BioWare Releases Mass Effect 3 Co-Op Trailer; Confirms More Playable Races

Dan Webb

 In a bid to control the "Mass" panic regarding the Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer leak from last week, BioWare have jumped into overdrive this week to make sure the right message is conveyed to fans – in short: this is to compliment the main experience, it’s entirely optional and that this hasn’t affected the single-player in any way, shape or form.

How better to control this than to release more information on the mode and a trailer with Mass Effect Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, talking fans through what they should expect from the mode next March. You even get a glimpse at some of the characters and levels too – swish!

To add to the information overload from earlier, according to the latest information from BioWare, players can choose from six classes and six different races: Human, Krogan, Asari, Drell, Salarian and Turian. What about Elcor and Hanar, you ask? “Never say never,” said BioWare.



BioWare are also keen to further dispel rumours that developing the co-op impacted the single-player campaign at all, again reiterating that the multiplayer was created by a dedicated studio in Montreal under the guidance of Casey Hudson and the Mass Effect team.

And in case you were stupid and didn’t see this one coming either, BioWare also confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will have DLC at some point. Durp.

Now that’s out the way, just watch the video.

  • Cant wait !
  • "I will be Krogan!"
  • THIS WILL BE... cool.
  • I do not like this at all but I will still buy it for the single player, Why does every game insist on trying to be multiplayer it drives me nuts.
  • gonna be great!
  • every time i hear fight for the lost, or whatever the title of the symphonic music is, it gets me really excited for mass effect.
  • @4 I agree with you, however I'm going to try to keep an open mind. I just really wish they did these lousy game modes with a new ME series, one that I probably wouldn't purchase anyways. What would be even better is if there are no achievements tacked on to these new modes and keep them all in the single player mode.
  • Well at least the first two Mass Effect games were great.
  • I've been thinking about how Elcor can be battle units for a while. I'm thinking walking tanks with auto turrets and shield generators on them. Kind of a mini version of the Gungan creatures from Phantom Menace in the big battle but with miniguns too :)
  • I'll be an Asari. Best race in Mass Effect.
  • this game keeps looking better and better. can't wait
  • This looks badass!
  • @4 Because some people have friends and they like to play videogames with them?
  • I am David Silverman.. reminding you to keep your fingers.. up your arse, is where you can shove that outro. Silly drunken hobo needed to shut up. Colour me interested in co-op. I'm a biblical beast in co-op!
  • play as volus lol
  • I still don't see why people think the inclusion of multi-player will detract from the game. It won't affect the single-player mode at all, and that's what most (if not all) people are getting this game for. But I guess some people will complain just to complain. After all, in this age of day/week-one DLC, free stuff that's included on disc (and already 'unlocked') is bad, right?
  • LOL DLC support for ME in both games was a joke at best. Aside from very few good, but overpriced story missions it was really not even worth mentioning. Especially after how they always boast about DLC supposrt for their games. I think DA was the only game that I really felt that promise realised.... OT: Looks ok, like I said before, ain't nothing special.
  • @14 what the fuck are you talking about
  • Looks pretty good. But most everything from Bioware does; Dragon Age 2 not withstanding. That being said, this mode being good was never really the question. This mode being necessary was. And I still don't really think it is. And I know all the arguments for the Co-Op adding replayability, but as someone who beat ME1 about 6 times, and ME2 4 times, I never found replayability missing in the first place. Oh well, like I said, I'm sure it will be handled well. And I can't stay mad at something that lets me tear it up as a Salarian.
  • Just another way to play. I love this series and know I won't be disapointed.
  • I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 3, including Co-op. I understand everyone has a right to express their own opinions but unless you can say something constructive then don't complain about the co-op addition. It is going in the game whether people complain or not.
  • Someone please explain to me the marketing strategy or thinking that goes into deciding that Co-op is needed for a game like this? I mean, it seems that 90%+ of gamers here frown upon adding multiplayer or co-op to awesome single player games like these, me included. So why do these companies decide on adding multiplayer to these games? Can't they see what their fans want and don't want? What focus groups have they done where it made them decide ok, let's add co-op because that's what the feedback we are getting suggests. I just don't understand the logical conclusion that is derived from an awesome single player IP, and having it go to adding co-op. I also don't understand them saying that the co-op aspect has nothing to do with single player experience. It does, even though it's slightly indirect. Yes, you can play single player fine and do everything. But, if you do the co-op stuff, it gets merged into your single player campaign, so it therefore has an impact on it. If you don't do the co-op, you have to make up for it in single player by doing more stuff on your own.
  • Why is everybody so upset about this? It's just a little extra in the final game, it will not affect the single player experience at all! The co-op is even made by another studio so the whole Bioware team will be focused on the ME3 single player. Sure, Mass Effect is great without co-op, it's just a little extra that will not affect single player. Everybody needs to judge about something they didn't even experienced!
