Trenched Releasing in Europe Under New 'Iron Brigade' Moniker

Richard Walker

Trenched will finally be heading to the Xbox Live Arcade in Europe, under the new moniker of 'Iron Brigade' this September Microsoft has confirmed at Gamescom, following a legal battle with a Portugese board game designer, whose tabletop game 'Trench' was deemed too close in naming terms.

Now with its new title of Iron Brigade, Double Fine can finally go ahead with launching Trenched in Europe. Hurrah!

Trenched... Sorry. Iron Brigade will be coming to Europe next month on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points.

  • Is this game any good? From the trial it seemed like you were always behind when the waves came since they had you pick up the currency.
  • I think Iron brigade sounds better anywayz still gotta wait a while for it hope it comes out before Gears.
  • I wonder if its possible to get 200 points in both versions or if its only the name that is different and all the coding is the same.
  • @2...Trenched is much better in my opinion,even if it has to be a different name.... just glad it got out for more to enjoy! learn to multitask, it shouldn't be a problem. very fun game and an easy 200.
  • Too little too late for me with Dead Island and Spacemarine coming next month, may pick this up at a later date but they took too long for me.
  • 'bout time.
  • Such a good game. I got the full 200 weeks ago, and now I'm just waiting for an announcement of DLC for it.
  • Will those of us playing Iron Brigade be able to play online with those who have Trenched?
  • Interesting. Don't know which name I like more! It's a great game though, personally my favorite arcade game.
  • Brilliant game; one of Double Fine's best. Happy to hear that Europe will finally be able to play it.
  • Living in Britain I've still obviously not played it, but I've heard nothing but good things about it....hopefully the name change won't have any adverse effects upon its sales figures...
  • They say Europe, but I could always dl it. I live in Norway.
  • I prefer Trenched, but I guess change of title is little compromise when you get the whole game in the package:-)
  • As great as this is, I'm definitely not shelling out 1200MSP for this anymore. I had the points on the original release and September already has RDR and FNV DLC along with Gears 3. I can only pick this up now when it's on offer, and I can't help but wonder why Double Fine didn't pick up on this copyright issue before the original release.
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