Silent Hill HD Collection No Longer PS3 Exclusive

Lee Bradley

Silent Hill HD Collection is coming to Xbox 360.

The collection, consisting of the second and third games in the spooky horror series, was initially intended to be exclusive to the PS3, but fan pressure changed the Japanese publisher minds. Yay!

Speaking during their Gamescom press conference (via Joystiq), Konami also revealed that the Xbox 360 version will release simultaneously with the PS3 version.

We're looking at a September or October release this year.


  • neogaf and n4g will be furious
  • nice i was hoping this would happen
  • Hooray! I hope to see similar news regarding the splinter cell collection at somepoint...
  • YES! YES! YES! *Changes pants* So many good releases so little time :)
  • Hopefully this version of Silent Hill 2 will contain the extra stuff from the Xbox version.
  • This is great news. Now I can play this on my 360 to get achievements. To bad though there still won't be Silent Hill 4.
  • HD collections are getting old now, don't publishers have any ideas anymore? They could of at least put the first game in too....
  • /developers*
  • I always thought this was coming out on 360 anyway. Wow, I could have been massively disappointed.
  • And it's only £20 on Zavvi! Awesome! :D
  • This is good news. I will finally get my chance to try SH2 that everybody keeps talking up.
  • I already thought it was going to be on 360!
  • cool i remember the first but not sure about 2/3....hmmm have to get a refresh
  • I FUCKING KNEW IT!!! They couldnt resist any longer!! WINNING
  • @3 totally forgot about the splinter cell collection, never played silent hill but sounds like great news for fans!
  • Hell yeah!
  • It's great that it will be on the 360, now I can play SH2, 3 and Downpour the fall. It'd be nice if the Splinter Cell collection came to the 360 since we got Conviction.
  • PS3 exclusives HA!
  • Can't wait for this, definite buy. Absolutely loved 2 and 3 wasn't bad either :)
  • I hate how they call them collections. Dreamcast collection only had 4 Sega games, and the MGS collection coming out will only have MGS1 in Japan. So this is a Silent Hill collection but with only 2 out of the 7 games??? Come on
  • @21, yeah not really a collection. No matter, I'd probably buy Silent Hill 2 if it was released on its own.
  • Thank you baby Jeebus! I do wanna play the old ones again without digging discs out. Though kind of a bad timeframe really with so many other games coming out that are worthwhile...this will probably be a xmas game, or a little bit after.
  • I hope SH2 has an achievement related to the first time you 'fight' Pyramid Head.
  • awesum dnt lik trophies
  • IGN knew this months ago and so did I. I thought it was common knowledge.
  • Woo Woo Woo i love the 360 more than the PS3 nice this will be a great treat SH2 and 3 were class PS2 Games.
  • No surprise here really. Next up, the Splinter Cell HD Collection. You know it's coming.
  • I didn't even know it was Ps3 exclusive because it was on zavvi on preorder for both consoles for £17.99
  • I hope those come as downloadable also.
  • Yay! :D
  • @7: Maybe they didn't want to not pay more voice actors than they already did. That still massively pisses me off why they are changing the voice actors if my guess is right.
  • @24: As long as they don't base an achievement/ trophy off of getting the 10 Star Ranking. Unless they can fix the fact that if you didn't get a 10 Star Ranking on your very next playthrough that you can still have the Green Hyperspray. As far as the achievement/ trophy goes for fighting Pyramid Head I wonder if it will be for lasting through the timer or forcing him to leave before the timer is over.
  • Yes. Very pleased to hear this.
  • I am so glad they decided to do this. I like the SH series but have never been able to get through the PS versions.
  • I better get my Splinter Cell. GrrrrRRRRRRRrrRrRrrrrr
  • I want shadow of colossus to be multi platform, ahh if only
  • huh? why isn't the first game in there?
  • Didn't Konami say at E3 this was already coming out for xbox 360?
  • Smartest Move they ever made, now if they would add the first game into the mix it will be golden!
  • @40: They changed their minds about two days after and said it was going to be a PS3 Exclusive.
  • Good news. will pick this up at some point I'm sure
  • Great news! Never got to play these though, could have done with the first game too rather than read up on it on the internet.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw this on a while back as a dual release. I could have misread, but there is no mistaking the green case of an Xbox 360 game.
  • Too bad im STILL gonna have to buy the HD Splinter Cells games on PS3 =/ id rather play on xbox..
  • thank god for that haha
  • YES!!!! This made my whole month even better.
  • I don't agree with the fact that the first one is missing, but I'm guessing there may be some issues with getting it into a collection or something?
  • Holy shit- got to add this to my must have list. I guess Konami realised their sales would suck balls if they kept it PS3 only lol
  • The prices for these collections are amazing! MGS HD is only £27 for all three on ShopTo, this is only £20, the Resident Evil remakes are £15 a piece. Great value for our money!
  • class!!! i cant wait to play some old horror games
  • This was announced for both consoles at first, then it was ps3 only. Now it's both again. This isn't old news guys. I am very happy about this though!
  • Saw the movie before i heard about the game. now i can play the SH games!
  • This is great news! I was worried the games wouldn't be coming out on the 360. I can't stand all this exclusivity crap on consoles. It gives fuel for all the fanboy's fire about which console is better and which has the best games etc. All the main consoles should have the same games!
