair fee to Rui Alípio Monteiro for the right. Meanwhile Europe suffers as this looks like a bloody brilliant game
  • I'm portuguese and I never heard of such game.
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  • The thing is they are to different names :s you can't copyright a name that is only part of another products name and claim it yours can you?
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  • Cant you just download the game on an US account, then load it up on your european account and confirm purchase?
  • @18 - the game is region locked it seems to Microsoft knew what people would do they so have locked it
  • Greedy patent troll is greedy. Wish that jerk all the worst.
  • # 5 can't you afford microsoft points or something, its just a scam. GET A LIFE - SooWoo916
  • @18 is what i did..... does work or at least it did for me
  • Well that sucks. I am waiting for it to go on DoTW, but played the trial and can say it's awesome game, just a tad bit expensive:-)
  • #9 - Well you're wrong on a few levels. For one, neither Trench nor Trenched are copyrighted at all, they are trademarked (in their respective countries), two different things here. And...if you MEANT trademarked, well Trench already has a trademark in Europe, whether you believe it's valid or not. The release of Trenched in Europe would sound way too similar to Trench, which in turn violates the approved copyright. The board game maker has proven that their product 'Trench' is unique and identifiable to the game/future video game. Even if the board game maker is making up the videogame aspirations, he still probably has some legal grounds because the product shares enough similarities being "games". Microsoft has a lot of lawyers though, so they'll probably manage to get this one out in Europe anyways.
  • Can't they just change the name for European release?
  • I love Trenched so much, I just got my last achievement yesterday, and now I'm waiting for an announcement of DLC. I hope this gets fixed soon, Europe, because you're missing out on an amazingly fun game.
  • I want this game so bad :(
  • I remember when the band Fear Factory bitched about the old Fear Factor PS1 games and the title had to be changed to the less appealing Fear Effect. Then, years later, we get a shitty TV show called Fear Factor. Trademarks and patents can be such bullshit sometimes.
  • Forget the lawyers, MS could just hire an assassin to take out this 'Rui Alípio Monteiro' douche and nobody would ever be any wiser.
  • I wondered where this went to seeing as it's out on the U.S/Jap marketplace. I'm sure I saw it on the PSN yesterday when I actually bothered to turn on my PS3 for once (iPlayer)
  • I hate this guy who claims Double Fine stole the name, whilst its a bit different and Im sure they meant no harm by it, its just a name like, its not like its stealing the idea of his game or whatever it is he has called Trench, where was all these legal issues when the game was announced? -_- Mustn't have bothered him much then..
  • not being funny, but isn't the word 'trench' in the Oxford English Dictionary, reckon that'll get a court summons next?
  • @30 this is published by Microsoft, so you definitely did not see it on PSN. XBLA exclusive.
  • #15 get out of please and don't do spams again. SPAMMERS MUST GET OUT OF OUR WAY!!!
  • Anyway back to this topic, I might check it out trials before buy it once they complete fixes for European version of game.
  • just name the game Trenched-usa all good lol
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