Kinect Child of Eden Bundle Announced

Richard Walker

If you're still on the fence about Kinect, Microsoft has announced a special bundle that has the usual sensor packaged with Kinect Adventures, but with the added bonus of a download code for a free copy of Child of Eden, Ubisoft's esoteric Kinect shooter from the brain of Rez man, Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

According to Major Nelson, the new Kinect bundle is available in limited quantities in the specially marked package pictured below, and is available in all Xbox Live regions, except Japan where Child of Eden has yet to be released.

Kinect with Kinect Adventures and a free download code for Child of Eden will be hitting stores from next week, so get 'em while they're hot. Or something.

  • Isn't Child of Eden really hard to 1000?
  • Dammit I just bought a kinect a month ago...
  • This gives me the incentive to get a Kinect now
  • Cool, still haven't picked up Kinect so this gives me a good reason too.
  • It's a soft copy of Child of Eden. Lame, even if it is free. I'd rather just pay for a hard copy so that it's not taking up gigs of space on my harddrive and I can play it on friends' consoles without the hassle of switching harddrives or being connected to Xbox Live to verify licensing.
  • @5 Wah wah, want a towel to cry on? You're getting a whole game, that's a good thing.
  • sounds like a good deal but i'm still gonna wait to get a kinect. just doesn't seem worth it yet in my opinion
  • I'm with #6, cry some more buddy. This is a great deal. Child of Eden is awesome
  • How much is this going to be?
  • Kinect Adventures is 4 dollars used. If Child of Eden was a Disc, I would venture that it would share the same fate as Kinect Adventures and thus Ubisoft would lose sales dramatically....Who wants to pay 30 to 40 dollars on a new copy when the used ones 4 dollars.
  • I'll buy the Kinect if it comes bundled with The Gunstringer.
  • #11 I love Gunstringer so much right now. This game is a very hard 1000.... but at the same time is an extremely fun "game" (experience)
  • @11, I'm sure they'll bundle it with Gunstringer eventually, if it lives up to the hype it'll be a pretty popular game and they usually put the really popular shit in bundles
  • This is a good idea. Child of Eden is a nice game and is a good kinect game, but not worth a full price release as most people wouldn't play it for more than 3-4 hours.
  • Good deal. This game should have sold a lot better than it did but it should also have been released at £20
  • I want to buy Kinect for Xmas and want Children Of Eden. But I only have a 60GB HDD and don't intend to get a 250GB Slim for a while because of the cost so as good as this is I prob won't get it due to HDD issues, I only have about 450mb free on my HDD. If money situation changes in next month or so then I will be getting this but if not just bog standard Kinect and retail purchase of COE
  • @6 and 8: Really kids? You kids are pathetic for telling him he's crying because he doesn't like a downloadable copy. If MS wasn't so cheap they would of included a hard copy of CoE. This is hardly an incentive to buy a Kinect. Oh well the sheep will continue to follow I guess. and btw, read #16, then you'll see what's wrong with a downloadable copy. GTFO ty.
  • @17: Omg, it's not like I can't delete it and download it again. And oooh, when I can save my games to the cloud with the next update, OH BALLS. You people need to calm the fuck down. It's an EXTRA GAME you get. I'm not saying it's enough to sway people to buy one, but complaining about getting something more is ridiculous. How about YOU "gtfo."
  • Might pick this up if the price is reasonable.
  • @17 'This is hardly an incentive to buy a Kinect' I couldn't disagree more. I even suspect that because quantities are limited there may not even be an additional cost for the CoE bundle. What do you think MS should do; Give a disc copy of every single Kinect game free with Kinect? Wake up and smell the coffee- this is real life and MS are trying to make money just like every other company out there.
  • I wonder where I can buy this. I haven't seen any online yet. :(
  • Oh, it comes out NEXT week.
  • @21,22 actually you can get it from now - it's £89.86 !!! Bargain because CoE is completely free!
  • @23 I am in the US.
  • Eh offer Kinect for $75 with Eden and I'd strongly consider it.
  • Child of Eden is 9.99 today at Best Buy. Take advantage I know I will finally be getting this and trying it out!
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