  • That's awesome news. I doubt I will have time to play these anytime soon, but will make it a point to replay them some time next year:-) Was planning on getting them for PS3 anyway, so good for you guys:-)
  • Great news! Silent Hill 2 was fantastic although I never finished it on the original xbox, I never played 3 as it was PS3 only, I'll have to keep an eye out for this.
  • Old school Resident Evil & Silent Hill. I couldn't be happier.
  • Damn, why they left the first game out of collection? Oh well i hope they will really remake the graphics, not just add HD resolution to the game...
  • Im for the HD remakes, gives more use into the game, may spark old sales of the older game, and revive a series possibly...I just want the achievements woo!
  • Soooo why isn't the first one being released on top of these two versions. I am totally am in support of HD remakes. I never played some of these games before and I love chievos. But I don't understand why these HD remakes don't include the first games. First it was Metal Gear Solid that didn't have the first one in the HD and now it's Silent Hill. Come on developers if you are going to remake a classic trilogy, then at least put in the first one in the series so gamers like me who haven't played the whole trilogy can enjoy them like they were meant to be played.
  • While I would have loved to have seen the first and fourth games included, this is still great news.
  • I will definitely buy this, but what is the deal with these collections not having the first game? First Metal Gear Solid without number 1, now Silent Hill without the first! These collections would be loads better if they started at the start!
  • For the MGS collection, Hideo Kojima said that merely up-scaling the first game wouldn't be enough, and so decided to leave it out, with the possibility that it would be remade left open for the future. I would imagine that it's much the same reason with this collection, too. Now Ubisoft just need to follow Konami's lead and announce the Splinter Cell HD collection for the 360. There's no reason to exclude the console that made the series what it is today.
  • what about SH1, and i love how they're coming out with all these remakes. makes me very happy. Metal Gear solid, resident evil, and now this.
  • Screw Silent Hill, were the hell is the Splinter Cell collection? That game was originally an Xbox exclusive FFS!!!!
  • Wow.... what's with all the hate for #7. The person has a good point. I love the idea but am scared of the "redone" voice work. I am worried that they are going to screw it up. As for all those also wanting the Splinter Cell collection, they already botched it a bit for the PS3 as there is no support to invert the Y-axis. I am just hoping that that will get patched and that the Silent Hill collection won't make the same mistake.
  • I played the 2nd one, Homecoming, and the original- in that order. They were awesome. My question is does anybody know of the 3rd one was good? If so I will get this. Keep in mind I did buy The Room but didn't like it at all.
  • Konami would be stupid to not release it on 360 too, most games sell more copies on that system.
  • Fantastic news, I cant wait to play through these again!
  • #11 i know right i never got the chance to play any of them i only played homecoming and now i get to play 2 and 3 awesome!!!!!
  • voice acting is shit
  • This sucks major I'll have to get it for the Xbot 360!
  • This is great news!! :D Now all I need to hear is that the Splinter Cell Collection isn't a PS3 exclusive any more and I will be REALLY happy!!
  • does anyone know why silent hill 1 isn't being remade? just curious, legal issues with mutant babies with knives by anychance?
  • also curious that in a market where game developers need every penny they can get from their games, why cut out a massive horde of consumers by making 'exclusive' titles i could understand Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft made developed titles being exclusive to respective consoles, but anyone else doing it is just shooting themselves in the foot i reckon
  • I like the idea of HD remakes/re-releases. If films can do it - Star Wars I'm looking at you - then why shouldn't games? Anyone bitching about these remakes should throw away their dvds of star wars and ipods full of led zepellin, black sabbath and Boney M and play attack of the movies 3D while listening to Justin Bieber and then watch M Night Shyamalan's last 3 films and let everyone else revel in retro genius in all it's forms.
  • I want this. But had resigned myself to missing it, because my shitty PS3 is busted. And I couldn't be bothered to spend $150 to fix it just for this. So, this news is pure win. Though, I must say. I'm both disappointed, and confused, that they could even consider this a proper "collection" with only 2 and 3. The omission of Silent Hill, 4, Shattered Memories, and the PSP game, to me, means they left out more than they included. Sure, I could live without the later 3. But to not include the original that showed gamers what survival horror really was, is just criminal. But hell. Who knows? They did the same with the MGS collection. Perhaps they have bigger plans to maybe give both the full on remake treatment. Fingers crossed.
  • The reason why they're not putting the first game of both Silent Hill & Metal Gear Solid is because they were on Playstation 1. Updating a game 2 generations back would take much more work for them (I'm guessing). To make it look good in HD. As for those worried about Splinter Cell, it's listed as both PS3 & Xbox 360 on the ESRB website.
  • I cannot WAIT. I have waited for SH3 to come to xb360.. and i will be at the front door of GameStop waiting to get this game.. =)
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