Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure Coming to Kinect This Year

Richard Walker

Adding to the deluge of fitness-based Kinect games coming this year, Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure will be offering yet another opportunity to shift that spare tyre from your flabby beer gut with Microsoft's motion device.

Coming from the people who brought you the wildly popular Zumba Fitness, Fitness Adventure will provide high-energy workouts around lush jungle temple environments with a trainer who has more than a passing resemblance to Lara Croft. Lawsuit!

Fitness Adventure is also fully customisable with results-oriented training as you embark upon your "thrill-seeking journey". A novel way to get fit, Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure is out later this year.

  • The Kinect already has more fitness games than Nintendo has Mario games... enuff alread!!!
  • @1 - Why stop when people buy the games? Personally I would never buy this, but people obviously do.
  • agreed m8!!!
  • Bunch of fat-ass virgins gonna buy this. Trolololol
  • I knew this Tomb Raider reboot was unnecessary. I'm kidding of couse.
  • Jillian is welcome to punish me because I'm eating chips at the moment ;D
  • @4 what an idiot u r. OT - need to buy more games for kinect, and need to get rid of beer gut lol
  • Plenty of competition already in this genre. Not sure what they can bring to the table that isn't already there in EA Sports Active 2, Your Shape or UFC. Would like to see some developers be more original such as Gunstringer etc.
  • @5 I see you have decided to buy it then.
  • Fitness AND an adventure??? I'll pass, sounds too much like work!
  • i want mel b part2 no fair lolol
  • Fap
  • Is there anyway to stop posts like #4 ? I'm not on yahoo !!! I'm on 360a.
  • Urgh, I'm sick of these games, but you guys can blaime people like my wife for their popularity :(
  • @10 GOOD one looool
  • @ 5 So, how many copies are you getting then?
  • Seems pointless. Your Shape allready has that market on xbox 360.
  • Screw Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed Revelations this is the game i've been waiting for!
  • That Jillian Michaels chick is everywhere these days. What's so special about her? I'd be interested in this game a little bit more if it set in the worlds of other games other than just looking like Tomb Raider. It'd give my video gaming trivia base a tickle. And is it just me or is tagging "adventure" onto the end of anything actually mean that it's going to be horribly boring? lol Tagging "fitness" with "adventure" is like tagging anything to do with learning with "adventure".
  • GOTY
  • This game is gonna kick Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3's asshole. They both weren't expecting any more competition but Jillian Michaels just brought that shit to the motha' fuckin' table.
  • she is a butterface!
  • LMAO @9 & 16: # of copies of TR reboot = 1 # of copies of fitness game starring well-sculpted chick with manly face = 0
  • @17: I believe the battle for the best fitness game is still on-going. There are just too many for people to chose from. Personally Fruit Ninja is much better than these :p If you want a fitness game, the Mel B one is really cheap (at least in the UK, like £3), makes no sense paying release price. Its when the games start competing for the easiest achivements to boost sales the ratings will be all skewed.
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