X360A Reviews: Dance Central 2 & Just Dance 3

Richard Walker

We can dance, we can dance, everbody look at your hands. It's the weekend! A time for dancing, a time for celebration and a time to get inebriated, turn on Kinect and party down with some buddies. And what better to make the occasion that little more special, than with a dance game?

How about TWO dance games? Like buses, a pair of dancing games have appeared at the same time this month, so we thought we'd mash them together under one roof for you to compare at your leisure. But which one really raises the roof? Is it Harmonix's second crack at Dance Central or Ubisoft's third go at Just Dance, and its first Just Dance title for Kinect?

Read our definitive Dance Central 2 review to find out.

Read our definitive Just Dance 3 review to find out.

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