Call of Juarez: The Cartel Launch Trailer Kicks Up its Heels

Richard Walker

Call of Juarez: The Cartel makes its way into stores this week, meaning it's launch trailer time again. Featuring three LA cops out to stop the corrupt cartels, you'll help uphold the law in the game's 'new Wild West' resorting to any means necessary, violent or otherwise. Mostly violent though.

Trading in its six shooters for automatic weaponry, The Cartel has you playing through the narrative as any one of the three protagonists, including McCall descendant, Ben McCall, who is the typically gruff, grizzled and tough type, able to handle himself in a fight.

Check out the launch trailer for one more look at Call of Juarez: The Cartel, which is out now in North America and is coming to Europe on Friday, July 22nd.

  • Welcome to the new wild west!
  • They ruined what was once a pretty decent franchise. Ugh.
  • I'm The Miz and I'm............AWESOME!!!!!
  • "Lets let people know it is in the call of juarez franchise with 1 guy wearing a cowboy style hat". Its 2011 for gods sake what horrible visuals.
  • No thanks.
  • I hope there is going to be a new Laddergoat on this one
  • Wow that.....doesn't look like anything that remarkable at all. Not to mention that horrible voiceover.
  • All hail ladder goat.
  • Anyone got this yet ? is it worth it.
  • Correction: Welcome to the new wild west! *With old west graphics.
  • Poor didn't deserve this....I loved Bound In Blood...prefer it to Red Dead to be honest.....why did they do this to you? The actual gameplay, and the time period.....and by god the graphics...all look just awful :(
  • Are the first two any good?
  • I don't know, it could be worth a rent, but I can't imagine shelling out full retail for this. Especially with all the amazing titles due out in the coming months.
  • Not too sure about it yet. Will wait for reviews and demo would be nice too:-)
  • I had enough store credit to buy so i did and just recently played the 2ND game, COJTC is a little ruff, I'm not a graphic wh*re and could give 2 sh*ts about MP, if your not sure rent it, there are far worse games for $60"yes Homefront included",but decide for yourself....
  • Cant really see why this game is already gettibg such a bad wrap. Its not a AAA title yes, but still looks like a load of fun just like the other games. Only thing i dont understand is the need to keep the "Call of Juarez" in the title? Has nothing to do with the old west
  • The game is actually a lot of fun if you have some co-op buddies. I bought it yesterday and am glad I did. And to all those people judging this on the trailer and graphics alone, ever hear of the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover"?
  • The voice over sounds like Duke Nukem
  • @11 Are you shitting me about BiB over Red Dead? wow....
  • @ #18, it is not the Old West that ties the games together, it is something else. Ben McCall is the great-grandson of Billy Candle, and the Mendoza Cartel is the descendent of the Juarez Gang (I assume), also the Gold of Juarez has a minor importance to the story.
  • I'm sure Clint Eastwood would still but those losers in a hole in a the ground.
  • i suggest if anyone actually really wanna play this game just rent it, because its really really horrible when it comes to a game like this. everything from the voice overs to the cheezy lines they say in the voice overs. and the shooting its terrible idk i'd give it a X-play review of 2 out of 5 haha they really took a step backwards with this game, i got it from gamefly yesterday played it for like 2 hours then decided i couldnt bare anymore so i sent it back right away. its a shame cause the last one wasnt to bad.
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