Silent Hill HD Collection Screens Bring the Scares

Richard Walker

Four screenshots showing the Silent Hill HD Collection in all its pitch black glory have emerged, with James Sunderland feeling his way through the darkness and Heather from Silent Hill 3 encountering a cuddly bunny rabbit on a fun fair bench. Spooky.

There's even a shot of Sunderland having what appears to be a nice civilised chat with Pyramid Head, which is nice. And you'll also find Heather sat in a diner waiting for a burger or something...

Check out all four screenshots below. Silent Hill HD Collection is out in autumn 2011, hopefully with the original voice talent intact.

[Via Gematsu | Thanks, Chris]

  • Hang on - so this is coming to Xbox 360 then? I had heard that it was going to be PS3 only.
  • Can't wait to relive the scare factor :-)
  • time to revisit my childhood all over again XD
  • I just don't understand why Silent Hill 1 isn't included, especially since SH3 is essentially a sequel to it.
  • This was the shit when i was in high school! Cant wait
  • @4 In all fairness SH1 was for PS1 so an HD port would be difficult to do, especially on a much more advanced console. @1 They announced it's also coming to Xbox 360 due to the fans' demands.
  • So many good things coming out soon my brain doesn't know what the hell to do.
  • This and the MGS HD Collection are definite day one buys, my wallet already hurts just thinking about all these great games
  • Oh god, I thought this was next year! How am I supposed to play all the games coming out in the next few months?! I haven't even finished the ones I already have! And the worst part is that I know I will still buy this when it comes out, even if I know I don't have the time for it!
  • Release date when?!
  • I've been waiting to get achievements on Silent Hill 3 since the first day I got an Xbox.
  • #9 i know right too many games this year i might have to pick this up next year but still greatfull their really putting this game on 360 i never played the original ones before i only played 5 and it was good not very scary but still good then i cant wait for downpour.
  • @Richard: I'm quite sure they're remaking all the VA in both titles, but don't quote me on that. Nevertheless, I'm super stoked that they decided to release the collection for the 360 as well!
  • Yep, here's a comparison between the old and new VA:
  • Those aren't the HD screenshots are they? THey look super granular and low-quality :(
  • @Richard, its already been announced that James is voice is being re done as the original voice actor wanted extra money for doing it, I think I read it on Industry gamers if that helps!
  • This "Holiday Season" for games makes me wish for a winning lottery ticket... Dead Island, this, MGS collection, Skyrim, Saint's Row 3... MAKE IT STOP!! there's too many game I NEED to play!
  • if they ever make a SH 1 remake i will cry with joy, then poo my pants from fear no game has ever gotten to me like that one did.....still get goose bumps from squeaky wheel chairs and cops on motor bikes not to mention the opening song ......chills ever time
  • This explains the new VA.
  • modern gay affair 3!!!
  • Just thought I'd mention that on KONAMI's European website, they say that the Silent Hill HD Collection will be released early 2012.
  • @ 20 Its people like you who always messes up a good news article with shit like that. When the comparison video was uploaded on youtube of SH2 voice, they didn't have the original voices but I just read that the original voices ARE being put in the game few days ago. Anyody confirmed this?
  • I think that's all #20 thinks about. It's the only thing he ever says. xD
  • @ 18 I agree, I remember playing Silent Hill when i was about 8 or 9 years old, that first section of the game with the crawling baby/children things with knifes scared the shat out of me!!!! Bring it on Resi Evil 4,CV and Operation Racoon City, Silent Hill HD, Dead Island, MGS Collection, man theres a grat burning whole in my savings!!!!
  • @ 18 I agree, I remember playing Silent Hill when i was about 8 or 9 years old, that first section of the game with the crawling baby/children things with knifes scared the shat out of me!!!! Bring it on Resi Evil 4,CV and Operation Racoon City, Silent Hill HD, Dead Island, MGS Collection, man theres a grat burning whole in my savings!!!!
  • @25 I love that scene! It's probably one of the most scariest scenes in any game... because the game seems pretty normal, but then things just start getting stranger and stranger... and then the music... Personally, I prefer the enemies which were used in the PAL version, but maybe it's because I am biased because I, of course, grew up with the PAL version and now, I associate them as the scarier one.
  • I heard it's all new shittier voice cast because Konami didn't want to shell out money to use the old actors' voices again.
  • @27 You're right. However, there's a high chance that the original voice cast will also be included in the game, as Guy Cihi (James' original voice) has now basically said "F**k it, just do whatever you want... you can use my stuff".
  • @ 18 - Silent Hill, RE2, one part of Dino Crisis and Dead Space are the only games to literally make me jump from my seat, hair on end. I'm still surprised they didn't somehow find a way to pack SH1 with this. So which versions are included total?
  • @8 and Zone of Enders collection! All were PS3 exclusives lol - so thank you Konami ! @20 this is about the fifth or sixth time I've seen that shit comment on this site. I know CoD is pretty shitty, but can't you think of a better post or at least keep it to CoD articles. Either that or it's not CoD related and your just informing everyone that you are currently involved in your 3rd homosexual relationship with a married man in recent times. Either way it's inappropraite.
  • Nice! Defo pick it up at some point next year to go back to Silent Hill. Right now I am more excited about Downpour:-)
  • So much games, I cant wait!!!
  • looks pretty cool
  • @6 Can you link me a source? I was positive it was a PS3 exclusive as well.
  • @#34 Here you go:
  • This is possibly the best news iv heard all year. I played this games when I was a kid.
  • Looks good but Achievements would be shitty, BELIEVE ME. I hate Konami's achievements. Wish they are reasonable in old games like this one and MGS HD Collection as I wanna play them but cheap achievement list might turn me away from Silent Hill HD but whatever happens I'm gonna pick MGS HD for sure
  • @16: I don't blame him after Konami didn't pay him royalties for Silent Hill 2 even after basing James Sunderland off of the voice actor and blurring out his face in the Making Of Documentary so they didn't have to pay him.
  • @37: What do you mean they have a shitty/ cheap achievement list?
  • @27: The voices are massively shitty, I've listened to a few scenes where they compare voices from the old and new and the new voice actors don't seem to understand what made the old voice acting so great. While the voice acting wasn't as amazing as it could have been, the voice actors still understood when certain scenes required a change of tone. There are a few scenes I can think of but I would rather not say them because they would be massive spoilers.
  • I demand Splinter Cell HD Trilogy!!! Or I will shove the entire Assassin's Creed series up their assasses!!..... or something.
  • Is it all 4 of the pre-xbox360 games or just 2,3, and 4? At any rate I'm quite excited
  • Ah, what bullshit, Silent Hill was always on the it's not an exclusive series, ever since Homecoming, well, I guess I'll get the Collection on the Xbox.
  • this is good news indeed... to be able to have silent hill, MGS, and resident evil collections for the 360. can't wait to give them all a try and see if i still remember my way through silent hill 2.
  • @43 Uhh, Silent Hill 2: RM and Silent Hill 4 were on Xbox...
  • Awesome will love to play these again. Will rent though.
  • :D want this
  • I Just Won $125 Which Will Go Towards SH
  • Does anyone know when this comes out, I just wanted to know that's all.
  • There's no date yet. Retailers are saying Dec. 31st, but thats impossible because its on a Saturday. Most likely be pushed back into early 2012. Never know, Konami may surprise us with an official date sometime this year.
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