Daytona USA for the XBLA Officially Announced, Dated & Priced. First Trailer Zooms In

Dan Webb

Okay, so the timing of this announcement might have had something to do with our unveiling of the achievements yesterday – you’re welcome – but SEGA have finally officially announced the existence and rerelease of Daytona USA on the Xbox Live Arcade.

SEGA have announced that Daytona USA will be available in "North America and Europe" (specifically worded like that in the press release, so no idea what the plans are for other regions) on October 26th for the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points. I'd like to think that the specific naming of regions is more of an oversight on SEGA's part, rather than them actually insinuating it won't see release outside these regions. Time will tell.

With enhanced graphics making use of the now-standard 16:9 ratio, steering wheel support and online multiplayer, Daytona USA looks to recapture the nostalgic gameplay we experienced way back in 1993. Complete with iconic soundtrack (now with “Karaoke Mode”) to race to, players can challenge AI opponents in Arcade Mode, race the clock in Survival and Time Trial Modes and race online with up to eight players to see where they rank on the online leaderboard.

Daytona USA will see the light of day on October 26th in North America and Europe for 800 Microsoft Points... now watch the trailer!

  • this game is classic!
  • Don't make 'em like they use to :(
  • yessss the song is still in there hahaha winning
  • Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio, for the love of all that is holy SEGA, PLEASE!!!!
  • Just reminds me of early 90's arcades, you could always hear that music over most of the other machines. Classic game.
  • Looks interesting.
  • I just got hit by the nostalgia train. Hard.
  • Wow suddenly images of wasting tons of quarters in an arcade during my childhood just flooded into my head.
  • I will buy this on day 1. So many memories.
  • YESSSSSS! The Crazy Taxi remake was ruined by the lack of it's original soundtrack- thankfully they have rectified that for this one! Between Guardian Heroes and this, it's Sega Retro Heaven this month! #Rolling staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart# :D
  • This makes me want to a arcade and play it.
  • Oh good lord it really is the arcade version! This is going to be so awesome! We can finaly play the original version. Always wanted to get the opportunity to do that, ever since I started 3D gaming waaaay back with the Saturn version. Now if only the really know what they're doing and bring us SCUD Race aswell. But don't forget to get back to the Dreamcast games. We still want Sonic Adventure 2, Jet Set Radio and more then anything else SHENMUE!
  • #14 Personally, I would like to see Shenmue, considering I haven't played it, but I'm really not sure we're gonna see it, because of the 2 GB size limit for arcade games. Or it'll probably end up compressed to all hell to compensate, but we don't want that.
  • @slycooper20 If they were to ever do it and had issues with size, then I'd expect they'd choose to release it in episodic format... problem solved, more money out of it- it's the MS way!!!
  • @15, 16 Remember, Resident Evil HD, Code Veronica HD and (especially) Crysis have proved that you can circumvent whatever limits having an Arcade game requires by releasing the game as Games on Demand. Shenmue 1 and 2 would be a perfect candidates for an idea like that too. They're a bit 'much' to be considered Arcade titles, they'd go well getting a full 1000 point achievement list as well. OT: Finally, a way to play without wasting the money my mom gave me for lunch. Tres excite!
  • Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines!!!
  • Why Sega must you remind me of the old Netlink days! hahaha.. Anyone here that used to use the Netlink to play this game, and bomberman? Sega Rally? IRC chat? :)
  • @20 &21 Or maybe Games on Demand? I'd buy Shenmue again in a heartbeat. Love that game so much!!! O.T. So happy this is being rereleased! The amount of hours I sank into my Saturn due to this, Guardian Heroes and Panzer Dragoon Saga... Siiiiiiigh :)
  • That's awesome that Sega is re-releasing... REMASTERING, these old games on the 360! I just pulled-out my copy of this game for the Dreamcast to have a look at it. :-D I wonder when we'll see other Dreamcast titles come to the 360, like... the Power Stone & Evolution games, or how about them getting together with Valve and FINALLY releasing, "HALF-LIFE" (since the official DC release was cancelled)! I guess H-L is in Valve's corner, but I sure would like to play an HD version of it on the 360 (Games on Demand?) - and get a full 1000 GS from it! :-)
  • Should be fun but being a simple port i cant help but think it wont be made for big tvs?
  • Can't wait, use to play this on the Saturn, I hope Athlete Kings gets a release, the best athletics game have ever played
  • I still play this on the Saturn on occasion. I may have to pick up this re-release.
  • F*** YEA, defiantly gonna get this!
  • 800MSP for a game from 1993? that's a little much
  • A classic from back in days when it only took 8 polygons to make a wheel, I remember singing along to this game whilst playing. The only classsic game with a sound track I prefer is Sonic R, now tht game had some serious tunes! Heres hoping for Virtua Racing and maybe that TT game that was also awesome
  • @25 I whole heartedly second your motion for Athlete Kings, 400m on that game was class, especially when your opposition tied up just before the line
  • Nostalgy Pure :D
  • cooool classic game love it
  • @25 athlete kings is probably the best athletics game there has ever been
  • I can only hope for a Dirt to Daytona remake, that was my favorite game back in the day, my dad, brother, and I would play that all the time.
  • Used to play this all the time in the arcade Can't waif for this beauty!
  • I see this game every day at work. Definitely fun to play and it would be from the comfort of my own home.
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  • @15 : They could release Shenmue in the "Games-on-Demand" (like Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica, which don't have the 2GB limit, both are ~3.5GB).
  • I'd rather they not release Shenmue unless they want to piss off even more people because of no third game.
  • Why play games like Forza 4 when you can have graphics like THESE!
  • Obviously I aren't wearing my rose tinted nostalgia goggles like the rest of you, because that trailer looked like shit. Not aged well at all.
  • I wonder how the karaoke mode is going too be :P. Off-t: Where is ToeJam & Earl game that won the vote way back? But love that Sega is relasing old-school games :3
  • Just brought all the memories back from the arcade, especially the song !!!
  • @#23 - You can get Half Life for Dreamcast. It was completed but never actually released. I have a copy and the load times are as bad as Duke Nukem Forever. I would like Propeller Arena to be released by Sega. That game is awesome. (Just a shame it was canned due to the 9/11 attacks). Bring on the 24th for some Rollllllling Starttttttttttttttt! In the mean time, I am going to brush up and play it on my AM2 emulator.............
  • Might have to get this to relive my youth (I say youth, I was about 21 when the Saturn came out!). I remember paying £50 for this with my £400 Saturn on UK launch day... As long as it doesn't have the horrific graphic pop-ups
  • YES!!! Takes me back to 1993 1994
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