  • Guys, Guys they got this calm down. I think after all the success that they had over the years adding a lil multi won't hurt.
  • so instead of releasing this year, they did this...
  • Any chance that there will be an split screen option for two players on the same console?
  • This maybe the best MP/Coop idea combined with SP ever.
  • Predictions for when EA server shutdown will be on this? If there are any achievements for this mode going to have to find some Mass Effect loving friends on Xbox or will lose that 100% on the trilogy!
  • i hope there will be no Multiplayer Achievments
  • so the multiplayer co-op does affect the single player as Casey mentioned you get a better ending if you do multiplayer co-op. Not really feeling that...but at least it gives even more replayability to the game. He did say you can achieve the highest success ending in single player, so I wont knock the multiplayer co-op until I try it, even though I only know one other person who is really into Mass Effect lol
  • off topic casey hudson looks eerily like sylar from heroes. On topic, I will reserve judgement till I get to play it and play the SP to ensure its good, but then I hope its more complex than 2 as was too watered down like DA2
  • I'll wait and see how this turn out, the possibility to play other races is definetely promising. That said, kudos to Dan for that "Mass Panic" Pun, very nice!
  • Shame it online and not local multiplayer - now that would be fun. Not enough local multiplayer games these days. Thinks back fondly of those halcyon days of Perfect Dark and Goldeneye.
  • @23 I'm willing to bet EA force fed this idea to Bioware. I'd hate to think Hudson and the Bioware team thought this was a good idea, even though in this video he looked like he thought these new modes were the greatest thing since sliced bread. @27 I'm with you, so much for "polishing" the final product, thereby pushing back the release date.
  • all itll be is the side missions were u visit plants in ME 1 and 2 but instead done in multiplayer so if u did it for a planet n visit in 1 player itll already have been completed.
  • definitely agree with 4. this is bullshit, multiplayer does not make a game good.
  • @36 The worst thing is that, he actually did look like he thought of that. I also hate the fact that they straight up lied to their fans about ''Multiplayer''. This is why they pushed the game back, but was it worth it? I didn't purchase the first two games, and then think, this really needs multiplayer!! This is more like an easy mode for people not completing it.
  • The added multiplayer only pisses me off, I'm forced to play it if I really want the full singleplayer experience?
  • The only option is the Elite Turian Master Race. #40 it's completely optional, you can have the full, best possible ending playing only single player still.
  • Oh, man, having playable batarians and yahgs as later additions would be crazy.
  • IF you could have all four as Krogan, then it might not be so bad...
  • @14 that actually made my day xD
  • The story playing second fiddle + Co-op and MP achievements + online pass? Sounds great. Still gonna buy it so I can play as a Salarian but still, this video leaves a bad taste.
  • @22 - Really? People can express their opinions, but not be displeased about that addition of Co-Op? Do you listen to yourself talk, or just kind of drift in and out? I don't think anyone is under the impression that if they bitch enough Bioware will take the mode out. I think they are doing it simply to express how they feel.
  • I hope it goes more like below than full customization Asari - Biotic Krogan - Tanks Salarian - Agile Drell - Stealthy Human & Turian - Most likely the same an all round character Hope its like that make for more varied playing to add longevity to the Mp if its any good i like my customization but if its class based it will make me play more as i dont see it having much replay value after two run throughs or goes of each map/mission
  • Also, I'm with @14, Bioware Pulse? More like shut up and play the ME3 footage I'm tired of dealing with punk "Mr. Caffeine"s.
  • Seems quite good. Co-op's always fun with mates. Worst case scenario, people respond to it like Bioshock 2
  • sounds interesting, either way i am still getting ME3 though, so now my friends and I can play, yay lol
  • Turian for sure!
  • Wow, people still have sand in their vaginas over this? He said you can get the full ending in single player if you want, or you can play the co-op and make a little headway instead of doing everything by yourself. So why is their a complaint? Just play the single player instead of that's all you really want out of it. Far as achievements go, you don't 'have' to get them. You don't 'have' to complete the game achievement wise. If it bothers you that much, then just leave the achievements and get what you can out of the game in single player. Personally, I'm looking forward to this. Always wanted to play as something besides a human in the ME universe.
  • lol stop hating on the multiplayer, you know you'll still buy it, noobs.
  • This looks awesome. I just hate that if I want te full single player experience, I have to play multiplayer.
  • @#16 Not true man. It even says that in the vid.
  • More Race in my squad, sounds good!
  • I Can't wait Ahhhhhhh its about time damn :D
  • @23 You do realize that in ME you basically play co-op anyways, right? You always have atleast 2 players with you, just now they give your friends a chance to control said all for playing a great game with my friends @38 When does co-op multiplayer make a bad game, then? Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, Dead Island, Gears of War, Portal 2....pretty sure co-op didn't ruin any of those for plenty of people It'd be nice that if for once, people actually waited to play something before saying how bad it is. Have you played it yet? Do you ACTUALLY know it's bad already? No, no you don't. Like the article said, people thought this same thing with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and yet some many people ended up enjoying it
