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Richard Walker

This week you can get your hands on Treasure's fondly remember SEGA Saturn classic, the 2D side-scrolling, multi-stranded slash 'em up, Guardian Heroes. Giving you the opportunity to relive those halcyon days of 1996, Guardian Heroes on XBLA is all remastered in HD and stuff, with a host of new modes to keep you happy too. Not bad for 800 Microsoft Points.

Movie tie-in Real Steel also arrives on the Xbox Live Arcade this week, bringing the future sport of robot boxing to consoles. Will you be able to eclipse Hugh Jackman as the greatest pro robot boxing trainer-type person? And is Real Steel a real steal at 800 MSP? We honestly don't know.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then there's some old stuff to contemplate as part of a shadowy Deal of the Week, which sees Epic's Shadow Complex slashed to half price, Saints Row 2 DLC discounted and Perfect Dark snipped to a mere 400 Microsoft Points. There's more where that came from too. Take a look at the list below for more:

Xbox Live Arcade

  • Guardian Heroes - Oct. 12 - 800 MSP
  • Real Steel - Oct. 12 - 800 MSP

Deal of the Week

Saints and Shadows

  • Shadow Complex - Oct. 11-17 - 600 MSP (50% off)
  • Saints Row 2 - Oct. 11-17 - (25% off)
  • Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare -  Oct. 11-17 280 (50% off)
  • Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed - Oct. 11-17 400 (50% off)
  • Perfect Dark - Oct. 11-17 - 400 MSP (50% off)


Game Add-Ons

  • Kinectimals Bear Island Add-On - Oct. 11 - 1200 MSP
  • Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin - Oct. 11 800 MSP
  • Crimson Alliance: Vengeance Pack - Oct. 12 - 240 MSP
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Shadow Hunters - Oct. 12 - 400 MSP

