Phil Spencer Says Xbox's 2022 Was "Too Light on Games"

Phil Spencer Says Xbox's 2022 Was "Too Light on Games"

Matt Lorrigan

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has admitted that Xbox didn't release enough games in 2022.

Speaking in a new interview with IGN, Spencer was asked whether Xbox was under pressure to establish positive momentum in 2023, coming off of a year with not that many big first-party releases.

"Our commitment to our fans is that we need to have a steady release of great games that people can play on our platform, and we didn't do enough of that in 2022, there's no doubt. And fundamentally, that's on me. I'm the head of the business,” said Spencer.

“The commitment we have to our customers to continue to deliver great games is something that I take seriously, the teams take seriously, and 2022 was too light on games. So we're excited about getting to roll into 2023.”

Spencer went on to admit that there was some “fatigue in the [Xbox] community” waiting for the company's pipeline to finally bear fruit, but pointed to recent releases like Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush, as well as upcoming titles Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Starfield.

“So as you said, showing great games, showing gameplay for those games, and giving solid dates I thought was important this early in the year,” Spencer said, referring to last week's Developer Direct.

  • I know everyone's different and some people like to have their finger on the pulse with every new release, but I never found any of this to be a problem when there's so much out there to play, even though it might not be a AAA title from a major publisher. Plus, if you have a large backlog, it becomes even easier to not care about how many games released in a year, developer directs, or hype trains. My mindset has always been, "I'll get to it when I get to it."
  • I agree with Phil 2022 was lacking in releases for Xbox but with that said I enjoyed every game they did release lol
  • @1 There are games I don’t mind waiting for and there are games I just have to have and play day one. While admittedly Xbox helped save me some money on couple of those via gamepass, there was not a single Xbox exclusive game last year I had to play day one, so I can totally agree with what Phil admitted to (for tenth time it seems lol) Evdn games this year don’t have me all that excited so far, but I am cautiously optimistic about Redfall and Starfirld and again thanks to GP I won’t have a reassign to wait and play later;-)
  • Maybe it was light but we all got by, right?
  • With Phil Spencer as head and boss of the Xbox branch, I feel confident in the future of gaming for Xbox. Nice to hear from himself that 2023 is going to be a different story than it was in 2022. Quality and exclusive games incoming for 2023. Mr. Phil Spencer really hears and cares for xbox costumers.
  • Duhhhhh…
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