  • Wow...Can't play as a Quarian. Multiplayer just got killed for me.
  • Can't wait for this game!
  • doesnt sound to bad, but not all my friends play mass effect and i dont get a whole lot of time playing my 360 so as long as multiplayer doesnt get any achievements i'll be happy because i've 100% the first two
  • The more i see the more i want!
  • the Co-op doesn't sound as bad as I feared as it looks like by playing the Co-op missions you would quickly get your War Assets score up higher, but you still would be able to play solo & still experience the entire story. I hope they allow the choice of playing as a Hanar or Elcor, or even as a biotic god Volus
  • THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO READ MY WALL OF TEXT BELOW. I'M SURE YOU WILL GLANCE AT THIS FOR 10 SECONDS AND THEN ASSAULT ME WITHOUT REASON. Sorry for the caps. Some people just don't read. Anyways... I don't understand where everyone gets this idea that you need to play co-op to get a full single player experience or the best ending in single player. Single player is a full experience by itself. The co-op has taken nothing away from the single player. The co-op is completely optional. The single player will be amazing whether you play co-op or not. I would prefer that it had no effect at all on single player. It should just be a way for you to experience the other races and they could have done some separate co-op story with some group decisions and a few zero point achievements. This way, nobody whines and complains about it ruining single player or that they can't get all the achievement points because they are afraid of sharing the rich and satisfying gameplay of Mass Effect with some friends. All it is is the combat scenarios taken out and letting you play with your buddies. I just don't understand why people don't listen when he says that co-op is completely optional and single player is complete and whole without it. Also, people are complaining that the game was pushed back because of this. I would rather wait longer for a game with minimal problems that is fully polished as opposed to a sub par game that I will have to wait for it to be fixed anyways.
  • @59 Those games are very bad examples, because they were made for co-op.
  • @66 thats not my point....I simply mean that competitive and co-op does NOT ruin a game, whether it was made specifically for multiplayer or not. And anyways, Portal 1--single player...Portal 2--single player + co-op....didn't ruin the game. Gears 1--single player or 2player co-op....Gears 2 and 3--horde and 4player co-op....didn't hurt the game. Assassin's Creed 1 and 2--single player....AC Brotherhood--single player and competitive multiplayer....made it more enjoyable for me. All I am saying is that people shouldn't shoot down a new gameplay mode without having tried it themselves, don't be so foolish
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I wasn't sure if this is going to be any good, and my judgement is still reserved. (I know the game will be fantastic, I'm talking multiplayer) But if it is good, I believe I will play as Turian/Krogan/Asari most likely Turian
  • *Surprise* Elcor? Really? *Angry tone* Let me play as Elcor or I will riot *irrational exuberance* I cannot wait for ME3
  • This one would like to play as the Hanar.
  • @65 tl;dr
  • What about Quarian or Geth?
  • Hey, X360A, can you make an option to give a guy "Thumbs up" without refreshing the whole darn page?
  • The article says the multi player will not effect the single player at all. Bet it effects the cheevos though.
  • This is way better than making mini-games or more exploration or just more side missions/mission branches. Who needs that crap getting in the way of your pew pew kaboom? ME was a promising RPG series once... I'll wait for the bargain bin myself, if I'm feeling generous. I'll probably be too busy with Skyrim when this hits anyway.
  • I genuinely don't understand why Bioware keep saying that if you haven't played the first two games, then ME3 'is a good place to start'. Seriously? So Shepherd's experiences in the previous two games don't really matter? The whole plot and the conflicts experienced in those two games that have lead up to ME3, don't matter? I have no idea why they're trying to advertise to new players (apart from the money, obviously), it's not like other game franchises with sequels where you play as different characters (like GTA) where the previous games have nothing to do with the plot and only the gameplay and style is the same, the Mass Effect trilogy is Shepherd's trilogy, it's his/her story, why the hell would you want to start at the end? It's like watching the Star Wars trilogy and watching the last one to decide if you want to see the prior two, it makes no sense. How many people are going to buy this that haven't played the other two? I doubt it'll be that many. And how many people who do start with ME3 are then going to sit through the nightmarish mini-games (probing, anyone?), sometimes annoying cover system, and poorer graphics of ME1&2? And why would you when you already know how it ends? As for this whole co-op business, I've been dreading it since the early rumours. I'm disappointed that Bioware have decided to do it, but as long as it doesn't affect the achievements (bloody unlikely) I will be happy to ignore it. Story-driven RPG games like Mass Effect, where you become Shepherd, make decisions that affect practically everything, gain comrades, experience romance, punch reporters, and have random sex with aliens - I've never wanted to share all those 100+ hours I've spent as Shepard with another player. I'm fully aware that the co-op is horde type and seems far removed from the single-player, but, for me, Mass Effect has been a game that I escape into, why the hell would I want to ruin that with real people*? *No offence to 'real people' but the majority of players I've ever randomly had the displeasure of playing with in co-op shooters (which I now fervently avoid) are either team killers, immature idiots or get over-excited because I'm of the female gender.
  • What about Quarians?
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