Payday 3 Introduces Female Heisters Pearl and Joy Alongside Year 1 Roadmap

Payday 3 Introduces Female Heisters Pearl and Joy Alongside Year 1 Roadmap

Richard Walker

Deep Silver and Starbreeze have revealed that two new female characters will be part of Payday 3's roster at launch, with Pearl and Joy joining the band. Additionally, a "High Level Post Launch Plan" for for Year 1 of Payday 3, is also in the offing.

Pearl and Joy will be available as playable heisters on day one, alongside original clown-masked crew, Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains. The former is an expert con artist, infiltrator, and vicious fighter, while the latter is a genius hacker and security expert.

As for Starbreeze's Year 1 roadmap for Payday 3, four DLC expansions are planned, starting with ‘Syntax Error’ in winter 2023. The second DLC will be ‘Boys in Blue’ in spring 2024, while DLC 3 will be ‘The Land of the Free’ in summer 2024.

‘Fear and Greed’, the fourth DLC, will cap off Year 1, with the roadmap also promising seasonal events, new playable characters, enemies, weapons, cosmetics, quality of life improvements, new features, and even an Unreal Engine 5 upgrade.

Payday 3 launches on 21st September for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC, with a Technical Open Beta taking place on Xbox and PC from 8th to 11th September.

  • Lol, of course.
  • Pear & Joy? Why not "Strong & Independent"? ^^,
  • Everytime you cry about women, you're outing yourself as being in the type of people who exist with that british thumb man who cried about pronouns infront of his toys
  • This doesn't bother me. I mean, anyone can be capable of robbing banks and etc. But my only concern with the game, is that. Are the devs going to abandon the game. When the 2nd game came out on console, they pretty much abandoned it right away. It released broken, they abandoned it right away, so the game was never fixed. So, are they going to do the same here. Guess we will wait and see. Devs do need to start taking responsibility. People bought your game, it was broken, and never got fixed.
  • @4 Two was insanely fleshed out, with female operators long ago on PC, they abandoned the Xbox 360 because of Microsoft's patch costs back then, they were open about it.

    On PC it had a decade of content added. Like 50 operators, 500 weapons, 60 or so maps
  • @3 Some cheese with that whine?
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