Games on Demand

  • WWE All Stars - 10/11

Avatar Marketplace

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 10/10
  • Battlefield 3 - 10/13
  • Kinectimals Now with Bears - 10/13
  • Saints Row: The Third - 10/13
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone - 10/13
  • Real steel , im guessing thats a movie tie in?
  • Can't wait for the Heroes tomarrow. Go Undead Hero!!!
  • why must they release small DA2 dlc? Why can't they just make a full expansion like awakening to address the issues everybody has been complaining about?
  • Pretty nice! Will see what the SR:TT and BF:3 avatar stuff looks like and maybe pick up some saints row dlc
  • SR2 is way too expensive here since it was 30€ before. Should have been 50% in € territories. Everywhere else it's down to 15, here it's 22,49 -.-
  • Already got Shadow Complex and Perfect Dark for half price sometime ago. Also, is this like the fifth time that Perfect Dark has been on sale? I loved the game, but that's ridiculous. You know what should be on sale? Mega Man 9. That game has been around for 3 years and hasn't been reduced once.
  • @1 no mate its a is a chemical element that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat and forms cations and ionic bonds with non-metals tie in. 1 words . Girl-dodger
  • Don't buy SR 2 you're better off getting SR double pack lol.
  • you left off the new halo avatar items that comes out this week, source 343 website
  • @7 steel is not an element its an alloy might want to actually know what your on about before taking the piss
  • As 9 said:
  • @1 - Just read the article >_>
  • *yawn*
  • @7 1 words??? That a new language you have invented And as for the girl-dodger where did you get that from??
  • @7 "forms cations and ionic bonds with non-metals tie in" That doesn't make sense.
  • Cannot wait for Guardian Heroes tomorrow. I'm kinda worried it's not going to match up to my memories of it though! Fingers crossed... Disappointing DOTW.
  • Jesus a thumbs down for asking a question , some poeple just depress me with their pathetic-ness
  • it sucks that real steel is not kinect exclusive so that you can mimic what hugh jackman does in the movie. that would have been bad ass!
  • I like who this site bans me for life but i easily make another username
  • @7 trying to look smart FAIL! hahaha
  • @ 8 - Adding a hyphen doesn't make it 1 word(s) nor does it pluralize it. Words of the should follow that notion. @ 15 - Doesn't make sense? He excels in that. OT: When is the Zombie Apocalypse:NDA game getting a release date?? Me = Excited.
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Shadow Hunters - interested in this, great little game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - hopefully they got a better orc outfit than that last comical one!
  • anyone noticed how fliod comes on to bash me then puts a little "ot" at the end to suck up to the mods? brown nose much. ot: avatar items are a waste of money.
  • @ 5 SR2 is $20 not $30 so it's $15 on sale rite now. Not really anything I'll want. Maybe WWE all stars but that'll b it
  • @ 23 - Jealous? Hey! Look at that, less than 30 letters! {---Winning
  • @17 - you asked an incredibly stupid question. you really think it is a completely different game not tied into the movie? really, that's what you believed? and then you go on to whine and sulk about a thumbs down???... i wish there was a way i could give you more then just 1 thumbs down.
  • @ #7 - Since when is steel an element? It's an alloy. @ #17 - "Movie tie-in Real Steel" starts the second paragraph. You depress me with your laziness. Anyway, Guardian Heroes looks great. It'll be great to play it again after all these years. As for Real Steel, I don't know. I'm just not feeling it, though I'll give the demo a look. Already have Perfect Dark and Shadow Complex; PD is a great game, and I have yet to play SC.
  • @27 i defined metal. blame wikipedia!
  • @#27 i just jumped straight to see what the deals were this week , hardly ever read the bits above unless its a game specific artical
  • Looks like I need some MS points this week!
  • Bad deal ! Well, Shadow Complex is a good deal, but it's been a deal for the nth time ! Come on.. time to change a little bit.
  • Guardian Heroes - At Last... And Only 800 Points.. Microsoft - You did good.. Now get those Sega guys to re-release Shining Force 3 (All three chapters please).. Thankyou :)
  • Guardian Heroes, the wait has been long and torturous....but finally!
  • Finally bought Perfect Dark 2 days ago, the first time this has happened to me in a good 5/6 years of XBLA buying though so I can deal with it (Adoring Perfect Dark makes it easier to take too!).
  • @ #28 - No, you didn't define metal. Metal itself isn't an element. It can be an element, compound, or alloy. That's straight from Wikipedia, too, so you're still wrong. However, I do agree that avatar items are a waste of money. @ #29 - Then why are you complaining about others for your own actions?
  • I recommend shadow complex and perfect dark to ppl who fancy a bargain game. Shadow complex is a bit like classic metroid games and is fantastic. Wonder if the new dragon age dlc is any good. Think i'll wait for other peoples opinions, legacy was terrible imo. Dragon age as a whole has been pretty hit or miss with its dlc.
  • @ 36 - I've been contemplating SC for a while now. It's an Epic product, isn't it?
  • @ desert pulse. If you did read them, then you wouldnt be in the position you're in now. I imagine it would have been a lot quicker to read them. Lesson learnt. @floid , Get it, its up there with bastion/CC/limbo/Braid its one of the best.
  • @#28 - You do realize that Wikipedia is highly unreliable, right? Anybody can edit any article. Don't blame Wiki - blame yourself.
  • @ Arron - The only 2 I have are Castle Crashers and Braid which are both brilliant. At 600 MSP, it's definitely sounding worth the bargain.
  • @7 How embarrassing for you, not only did you get most of info wrong, you missed out the initial part of extracting the Iron, and other alloys, used to produce steel from such ores as Haematite and Pyrite. Reduction of metals is your friend. FYI: I'M JOKING PEOPLE, I'm not really an A***ole about chemistry... only organic chemistry :P Was going to get SC this week... but I played the demo and found it boring. So I got Doom 2 instead :')
  • @34 these deals were mentioned in the I news post for last weeks deal, how did you not see. @24 he said euros not dollars, all prices vary depending on their region. And the euro zone is fucked right now, so anythings possible Nothing for me this week, already got shadow complex n perfect dark
  • Nothing interesting again, can't complain at least I'm saving some money:-)
  • @#37: Yes, it is. It's very reminiscent of the 2D Castlevania and Metroid games, so definitely check it out.
  • @ 44 - Much appreciated. I've had 1590 just sitting there for almost a month not knowing what to do since everything I bought since then has been a Season Pass deal so I'm good with DLC for the next few months.
  • Hmmm Dragon Age DLC & Guardian Heroes for me I think :)
  • Wasn't Dungeon Defenders supposed to be released this week? I can't hold out on Orcs Must Die forever. I need to know which is a better action/tower defense game!
  • How about some new arcade games on sale instead of the same ones aver and over?
  • @#39: Actually, Wikipedia has been found to be the second most accurate source of information behind only the Encyclopedia Britannica. Read an academic paper on it a while back. It's not as "made up" as people like to think.
  • @ 49 - I don't consider it a crappy site but there's too many times where you read something and it says "Citation Needed". I do agree that it's too "user applicable" but it is widely informative.
  • @6, it wasn't Mega Man 9, but I got Mega Man 10 last summer for 200 MSP for a deal of the week.
  • Ehhh another shitty DotW. Got Shadow Complex years ago and the rest is junk. :| Guess it's nice if you somehow managed to never pick up Shadow Complex the countless times it was on sale before though. In the words of Philip J. Fry I wish Microsoft would just 'SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY' but no..they have to do the same sales over and over and over and over and over.
  • Aw man, the Skyrim stuff still isn't out yet. Maybe by tomorrow.
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