Blackwater Trailer Will Make You Want to Dive Behind Your Couch

Richard Walker

For the uninitiated, Blackwater is a military first-person shooter (wait, come back!) being developed with Kinect in mind. Zombie Studios, the developer behind the not-that-bad multiplayer FPS Blacklight: Tango Down is working on creating the "First Person eXperience", which is 'Better With Kinect'. That means you can still play it with a controller. And no, we don't know why it's an 'eXperience' and not just an 'experience'.

Apparently the game is being developed in collaboration with actual ex-Blackwater mercenaries and will have fully-licensed guns. The story will be entirely fictional though, and will take place in the hot sandy climes of a made-up African nation.

Publisher 505 Games has issued a new trailer to showcase Blackwater, with some floppy-haired bloke jumping around his living room while getting into the game more than is usually necessary. Then again, if a grenade popped out of my TV, I'd leap behind the couch too.

Blackwater is slated for release in November 2011.

  • Looks pretty cool. I CANNOT even imagine it working like that for real but...still looks cool.
  • If it works like that ... Hello kinect =P
  • at least he got an achievement that makes it all worth while!
  • @3 yeah the achieve was Jump behind couch like a tit
  • Please make it stop!!! Jesus fucking christ, it's just so unbearably lame.
  • If they want me to buy the game show me some gameplay instead of this dude making the game look like the worst game ever...
  • @1 I was thinking the same thing, I was also wondering if it is picking up his finger to fire the gun why Ghost Recon couldn't (well as of the last trailer for it that I watched).
  • 3 Words. Looks like Dogsshit.
  • Do I look as stupid as this guy when I play my games?
  • Officially the STUPIDEST thing I've ever seen. I truly hope this is the future of gaming, cause, I've been spending WAY too much money on games. This would sure cure that.
  • I'm so tired of playing games on my feet. I don't want to go through a whole campaign like this. And yes, that guy looked like a giant ass-tard.
  • I am still disgusted there is a game about them. These guys murder civilians for the hell of it.
  • i would play it. as long as i dont have to play with that dimlo in the video.
  • So it's a lightgun game without the lightgun? Could be cool if it works properly. I liked some of the actions like kicking the door in. Coop?
  • @8 Dog shit is two words.
  • I'd have laughed my ass off if he accidentally kicked his tv over @ 0:20 !! And isn't it slightly false advertising because there is NO WAY the game will play like that with Kinect. I know it's clever, but not that clever.
  • i can see some people kicking there tv...if people can sue nintendo for having there wiimote fly out of there hands and break there tv, i wonder what microsoft is going to face
  • @8 its as many words as i say it is.
  • I really, really hope it works that well....but experience tells me not to get my hopes up :P It is a core game though, so at least it's different!
  • Also, looks like a budget game - £20 on some sites in UK. Might go for it. Even if it turns out crap lol
  • If this is the standard of gaming in 5 years time, then I might as well find myself a new hobby, right now.
  • Yea there's no way Kinect could work like that, jumping behind sofa will cause Kinect to lose you and you'll have to get it to see you again, pretty cool way to unlock an achievement if that was possible.
  • And if theres a wall behind your couch your screwed.
  • Behind my couch is a window. And while I've always wanted to do that movie thing of jumping through the glass while shooting at something, I'm also not on the ground floor so would probably be killed or seriously injured. That said, there is something kinda cool about being able to kick a door open in a game by actually kicking.
  • LOL, just LOL
  • Can't wait to have a real frag drop into my room...there goes everything I just paid for...
  • Played this at eurogamer expo at earls court last month, and it dose not play anything like that trailer,the gameplay itself is quite good,nothing specia,but a step in the right direction,the graphics where quite bad at the one i tried at eurogamer, looked like a ps2 or wii game.
  • @8 - And now we all see the retard behind the monitor for who he really is!
  • Too bad if you take cover behind your couch the game will pause because kinect has lost tracking of you
  • Haha nice trailer, sadly not to believable
  • This game is gonna be sheeeeit. :P
  • I don't think so some how..I have kinect and never ever played anything where I jumped out of the way or really got into the roll of anything!
  • All that for 5 Gamerscore too!
  • cant.....stop....laughing....
  • Im astounded that any one would make such a politically incorrect game. Its essentially just glorifying mercenaries. and also the trailer is fucking ridiculous
  • I was expecting the perfect family (according to microsoft) shooting taliban and all i got was this mid-life crisis retard diving about his living room tripping on acid thinking he was actually being shot at, disappointing.
  • Nice He got Veteran time in a combat arena and unlocked the ELITE CLUB cheevo
  • Please Step ForwardPlease Back Away From The SensorPlease Step Forward sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Is it just me, or @ 0:22 does the guy actually kick open a door and then shoot an unarmed guy in his own house? I would think with Blackwater's bad press/rep, they would want to tone that type of thing down just a bit.
  • If he played like that in the actual game - he would be out of range of the kinect's vision for most of the time.. Sorry Kinect Fanboys but this is an Epic Fail..
  • On rails shooter.
  • FAIL trailer... KINECT game and old Xbox on the tv stand. Im confused.
  • this trailer just show exactly why kinect is a fail who wants to be looking like an idiot playing a stupid game, and it's nice how they have some wide spaced living room for all kinect trailers because the everyday gamer has that much space to play games huh really what a fail
  • wouldn't kinect pause and ask you to step to the left if you duck behind your couch?
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